Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

On winter weekends we often sit at home: we don’t want to walk along already familiar streets in cold weather. Veliky Novgorod is located not far from both capitals – with a trip there you can diversify your home holiday, and then, on cozy evenings, remember how great it was to see the places where the birth of our state took place. We share an interesting route.

How to get from Moscow

By train a round trip will cost you 2,900 rubles, by bus – 3,200 rubles, by rented car – about 7,000 rubles. By train you will reach the place in 8 hours. By bus or car you will spend an hour less.

How to get there from St. Petersburg

You can get there by “Lastochka” for 1,300 rubles in both directions, by bus for 8,008 rubles in both directions. Renting a car will cost 5,800 rubles. Travel time is about 3 hours.


We have selected for you different accommodation options near the city center – this is convenient for walking around iconic places.

  • Sleep&Go Hostel – from 760 rubles per night for two.
  • Mini-hotel “Three Cats” » – from 2,500 rubles per night for two.
  • Hotel Intourist – from 5,000 rubles per night for two.

Where to go in Veliky Novgorod?

Sofia Square

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

Start your walk from the main square. The Museum of Fine Arts is also located here, where works by Shishkin, Kuindzhi, Petrov-Vodkin, Venetsianov and other artists are exhibited. 

Ticket price – from 100 rubles

Kremlin Park and Kremlin

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

The alleys here are beautiful: be sure to stroll along them, but they are not the main goal. The park goes around the Kremlin from the outside, that is, you can walk around it – this is the only way you will see all the towers. And then go inside the Kremlin – it was included in the list of the most beautiful castles in the world according to CNN Travel.

St. Sophia Cathedral

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

This is the main Orthodox church of Veliky Novgorod. It was built by Vladimir, the son of Yaroslav the Wise. The belfry displays Novgorod bells and has an observation deck with a beautiful view.

Yaroslav’s Dvorishche

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

To get to it from the previous location, you will walk across the famous Humpbacked Bridge and look at the city from the middle of the Volkhov River. Yaroslav’s Dvorishche is several churches located next to each other in a small area. The authentic arcade of the destroyed Gostiny Dvor has also been preserved here. From here you can go down to the embankment.

Lake Ilmen

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

You heard about him from epics, fairy tales and history books. It attracts the attention of the whole world not only for its historical significance, but also for its picturesqueness. See this for yourself by staying at one of the tourist centers right on the shore.

Falcon Court 

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

This is a rehabilitation center for birds of prey that were rescued from poachers. For many of them, life in the wild is no longer possible, but here they are provided with a home and everything they need. Despite the name, it is not just falcons and other accipitridines that are kept here. Visitors can see the training of grown chicks, simulated hunting and take pictures with pets.

Entrance ticket – from 100 rubles

Cafe “Derzhavny” 

Weekend plan: Veliky Novgorod

The cozy ancient Russian refectory reflects the life of Novgorodians in the old days: the protective coats of arms of the principalities, weapons hang here, and the walls and ceiling are decorated with images of significant historical events. In a unique atmosphere, near a Russian stove, you will warm up after a frosty walk, try game dishes and mead.

Average check – from 1,200 rubles

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