Weekend itinerary: Ufa

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

Bashkiria is famous for its nature, but there is also something to see in the capital of the republic. Walking around Ufa, you can easily forget that you are in the city. The greenest metropolis of the country has many shady alleys, parks and squares, as well as panoramic views of the Bashkir expanses. At the same time, here you can either stroll along the ancient merchant streets or find yourself in the center of modern culture, and then go try authentic cuisine. The weekend in Ufa will undoubtedly be eventful.

How to get there

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

Air ticket Moscow – Ufa – from 3,170 rubles* in both directions.
Air ticket St. Petersburg – Ufa – from 3,890 rubles* in both directions.

The flight from the capital will take 2 hours, from St. Petersburg – half an hour longer. The airport is located 25 kilometers from the city. You can get there by bus for 35 rubles, a taxi ride will cost about 400 rubles.

We have selected for you several comfortable accommodation options that differ in location and cost.

  • Hotel “Amax Tourist” – from 1,960 rubles* per night for two.
  • Hotel Hilton Garden Inn – from 3,650 rubles* per night for two.
  • VipHouse apartments – from 7,000 rubles* per night for two.

Ufa route


Weekend itinerary: Ufa

Creative space inside an ancient courtyard for walks and meetings. Dilapidated buildings, an abandoned factory and garages were transformed beyond recognition: the facades were made bright and creative, cafes, boutiques, and creative spaces were organized inside. Festivals, theatrical performances, exhibitions, music and poetry evenings, and master classes are held here. And every meter of space is a unique photo zone.

Gostiny Dvor and Verkhne-Torgovaya Square

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

This is a historical center, so on the square itself, where the building in the classicist style is located, and around it there are many preserved merchant houses. Take a walk here and imagine how the city lived many years ago. There are shops and cafes in Gostiny Dvor itself.

Monument to Salavat Yulaev

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

From Gostiny Dvor along the ancient streets you will reach one of the main monuments of Ufa – the figure of the national hero Salavat Yulaev on a horse. You will see a panoramic view of the city, surrounded by greenery, among which the Belaya River flows. Nearby you can buy chak-chak, honey and kumiss (national products that local residents are proud of), souvenirs, take part in a master class on Bashkir crafts.

ArtTerria Alley

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

This alley replaces a pedestrian promenade where you can relax, enjoying the beauty of the trees, especially in autumn, when their golden foliage flies around. But that’s not all. You can linger here for a long time, because each of the 13 modernist sculptures located here is perplexing. They are united by one theme – “Europe and Asia” – and have personal names, but they are metaphorical and make you think about what exactly they mean. The sculptures were created by artists from Russia, South Korea, France, Bulgaria, Georgia and Japan.

Park Foresters of Bashkiria

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

Walking around Ufa, you can suddenly find yourself in a real forest. Lesovodov Park, for example, is a corner of wild nature right in the middle of the city. A huge area planted with pines, spruces, oaks and other trees that give the impression that you are in the thicket of a forest. Turn off the main paved paths and walk among the noise of foliage, not cars. If you get tired, go relax in the barbecue area or look at the bears, foxes, lynxes and other animals that are cared for in local enclosures.

Restaurant “Kartatay”

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

A visit to the republic must be accompanied by a tasting of national dishes, because Bashkiria is famous for its products and generous table. In the Kartatay restaurant, the homely atmosphere will give you the impression that you have come to visit your grandfather (that’s how “kartatay” is translated from Bashkir) – he will even greet you at the door. Here you will try the cuisine of nomadic peoples: the menu is built around delicious horse meat – the main pride of Bashkir gastronomy.

Average check – from 1000 rubles*

Hanging Stone

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

It’s worth coming here to see the beauty of the Bashkir expanses without leaving the city. The Hanging Stone is a huge rock hanging over a cliff near the Belaya River. You can only get to it on foot through the forest. First, get to the Puppet Theater stop, go down to the railway station, cross the rails and move down through the forest for a couple of minutes. You will recognize the hanging stone immediately. From the observation deck you will see an amazing landscape and you will forget that you are in the city.

Bus travel – from 25 rubles*

Aski Cave

Weekend itinerary: Ufa

If you have time to go out of town, do it. The nature of Bashkiria is very impressive, but most places are not close. Askinskaya Cave is relatively close to the city, about 120 kilometers. It’s worth setting aside at least half a day to visit it. It doesn’t melt even in summer. Ice stalactites and stalagmites freeze into bizarre figures that seem alive, and the backlight makes them even more mysterious. The path to the place passes along the picturesque roads of Bashkiria – look at the natural resources and see that you definitely need to come back here, but only for trips through forests, mountains and rivers. Excursion from the city – about 1200 rubles*

* Prices valid at time of publication
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