Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

Narrow streets reminiscent of Riga and Tallinn, ancient architecture, atmospheric parks, a castle with a tower, islands and bridges – all this is Vyborg. The modest size of the city allows you to get around it in one day, and on your own, without adjusting to the excursion schedule. But even in a short weekend here you can properly reboot, because the atmosphere takes you back several centuries.

How to get there

If you want to go to Vyborg from Moscow, you will first have to get to St. Petersburg. The fastest way to do this is by plane or Sapsan.

Flights Moscow – St. Petersburg – from 1,200 rubles* round trip.
Train “Sapsan” Moscow – St. Petersburg – from 5,300 rubles* in both directions
From St. Petersburg to Vyborg is very close. You can get there by train in just an hour.
Ticket for the train – from 650 rubles in both directions.

We have selected for you several comfortable accommodation options that differ in location and cost.

We have selected several hotels for you, differing in booking cost and style.

  • Hotel “Viking” – from 2,100 rubles* per night for two.
  • Apart-hotel “Ulberg” – from 3,500 rubles* per night for two.
  • Scandi Spa Cottage – from 4,000 rubles* per night for two.

Vyborg route

Vyborg Castle

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

This is a fairly well-preserved medieval fortress, founded in the 13th century. Touch its history while exploring the castle grounds, and get to know it better in the museum and exhibition hall. Climb Olaf’s Tower, as was done here centuries ago, for views of the city. And if you have time, take  Master class on archery or crossbow shooting.

General ticket – 500 rubles* (the price includes visiting the observation deck, museum, exhibition hall).

Fortress Street and Clock Tower

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

One of the oldest streets in Vyborg reminds of how varied its fate was. There are both ruins and well-preserved buildings, for example, the former Old Town Hall and the Citizen’s House, which is considered to be one of the first residential buildings in the country. Moving along Krepostnaya Street, you will reach the Clock Tower – another popular attraction.

Mon Repos Park

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

It is better to allocate several hours to visit the landscape park with dense forest and steep cliffs above the sea. Firstly, walking along its alleys and ponds, it is impossible to tear yourself away from the beauty of nature. Secondly, there is something to do here. For example, you can visit the Temple of Neptune, the Grotto of Wishes and an abandoned house, and then take a boat to an island with a decorative castle.

Lenin Park

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

It is built on the principle of an esplanade – it is a wide, long street with alleys in the middle. The Aalto Library is located here. If you go into it, be sure to look into the reading room with round windows on the ceiling. If you want to grab a bite to eat, the Espila restaurant is at your disposal with an eclectic menu. If just walking is not enough, you can go on the rides. The avenue parallel to the park is also interesting – both of its sides are notable for their spectacular Art Nouveau architecture.

The average check in a restaurant is from 1000 rubles*

Market Square

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

More precisely, these are three squares united into one by a “cascade”. The place is adjacent to the esplanade park. The central and medieval parts of the city connect here. You will see buildings of different eras and styles: a medieval round tower, a city market in the northern Art Nouveau style and others. If you want to buy souvenirs and antiques, there is plenty of it here.

Krendel Coffee House

Weekend itinerary: Vyborg

The terrace offers a view of the Vyborg Castle. This is a small and cozy cafe that is famous for its pastries. Its main representative, of course, is the Vyborg pretzel – not only a unique brand of the city, but also a masterpiece of the baking art of the Middle Ages, which has its own history and legends. Try it here, take it with you as a snack on a further walk, or take it as a souvenir.

Average check – from 250 rubles*

* Prices valid at time of publication

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