Weekend plan: Simferopol

Weekend plan: Simferopol

The transport hub of the Crimean Peninsula is often ignored, but in vain – there is a lot to see in the ancient city. Yes, there are not many attractions, so a weekend will be just enough. Most of the interesting locations are concentrated in the center, within a few streets – you can get around them on the first day, and allocate the rest of the time for a trip outside the city.

Air ticket Moscow – Simferopol – from 5,600 rubles* in both directions.
Air ticket St. Petersburg – Simferopol – from 8,700 rubles* in both directions.

Direct flights from the capital and St. Petersburg will take 2.5 and 3 hours respectively.

You can get to the city by bus or minibus for 17-40 rubles, a taxi ride will cost about 600 rubles.

We have selected several accommodation options that differ in style and location:

  • Hotel Valencia – from 2,300 rubles per night for two.
  • Hotel “Ukraine” – from 2,400 rubles per night for two.
  • Hotel “Imperial” – from 3,300 rubles per night for two.

City tour 

Weekend plan: Simferopol

Walk through the streets of the historical center of Simferopol, as Pushkin and Leo Tolstoy did, visit monasteries, temples and monuments so that all the calling cards of the city are “in your pocket”. And also enjoy the picturesque views of Simferopol from the top of the mountain.

Cost  — from 4,000 rubles*

Naples Scythian

Weekend plan: Simferopol

Previously, a Scythian city was located here. Now you can walk along its open part, as if transported to the 3rd century BC. Excavations and archaeological research continue. You might be able to watch them too.

Kinopark “Viking” 

Weekend plan: Simferopol

The scenery of the film “Viking” recreates the atmosphere of an ancient Scandinavian city. You can just walk around the site, or you can take part in the folk entertainment of that time, go through a quest, watch stylized battles.

Entrance ticket  — from 650 rubles*

Marble Cave

Weekend plan: Simferopol

One of the most mysterious places on the entire peninsula. The underground rooms are given romantic names: Chandelier and Palace Halls, Hall of Hope, Gallery of Fairy Tales and so on. Their main decorations are numerous figures that create a mysterious impression thanks to their shape and colored lighting. Sometimes symphony orchestras take place here.

Taxi – from 1,500 rubles*
Entrance ticket – from 400 rubles*

Salgir River Embankment

Weekend plan: Simferopol

Walk day or night, on the left or right side – there are beautiful views, parks and squares everywhere. Here is the Catherine Garden – another landmark of the city and its oldest green area.

Chocolate Museum

Weekend plan: Simferopol

Of course, the attractive specimens on display cannot be touched or tasted. By the way, a whole ton of elite chocolate went into their creation! You can easily cope with your increased appetite without damaging the exhibition. The Salon du chocolat cafe is also located here – go there for shopping.

Entrance ticket – from 200 rubles*

*Price valid at time of publication

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