Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

Cozy city streets, rich groves and parks, entertainment and recreation – a weekend in Tyumen can be quite varied. And, perhaps, they will destroy the stereotypes that Siberia is just a harsh and cold region. We share interesting locations.

How to get there

The flight from Moscow will take approximately 2.5 hours. The cost of tickets in both directions is from 5500 rubles*.

The flight from St. Petersburg will last 3 hours and cost 8500 rubles in both directions*.

A taxi to the city center will cost about 300 rubles*.


Stay close to the city center for easy access to your desired destinations. We have selected several options in different price categories:

Excursion hotel “Urartu” – from 2000 rubles per night for two*;
Hotel “Remezov” – from 6000 rubles per night for two*;
Park-hotel “LetoLeto” with a water park – from 8100 rubles per night for two*.

What to see?

Tyumen Embankment

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

Start your walk around the city from the only four-level river embankment in Russia. There are stunning views here, and the territory itself is recognized as an art object. From here you will notice many attractions – they are within walking distance.

Tyumen from a height

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

When you’ve walked the streets, go up to the loggia of the tallest building (not everyone can get here). Look at the city from above, find out what it used to be like, they will tell you about interesting places that are worth visiting, and share tips on how to get to know Tyumen better.

The cost of the excursion is from 650 rubles*.

Ecopark “Zatyumensky”

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

A modern format of park art is presented here: there are places for walking, and forest paths for an exciting bike ride (you can rent it and other sports equipment right there), as well as interesting sculptures, areas and cafes for a snack.

Tyumen Children’s Railway 

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

This is not a simple attraction, but a full-fledged training center, where the child is dressed in a bright uniform and taught the profession of a driver, conductor, controller or technical master of rolling stock. The training ground is located on the shore of a picturesque lake.

Ticket price  — from 200 rubles*.

Retro Museum

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

Legendary models of automotive vehicles are presented here: from civilian to military. The owner placed more than a hundred exhibits in the museum, which were collected by like-minded people throughout the country. The oldest car was produced at the beginning of the 20th century. There are also homemade specimens in the collection.

Ticket price  — from 200 rubles*.

Japanese garden in Iva Park

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

It is laid out in the authentic Japanese tradition: here you can retire and feel harmony with nature. Plants, hills, paths, guardian stones, gazebos – every element of the garden has a certain meaning in order to enjoy the present moment. On weekends, classic tea ceremonies are held here with costumes and ethnic music.

Entry cost  — from 500 rubles*.

Gallery Rene Reza 

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

The paintings of the artist Igor Ryazantsev were exhibited in the Louvre and other famous galleries around the world. He invented and patented a new style of painting – flumism. Works are written with medical syringes: masterpieces are created from threads of paint. The author explains that everything in the world is woven and stitched according to a certain system, and he reproduces this in his paintings.

Ticket price  — from 1000 rubles*.

Hot springs “Verkhny Bor”

Weekend itinerary: Tyumen

For a complete reboot after visiting new places, try relaxing under the shade of centuries-old pine trees on the shore of Lake Krivoye. The thermal waters of Tyumen have a unique composition and are said to promote true Siberian health.

Visit cost – from 900 rubles*.

*Prices valid at time of publication

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