Weekend itinerary: Tver

Weekend itinerary: Tver

The ancient city is located between two capitals: getting there from Moscow and St. Petersburg is incredibly easy. And there is a reason! We are talking about places that will make you fall in love with the amazing atmosphere of Tver.

How to get there

Car rental in Moscow – from 2900 rubles* per day, in St. Petersburg – from 2300 rubles* per day.


There are many cozy hotels in Tver. We have selected several options for you in different price categories:

Hotel “Aquarelle” – from 2500 rubles* per night for two;
Park Hotel “Tver” – from 3800 rubles* per night for two; & nbsp;
Grand Hotel “Zvezda” – from 7000 rubles* per night for two.  

Where to go and what to see in Tver?

Sightseeing tour

Weekend itinerary: Tver

A stroll through the famous symbols of the city, learning its history and legends is a must. But it’s even more interesting to do it in a quiz format and receive nice souvenirs as a prize!

Excursion cost – from 4300 rubles*.

Trekhsvyatskaya Street

Weekend itinerary: Tver

This is the local Arbat. Here you will see the historical appearance of Tver. You will also encounter ancient houses as you turn off the street.

Imperial Travel Palace

Weekend itinerary: Tver

This is the most beautiful historical building in Tver. Inside are royal halls and paintings by Venetsianov, Levitan, Serov, Aivazovsky and other famous artists.

Entrance ticket – from 100 rubles*.

Proletarka’s Courtyard

Weekend itinerary: Tver

A former workers’ town with barracks, an astronomical tower, and wooden houses. It’s authentic and atmospheric here. Especially considering that these are now residential buildings – go inside and be impressed.

Active recreation park “Grishkino”

Weekend itinerary: Tver

Diversify your city walk: go ice skating, skiing, tubing or cheesecake, or do archery. Here you can even ride a horse-drawn sleigh or learn to drive a snowmobile.

Inventory rental – from 150 rubles*.

Shop-museum “Rus”

Weekend itinerary: Tver

There are products from gold seamstresses here: gloves, stoles, famous belts. And also crafts from all over Russia: Zhostovo, Gzhel, wooden toy, Klin Christmas tree toy – there are souvenirs for everyone.

Cafe “Manilov”

Weekend itinerary: Tver

Here you can have a hearty meal – like a merchant. The cafe is hidden among ancient houses and serves Russian cuisine in the atmosphere of Gogol’s works.

Average check – from 600 rubles*.

*Prices valid at time of publication

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