Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

How steel is hardened, what engineers do at nuclear power plants, where water is converted into energy, how movies are made – today these and other processes previously hidden from prying eyes can be observed live. Following the global trend of industrial tourism, even large Russian enterprises are opening interactive educational centers and allowing tourists into their workshops. However, to get on such an excursion, it is important to book your seats at least two weeks before the trip. We talk about eight interesting objects in Russia.

Severstal, Cherepovets, Vologda region

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

One of the largest Russian metallurgical plants today can be visited not only by groups, but also by individual tourists. The long three-hour excursion begins in a two-story interactive museum equipped with modern demonstration equipment. Projections, animated photographs, game exhibits, and huge digital and analogue models of plant equipment tell about ore, its processing, the history of the development of the industry and technology. Tourists interact with almost all objects. Even children won’t be bored! The second part is a bus promotional tour around the territory of the enterprise. During the trip, the group will go up to the observation deck to observe the operation of the most highly productive hot rolling mill in Russia. It is important to note that access to it is strictly by appointment, and all participants must be over 14 years old. To find out on what dates promotional tours are held and to reserve a place, you need to contact the Metallurgical Industry Center.

How to get there: by plane or train to Cherepovets, and then by bus or taxi to the Metallurgical Industry Center on the territory of the Severstal plant.

Where to stay: in Cherepovets you can choose a cozy hotel “MashBakh”.

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP, Cheryomushki, Republic of Khakassia

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

It seems incredible, but today tourists can climb the most grandiose power plant in Russia – the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric station. Its power is 6400 MW, its height is 240 meters, and the crest of the dam stretches for almost a kilometer. The view of the river and mountains from such a height is dizzying, and this is not an exaggeration. In two hours, tour participants undergo a safety briefing, learn the history of the structure in the museum, visit the turbine room and find themselves on the observation deck of one of the two coastal spillways. Up to 17 thousand tons of water per second pass through them. Access to the site is only possible as part of a guided tour and strictly by appointment. You must reserve a place at the RusHydro visitor center no later than two weeks before the desired date of visit.

How to get there: by plane to Abakan, and then by bus or car to Sayanogorsk or directly to the village of Cheryomushki.

Where to stay: at hotel “Asia” in Abakan or hotel ” Yenisei” in Sayanogorsk.

Kursk nuclear power plant, Kurchatov, Kursk region

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

The Kursk nuclear power plant was built according to the same design as the Chernobyl one. And Kurchatov, where it is located, is similar to Pripyat. Today you can see how work is organized at this strategically important facility. The nuclear power plant offers several excursion options. Educational and overview ones tell the history of the development of the project, introduce the equipment in the exhibition of the interactive museum and show how the station is structured. During the production-ecological tour, excursionists learn to use a dosimeter, climb the dam, visit the chemical laboratory and the area for maintaining the quality of process water in the hydraulic workshop. The Kursk NPP Information Department will tell you how to sign up.

How to get there: by train to Kursk, then by car or bus to Kurchatov.

Where to stay: in Hotel “Oblaka” in Kurchatov.

Obninsk NPP, Obninsk, Kaluga region

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

There is another nuclear power plant in Russia that tourists can visit. The world’s first nuclear power plant opened in 1954. The place where the history of the peaceful atom began was strictly classified. Talented scientists and promising engineers came from all over the country to work at the facility. Interestingly, the station buildings were designed in the style of the surrounding buildings, so as not to attract attention and not raise unnecessary questions. In 2002, the reactors were shut down. Over the course of 13 years, the facility was gradually decommissioned, and today there is a museum of nuclear energy on its territory. Visitors can see the original technical equipment of the nuclear power plant, which they tried to preserve for history as fully as possible. You can sign up for a tour on the memorial complex website.

How to get there: The most convenient way to get from Moscow to Obninsk is by train, regular bus or car.

Where to stay: in Obninsk at the Imperial Wellness & SPA»

Tractor Museum, Cheboksary, Republic of Chuvashia

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

Promtractor PC, a large manufacturer of bulldozer-ripper and pipe-laying equipment, is located in Cheboksary. While this company does not organize excursions around the plant’s territory, the disappointment of the industrial tourist is more than compensated for by the interactive scientific and technical museum of the history of the tractor. It will be interesting here even without a guide, because many of the exhibits can be touched, and their characteristics, method of application and features can be found out at the information stands. First, the exhibition halls introduce guests to the history of the facility and types of tractor equipment. And then the tourists find themselves in a large hangar, where dozens of different examples of tractors, bulldozers and mining dump trucks from different eras are exhibited, from the first models without horse traction to the most modern equipment. The museum administration allows you to climb into the cabins, pull levers, and turn the steering wheel. Even adults are addicted to this game! Tickets for the exhibition can be purchased on site. 

How to get there:by plane or train to Cheboksary.

Where to stay: at the Elbrus Hotel in Cheboksary.

Vyksa plant OMK, Vyksa, Nizhny Novgorod region

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

Here you can see how giant pipes are made from sheets of metal for such large-scale projects as Nord Stream or stadiums for the World Cup. The tour takes place in different workshops of the plant. Visitors are shown the full power of the huge enterprise: tons of red-hot ore, process control centers and metallurgical products. There is also an exclusive route, which includes the only complex in Russia for the production of wheels for high-speed trains. Safety precautions at the enterprise set age restrictions: excursionists over 70 years old, as well as under 14 years old, are not allowed. Visitors aged 14 to 18 must be accompanied by a parent. The company’s website contains telephone numbers for booking a place in a tourist group.

How to get there: you can take a bus or car from Moscow or the same way from Nizhny Novgorod.

Where to stay: at the Batashev Hotel in Vyksa.

Mosfilm”, Moscow

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

The legendary film set has long been open to tourists. They travel through the pavilions where classics of Soviet cinema were created, for example, the films “Viy” and “War and Peace”. A significant part of the tour is a walk through the large-scale “Old Moscow” set, which was built in 2003 for the film “A Horseman Named Death.” Now they are being used for other projects and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spy on the modern filming process. In addition, Mosfilm stores many costumes and props, and also demonstrates the work of the make-up department. For example, excursionists are shown casts of the faces of famous artists. And in the large garage you can even sit in carriages and cars that have appeared more than once in your favorite films and still go to film sets. Many people think that it is difficult to get to the territory of the film concern, but in fact it is enough to sign up for a tour on the official Mosfilm website.

How to get there:by plane to Moscow, and then by metro to the stations “University”, “Lomonosovsky Prospekt” or “Kyiv”, from which city buses go to the film concern.

Where to stay: at Hills Hotel next to Mosfilm.

Kizlyar Brandy Factory, Kizlyar, Dagestan

Entry allowed: factories to which tourists are allowed

At this full-cycle production, promotional tours started only in 2022, and quick travelers will be among the first visitors to the enterprise. Together with a guide, guests learn all the stages of creating a drink: from the grape harvesting process to bottling. The route includes historical sites of the plant, various workshops and a cognac museum. Tourists will see how the spirit is matured, mixed and aged, the drink is purified and cooled, and then the product is prepared for sale. Particularly interested guests can visit the laboratories and try the range in the tasting room. To order a promotional tour, you just need to call the tourism department of the plant.

How to get there: by plane or train to Makhachkala, and from there by bus, minibus, train or car to Kizlyar.

Where to stay: at the apart-hotel “Europe” in Kizlyar.

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