Where else can you go with a US or Schengen visa?

Where else can you go with a US or Schengen visa?

For someone who travels a lot, the process of obtaining a visa is a routine matter. It’s nice when the procedure is simplified and the stamp is placed right upon arrival. But even if the country you want to travel to requires Russian citizens to apply for a visa in advance, you may already have one, you just don’t know about it yet. It’s simple, many countries allow foreigners, along with a national visa, to enter with a Schengen visa or a US visa, because they mean that all the necessary checks have been passed. So, if you have European or American visas in your passport, look at where else you can go with them.

On a US visa

Countries you can visit: Mexico, Albania, Bermuda, Turks and Caicos.

Where else can you go with a US or Schengen visa?

With a valid multiple-entry visa from the USA (as well as Canada and the UK), you can bask on the beaches of Bermuda, and you can relax there for up to three months. Russian citizens can enter the Caribbean Turks and Caicos Islands without a visa if the vacation period is less than 90 days, but if you want to stay longer, an American visa is just right.

Also, with a US visa, Russians can visit Mexico without issuing an electronic entry permit, and the number of trips is not limited, and the duration of each must be within 180 days. This is more than enough to see the ancient Mayan pyramids, drink real tequila and find the most beautiful sombrero.

An American visa is also suitable for traveling to the Balkans. Albania is a country washed by the Ionian and Adriatic seas, known for its beautiful beaches and canyons, as well as delicious food and the hospitality of the local people. In the summer-autumn season, from May 31 to November 15, Russian citizens do not need a visa to enter Albania, and in the remaining months you can enter the country with a US visa if you have already been to America with one.

With a Schengen visa

You can visit the countries (except the Schengen countries): Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Cyprus, Bonaire island, Saba and St. Eustatius, Curacao and St. Maarten, Gibraltar, Reunion and French Guiana.

Where else can you go with a US or Schengen visa?

The same Albania opens its doors to holders of Schengen multiple visa categories C (short-term visa for up to 90 days) and D (visa allowing stay in the Schengen zone for more than 90 days),

but, again, provided that it has already been used to enter Europe. With the same visa you can visit the Black Sea coast and the mountains of Bulgaria, as well as the picturesque islands of Croatia.

The Schengen multiple visa C and D also works far beyond the European continent. Former Dutch colonies in the Caribbean still accept guests with EU visas without any difficulties. Among the islands of Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius, Curacao and St. Maarten, it is difficult to choose the most beautiful, each boasting golden beaches and sky-blue water. And you can spend up to 30 days on each of them without a national visa.

Schengen category C also allows you to travel to Cyprus and Romania. These countries are members of the EU, but do not participate in the Schengen agreement, so their national visas do not work for most of Europe, but in the opposite direction – yes, with a valid double or multiple Schengen visa in your passport, you do not need additional permits to visit these countries. If the visa is a one-time visa, then you will not be able to enter Romania, and you can only enter the territory of Cyprus from the Schengen zone.

In addition, you can visit Gibraltar with a Schengen visa category C. This state is known as a duty-free zone, so during European holidays you can go there for shopping. The validity of a Schengen visa must be more than 7 days, and you can stay in Gibraltar for no more than 21 days or the remaining number of days on a Schengen visa minus 7 days.

The Reunion Islands and French Guiana in the Indian Ocean are called the Overseas Possessions of France and are actually part of this state, although they require separate visas. However, holders of a French Schengen visa, which is valid for more than six months, are allowed in without the need to additionally apply for a national visa.

Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus

Where else can you go with a US or Schengen visa?

Since 2014, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia have opened entry into the territory for holders of not only Schengen, but also national visas of any of these three states, and more recently they have begun to recognize the visa of the Republic of Cyprus. Duration of stay is no more than 90 days every 180 days within the validity period of the visa. Cyprus itself is not so loyal; with visas from Bulgaria and Romania, they are allowed there only for transit of up to 5 days, during which, however, you can have time to have a good rest and bask on the sunny beaches.

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