Games in the car: what to do during a long drive

Games in the car: what to do during a long drive

You have prepared for your road trip: you have collected everything you need, downloaded a map, and the navigator showed you that it will take 2 or more hours to get to your destination. You can listen to music all this time and have fun with conversations, or you can play something. We have selected eight games that will help pass the time and, most importantly, will not distract the driver from the road – and in some cases will even help him be more attentive.

Noticing objects around

An old children’s game, which, nevertheless, is popular among adults too. Agree on what you will notice: for example, railroad crossings, crows, dogs or Christmas trees. You can make the game a little more difficult: count bearded men, black dogs or green trucks. The first person to see and name the required item gets one point. The game continues until someone reaches the agreed number of points.

Words from license plate letters

This game, of course, is easier to play in Russia, but you can also play it abroad – at the same time you will practice your English. The task is simple: you need to make a word from the letters of the license plates of the cars you meet. You can take one number and come up with the longest possible word, or you can complicate the game by adding more numbers – but then make up a phrase. The first one to come up with something meaningful wins.

For example, you see the number “o123or”. We throw away the numbers and try to come up with a word containing the letters “o”, “o” and “r”, and in that order. Among the proposed options, the longest word wins: that is, “conversation” is cooler than “axe”.

Numbers on license plates

This game involves numbers, rather than letters of license plates. Each participant chooses a number from 0 to 9 and must find five (or ten, as agreed) cars with license plates that contain this number. Whoever found all the cars first won.


The rules are the same as in a card game, only instead of cards there are car numbers. The rules are as follows: the player takes one “card” (car number) and adds up the numbers. The result should be 21 or as close as possible, no more. For example, number 316 will add 3+1+6=10 to the total, and 986 will add 23, which is already too much. The first player can take another “card”, but the second one has already lost.

Games in the car: what to do during a long drive

Regions and countries on numbers

Another option for playing with license plates is to look for different countries (this game is more interesting to play in Europe),

states (if you are traveling to the USA) or regions of the country (in Russia). The main thing is to have the Internet at hand, because not everyone will remember which region, for example, the number 44.

belongs to

Neighboring and oncoming cars

Playing with some creativity. The good thing is that there are no winners and losers. Try to come up with a story about people riding in neighboring cars. What are their names? Where are they going? Who are they related to each other? What do they carry with them in the car? What did they eat for breakfast today?
The game can be made more difficult by making up stories about people in oncoming cars: you will only have a couple of seconds to notice and consider them.

Word Search

Turn on the radio, preferably some talk program, but not necessarily. Pick a specific word, such as “listening” or “news,” and look for those words in DJs’ speech and songs. When the word is spoken, shout something loudly (“Yes!” or some nonsense). Whoever reaches the pre-agreed number of words wins.
You can not only listen to words, but also look for them on road signs or signs.

Collecting the alphabet

Also a children’s game, which is quite suitable for adults. The task is to assemble a complete alphabet from letters on signs and road signs (you can also use car license plates, but there are not many letters there). You will find “ъ”? And “q”?

If you have other interesting games in your arsenal that you can play on the road (and preferably without distracting the driver too much), please share in the comments.

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