Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

By February, fatigue from winter is accumulating – it’s time to travel to beautiful places, where you can get vivid impressions, just relax and gain strength to wait for spring. If you want all this, but don’t have to deal with lengthy preparation and collection of documents, pay attention to areas that do not require such difficulties. We offer 10 countries where you can fly in February without a visa. Nature and cities, beaches and ski resorts – at the end of winter the choice is so varied that you will definitely be able to arrange the perfect vacation.

Republic of Belarus

Belarus is suitable for those who are looking for an inexpensive place to go on vacation in February. At the same time, you will spend your vacation in a variety of ways. Winter here is mild, it will be comfortable to explore historical places, and the landscapes will amaze you with their beauty. The country’s cities will surprise you with their sights. Castles covered with white fluffy snow will look especially picturesque. And in ethnic complexes you will get acquainted with the culture of the country and relax in nature.


The capital combines Soviet heritage and the modernity of an Eastern European city. On Independence Avenue you will see Stalinist architecture. In the Upper Town and Troitsky Suburb – historical areas – you can stroll among old small houses, which now house interesting shops and cozy cafes. Don’t miss the city’s most unusual building – the futuristic National Library of Belarus. From the observation deck on the 23rd floor you will enjoy a stunning panorama.

Near Minsk there is the Belarusian Museum of Folk Architecture and Life. It is located in the open air and is divided into three sectors: Central Belarus, Poozerye, Dnieper region. Here you can get acquainted with the traditional dwellings of the regions and their way of life. Thematic excursions and entertainment programs are organized for guests; Maslenitsa is celebrated in February.

“President Hotel” (9.2) – from 6,300 rubles per night for two. Located in the historical part of the capital, next to Independence Avenue. There is a spa and several restaurants.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

One of the oldest Belarusian cities with a European flavor. It welcomes guests with cozy streets and historical buildings, religious buildings of various denominations. Be sure to visit the Cathedral Church of St. Francis Xavier in the very center of Grodno and the beautiful Cathedral of the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And, of course, don’t pass by the ancient castles where history was made. The life of the Polish-Lithuanian state was organized in the Old and New Royal Castles. Now they house museum exhibitions.

“Kronon Park Hotel” (9.7) — from 11,400 rubles per night for two. A small hotel in the center of a picturesque forest. You can relax in the sauna or indoor pool, and have dinner in a restaurant with Belarusian cuisine.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

February is not beach season in Turkey, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do here. Vice versa. While the sea is cold, you will discover other amazing places in the country. In February you can already feel the approach of spring, there are more sunny days, so excursions will be comfortable. The weather can be unpredictable, but in contrast to the Russian frosts, it will seem very warm. And if quiet walks through cities and natural places are not enough, climb the mountains. There are even ski resorts in Turkey.


Since it can rain in Istanbul in February, it is better to choose locations in the center so that you can take refuge from the weather in numerous cafes with delicious traditional dishes. Go to mosques and bazaars, walk through museums and palaces. And if the forecast is good, then you can buy a tour of the Bosphorus or visit the Princes’ Islands. And don’t forget about shopping! February is the best time for it, because there are very few tourists and shops offer good discounts. At the sales on the famous Istiklal Street you can buy quality items at affordable prices.

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus (9.0) —from 19,100 rubles per night for two. Located in the city center. Luxury rooms offer Bosphorus views.


This is the largest ski resort in Turkey with picturesque landscapes, high-quality slopes and decent service. It is famous for its reasonable prices and ample opportunities for learning skiing with Russian-speaking instructors. And the slopes of Uludag are ideal for beginner skiers and snowboarders: the paths are wide, flat, and the snow cover is even. For experienced athletes, there are also several suitable trails – steep and extreme. And regardless of skill level, resort guests enjoy the lack of strong wind, thanks to the fact that coniferous trees grow on the sides of the slopes.

Crowne Plaza Bursa Convention Center & Thermal Spa (9.1) —from 10,200 rubles per night for two. Located in Bursa. There are several swimming pools, including indoor ones.


Cappadocia is not only a beautiful “picture” with hot air balloons, but an entire region with impressive architecture of bygone empires and shrines of the first centuries of Christianity. And the local nature with its cosmic landscapes looks as if you were on another planet. In winter, when the rocks are covered with snow caps, the landscapes become especially breathtaking. Therefore, if you find yourself here, you cannot miss a hot air balloon flight. The snow-covered plains and mountains will definitely impress you, and the cost of this pleasure will be several times less than at the height of the tourist season.

Dere Suites Cappadocia (9.5) —from 7,900 rubles per night for two. A hotel with a unique “cave” architecture. Each room is individually decorated with antique furniture and hand-woven fabrics.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

At any time of the year, people come to Armenia to admire the beautiful mountains, interesting history and delicious gastronomy. The last month of winter is no exception. The weather will vary from area to area. In Yerevan, located on a plain, there is usually little snow and moderate frosts, but higher up in the mountains you will have to dress warmly and take into account possible precipitation. By the way, if you are a skier or snowboarder, they will most likely please you, because Armenia has wonderful slopes for winter sports.


Here for culinary delights. The capital has many restaurants serving not only traditional but also European cuisine. And even in places where Armenian dishes are served, they do it so unusually that they are worth visiting at least for the sake of the process itself. This is because in Yerevan, despite a careful attitude towards history and culture, they strive to support modern trends and fashion trends. And, I must say, it turns out quite harmoniously. For example, you come to see the famous Cascade complex, which tells about the past, but here you can also visit a gallery of modern art and feel not only in the present, but also a little in the future. And you will see such combinations everywhere in Yerevan.

Republica (9,3) — from 7,700 rubles per night for two. The hotel is surrounded by the main attractions of the capital, and the windows of the rooms offer a panoramic view of the city.


Tsakhkadzor is located at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level. Basically, people come here for the ski resort. Athletes love it for its mild climate, abundance of snow and large number of sunny days. You will enjoy riding. And from the very top you can see Ararat. But don’t limit yourself to just riding. Visit  the medieval monastery of Kecharis and the Orbeli Brothers Museum with a rich collection of books, manuscripts, photographs and other interesting items.

Teghenis Holiday Home (9.2) — from 7,200 rubles per night for two. The recreation center is located 250 meters from the ski lift. The rooms have a kitchen.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

A holiday in Uzbekistan in February is a great decision. The snowdrifts have already melted, heavy rains have not yet begun. The country is just beginning to prepare for the opening of the next season and is happy to welcome tourists with renewed vigor. You, too, along with the locals, will feel the approach of spring and be in a wonderful mood.


The capital has become a modern city with beautiful mirrored buildings, but still has not lost reminders of its rich history. In the old part you will find the Khazreti-Imam Mosque, Barak Khan Madrasah and Muyi Muborak – the main architectural monuments. And at the Chor-su bazaar you can bargain and buy carpets, dishes or other authentic souvenirs. Don’t forget about the delicious Uzbek cuisine. Almost at every step you will be offered pilaf – don’t refuse. You won’t try this anywhere else.

Tashkent is also rich in entertainment, which is especially interesting if you are going on vacation with children. For example, there is its own “Disneyland” – an amusement park with fabulous locations.

Hyatt Regency Tashkent (9.1) – from 14,100 rubles per night for two. You will live close to the National Library of Uzbekistan and other attractions, as well as shops and restaurants. The hotel has a large spa center.


One of the oldest cities not only in Central Asia, but throughout the world. Significant historical events and many outstanding names are associated with it. Its architectural ensemble was constantly replenished with luxurious madrasahs, palaces, mosques and mausoleums. Much of this rich heritage can still be seen and visited today. On Registan Square you will find an exceptional ensemble of three madrassas, which are very different from each other. And if you walk along Islam Karimov Street – the main tourist artery of Samarkand – you will find many architectural monuments of the city that will fully convey the mood and atmosphere of the country.

Platan (9.3) – from 7,700 rubles per night for two. The airport is only 5 km away and the main attractions are close. The windows of the rooms overlook the garden.


It is in Bukhara that you can truly feel the true flavor and soul of Uzbekistan. But for this you need to take a walk in the city and go outside it. Samanid Park, which is considered an entertainment location, has not only attractions, so it will be interesting for the whole family. Children can ride the carousel, and adults can look at the architectural monuments. We also recommend visiting Ark (a 6th-century fortress), the Zindan prison and the Jameh Mosque with a museum. And in  In the vicinity of the city, it is worth visiting the country residence of the last emir of Bukhara, Sitorai Mohi Khosa, with a beautiful palace and peacocks. And don’t miss the Chor Bakr Necropolis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Komil Boutique Hotel (9.2) — from 5,200 rubles per night for two. The hotel and all its rooms are decorated in oriental style. In the dining room you will be transported back to the 19th century and taste traditional dishes.


The sea is not relevant in February, despite the fact that the weather is often quite warm and sometimes even hot. The best thing to do is relax at the ski resorts, walk around the cities, and get healthy in the sulfur baths. And, of course, endlessly try local cuisine and delicious wines – there are ample opportunities for this in the country at any time of the year.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

It’s impossible to visit Georgia without getting to know the capital. You can simply go explore the old part of the city, leisurely explore its sights, and look into small cozy courtyards. Plan a visit to the wine cellars and sample local drinks, or take time to relax in the sulfur baths. They even say that visiting Tbilisi and not going there is the same as not seeing the Eiffel Tower when arriving in Paris. Tourists especially like the ancient atmospheric baths, built during the period of the 17th-19th centuries.

And in Tbilisi you have the opportunity not only to try Georgian cuisine in restaurants, but also to learn how to cook khinkali or khachapuri yourself – some establishments offer such services.

Bricks Hotel (10) —from 5,000 rubles per night for two. Near the hotel there are  Metekhi Church, Presidential Palace and other iconic places. Some of them can be seen from the windows of the rooms.


This is the most popular ski resort in Georgia. The trails are of high quality, the service is excellent, the views from the slopes are stunning. The main part of the slopes are blue and red, so it is popular with intermediate and high-level athletes. There are also places for freeriding. But even if you are not a very experienced skier or snowboarder, be sure to climb Sadzele Peak, the highest point in this area. From a height of almost 3,500 meters, you will see a dizzying picture with vast distances, endless horizons and majestic mountains.

Deka (9.0) – from 7,300 rubles per night for two. The ski lift is nearby. You can cook your own meals in the kitchen. There is a storage room for skis and snowboards.


Entry rules: a certificate of complete vaccination against COVID-19, a certificate of previous illness or a medical certificate is required.

A tourist trip to Azerbaijan always becomes a real adventure, especially for those who rarely visit the East. In February, you can find frozen waterfalls and streams among the mighty mountains of incredible beauty, in remote villages you can not only hear about the history of the region, but also see it with your own eyes, warm up with hot wine – a non-alcoholic sweet and sour drink, and admire the contrasts of the cities, especially the capital. The weather won’t be a problem. Temperatures at the end of winter are usually above zero.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

If you did not know that you were in the East, you would not understand where you are now – in Europe or Asia. And what time did we find ourselves in? After all, the history of ancient empires is closely intertwined here with vibrant technological modernity. This feeling will haunt you throughout your entire stay in Baku: here you are walking along the curved ancient streets of the Icheri Sheher district, and then you are standing at the ultra-modern buildings – the Flame Towers and the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center. Or you approach the Carpet Museum and see a building that is not at all in the ancient architectural style, but once inside, you are faced with centuries-old rarities. It’s the same in restaurants. Baku people love to cook according to old recipes, but the surroundings can be decorated taking into account the latest trends.

Four Seasons Hotel Baku (9.4) — from 40,400 rubles per night for two. 5-star hotel overlooking the Caspian Sea and the Old Town. The restaurant serves Italian cuisine.


This modern ski resort was opened not very long ago – in 2013, so it has excellent technical equipment, developed infrastructure and well-equipped slopes. Vacationers of any skill level can ride. There are many restaurants and cafes with cuisine from around the world, there is a ski school and shops where you can buy equipment. When not conquering the slopes, tourists ride ATVs and snowmobiles, relax in the spa, paraglide, and go horseback riding. And in the children’s park, little guests have fun in the play areas, jump in bouncy castles, and overcome a cable car with an obstacle course. Childcare services while you master the trails are also provided.


The weather here is cooler than in spring or summer, but still suitable for a beach holiday and ideal for those who do not like the heat. The sun is not hot and safe, you will definitely leave with a beautiful tan, but you will often not be able to swim, the water in the Persian Gulf will not be warmed up enough. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to the beaches, because the country has a lot of things that you won’t see anywhere else in the world, and the February weather is comfortable for excursions and active leisure.


Chic shopping, unique architecture, luxury of the East – this is the main reason why people come here. Dubai loves breaking world records. It is here that the world’s largest artificial archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, is located with hotels and restaurants, beaches and plenty of entertainment. You can even swim with dolphins. Or jump off the tower at Skydive Dubai. In the same emirate is the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, from which you can view the city. And nearby is the world’s largest shopping and entertainment center, Dubai Mall, which seems to have everything.

Grand Hyatt Dubai (9.0) — from 19,300 rubles per night for two. Located in a garden, the rooms are decorated in Arabic style. There are several swimming pools and restaurants.

Abu Dhabi

Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

The capital of the UAE is worth visiting for an experience that no other country could replicate. Go to the Louvre, located right in the desert. Its creators rented the original title and exhibition of paintings. Here you can see works by Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, Gauguin, Monet, Matisse, Van Gogh. And the museum building itself is a work of art. The Heritage Village has a Bedouin hut and several workshops where they weave carpets, make pottery and make clothes even for members of the royal family. At the Presidential Palace you will listen to a symphony orchestra that can change your understanding of oriental music. And at Ferrari World you can ride the world’s fastest roller coaster.

Khalidiya Palace Rayhaan by Rotana (9.0) — from 11,800 rubles per night for two. Located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, next to the Presidential Palace. The restaurants serve Arabic cuisine.


It’s a couple of degrees warmer here than in other emirates – this direction is worth choosing for those who want to fly abroad to the sea in February. Fujairah has beautiful nature and mountainous landscapes. There are quite a lot of options for both luxury hotels and budget accommodation, the beaches are mostly sandy, the sea is clean. You can go fishing, water sports and diving, visit cultural monuments such as ancient forts and mosques, and buy souvenirs in colorful oriental bazaars. The best beaches are the uncrowded Dibba, Al Aqa in a secluded bay and Sandy Beach, where kayaking and spearfishing are popular.

Palace Beach Resort Fujairah (9.0)— from 12,900 rubles per night for two. Resort with outdoor pool. There is a children’s club for younger guests.


February is considered the coldest month in Egypt, so preference should be given to excursion holidays. There is no rain, but strong winds blow, the average air temperature remains at +20 ℃, the water is heated to +23 ℃. In some regions you will be able to sunbathe and perhaps even swim if you are not afraid of the cool sea. But for the evenings you will have to take warmer clothes with you.

Sharm el-Sheikh

This is the nicest place to go in February if you want to spend it on the beach. Sharm el-Sheikh is surrounded by mountains, so there are many bays protected from the winds. The best areas for a beach holiday are Naama Bay, Ras Umm El Sid, Sharm El Maya, Sharks Bay and White Night Bay. If the sea water still seems too cool, heated pools, which are available in many resort hotels, will help you out. There is also something to add to the all inclusive relaxation. You can go to the famous Soho Square, shop at the Old Market, visit the Al-Sahaba and El-Mustafa mosques and the Celestial Cathedral, as well as the Tutankhamun Museum to better get acquainted with the culture of Egypt.

Stella Di Mare Beach Hotel & Spa (9.1) — from 14,200 rubles per night for two. Private beach and infinity pools, diving school and large spa. The restaurant serves candlelit dinners on the terrace overlooking the sea.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

And here the February wind is only a plus, because surfing and its varieties are popular in Dahab: there are surf stations all along the coast where they rent out equipment. Moreover, athletes of any level of training can practice. If you go for waves far from the shore, you will be given a walkie-talkie. If you are just learning to board, you will be given lessons in the lagoon, where the waves rarely exceed a height of one meter. The surf culture here is so developed that there is a platform in the sea for athletes to relax.

Dahab will also appeal to those who want to see non-tourist Egypt. There is no animation or 24-hour all inclusive, but real life happens: fishermen’s nets are drying everywhere, Bedouin children are running around, and in local shops you can buy food and fruit for weeks in advance for a very small price. This is what those who come here for the winter do – there are a lot of “long-term” tourists in Dahab, so you will find yourself in the atmosphere of an international party.

Dahab Paradise (9.0) — from 8,000  rubles per night for two. The rooms are decorated in traditional motifs. Guests have lunch and dinner at the restaurant with panoramic views of Mount Sinai.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

Winters in Serbia are not very cold. If the sun is not the main condition for a holiday in February for you, then you can safely go. The temperature rarely drops below 0 ℃, it is usually above zero and sometimes rises above +10 ℃. Serbia is interesting to travel around. Its culture is rich and unusual, as it was influenced by both the East and the West. The country has several national parks that nature lovers will appreciate. Athletes will enjoy the mountains. Well, the local cuisine seems ideal specifically for winter: it is distinguished by its high consumption of meat. So a trip to Serbia in February is a great idea for those who want to gain some impressions.


The capital of Serbia is contrasting and colorful. You will walk along modern, well-kept European streets, but you will constantly encounter echoes of the past. There are parks with embankments, architectural monuments, palaces, temples, 19th-century neighborhoods and even Roman ruins. Exploring cultural attractions is perfectly combined with a bohemian holiday and visiting cafes and restaurants. For example, you can go out onto the main pedestrian street – Prince Mikhail – stroll among the ancient buildings and then immediately feel the bustling atmosphere of the city. And if you want to warm up in some other way, then be sure to go to museums. The National Museum of Serbia houses a rich collection of classical painting (Rembrandt, Rubens, Degas, Renoir, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Picasso) and modern abstract art. In the ethnographic museum you will get acquainted with the life of the Serbian people, and in the Nikola Tesla Museum look at the devices of the great inventor.

Passpartù Home (9.1) — from 8,700 rubles per night for two. The apartments have a kitchen. The spa and wellness center includes a sauna, indoor pool and massage services.


This is the most popular ski resort in Serbia. Most days here are sunny, the snow cover is stable, the nature is beautiful, and prices are affordable. There  trails of varying difficulty levels, including not only downhill skiing, but also cross-country skiing. For those who have not yet mastered the slopes or do not like them, there is a tubing area for sledding. Resort guests relax in the thermal springs of Vrnjacka Banja, Mataruska Banja or Siyarinska Banja. And in between sports activities, you can visit the Kopaonik National Park, the 12th-century Studenica Monastery, and the 13th-century Zica Convent. Not far from Kopaonik is the town of Kraljevo with beautiful boulevards and interesting temples, as well as Cacak, where people go to see the impressive Ovčaro-Kablar Gorge.

Vila Runolist (9.0) —from 9,400 rubles per night for two. Rooms accommodating up to four people. The villa looks like a cozy mountain house. Resort slopes nearby.


In February, the arrival of spring can already be felt in Montenegro. In coastal cities during the day the temperature rises to +12-14 ℃. The weather can be cloudy, but towards the end of the month there is more and more sun. It’s too early to swim, the water is still cold, but you can walk around the city and enjoy the sea for a long time and in comfort. Montenegro has many historical and architectural attractions, and February is very suitable for ecotourism, because the country is famous for its diverse nature. And those who love winter for the opportunity to ski and snowboard should definitely go up to the mountains.


Waiting for spring: where to go in February without a visa

This is an ancient Venetian fortified city. It is surrounded by a powerful wall that runs along the coastal border of Kotor and climbs a steep rocky slope. From the highest point there is a stunning panorama. The streets of the city are narrow and medieval, with ancient stone buildings standing side by side: houses, churches, palaces, restaurants, shops – all buildings are representatives of past centuries. Try to get lost among them and wander around longer – and you will feel the quiet and mysterious atmosphere of Kotor.

But in early February you can have some fun: a large-scale Winter Carnival is held here every year. For ten whole days, children’s and adults’ masquerade processions will take place on the streets, comic competitions will be held, and even the election of a king and queen. The culmination will be the burning of an effigy so that all misfortunes will go away.

Historic Boutique Hotel Cattaro (9.4) —from 8,700 rubles per night for two. Occupies an 18th-century building in the center of the Old Town, decorated in a maritime theme.


Those who are not afraid and even want to extend the winter should visit the Kolasin ski resort on the territory of the Biogradska Gora National Park. It is located in a valley, surrounded by mountains on all sides, so there are no winds here, you can ride in any weather. For skiers and snowboarders of beginner and intermediate levels, ideal conditions are created here. And experienced riders are given the opportunity to engage in extreme sports on freestyle and virgin trails.

In their free time, tourists visit Biograd Lake. There is a nature reserve around it with paths for pleasant scenic walks. Also nearby is one of the oldest monasteries in Europe, Moraca, and the ancient Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. Both attractions date back to the 13th century.

RAD MM House (9.1) – from 17,600 rubles per night for two. Country house with two bedrooms. The interior features a lot of stone, wood and antique items.

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