The best Christmas markets in Europe

The best Christmas markets in Europe

December is the traditional time for Christmas markets in many major cities of the Old World. This year, an organization dedicated to the development of tourism in Europe held a vote among tourists to determine the best Christmas markets in Europe, in which more than two hundred thousand people took part. The votes were distributed as follows:

Tallinn, Estonia

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: @ sixtensepp /

Where is Dates
On Town Hall Square in the Old Town 16.11 — 7.01

What to try:warm roasted almonds, glög (similar to mulled wine), Estonian blood sausages, salmon and baked duck, stewed cabbage, chocolate cast in the shape of working tools.

What to buy: woolen socks, mittens and hats with animal faces embroidered on them, gingerbread cookies, Christmas tree decorations, handmade candles.

What else to do: every Friday from 17:00 to 19:00, and on weekends from 12:00 to 14:00 On the main stage, located on Town Hall Square, local groups perform music and dance performances.

What else to do: To get into the Christmas spirit even more, go to night mass in one of the churches in the city.

Where to live:

hotel 1* Fat Margaret’s – accommodation from 1,206 rubles/day;
3* hotel Park Inn by Radisson Central Tallinn – accommodation from 4,041 rubles/day;
4* Hotel Ulemiste – accommodation from 5,277 rubles/day;
5* hotel Swissotel Tallinn – accommodation from 10,855 rubles/day.

Budapest, Hungary

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: @aron_felszeghy/@benceszlovak/


Where is
At Vörösmarty Square 23.11 — 1.01
At St. Stephen’s Basilica 23.11 — 1.01

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Tours from locals in Budapest

What to try: signature honey scones, handmade sweets and Hungarian pizza with bacon, onions and cream, Hungarian sparkling wine, sweet pastries , buns stuffed with cabbage, roast goose, traditional Jewish multi-layer walnut cake (flódni), fishermen’s soup (halászlé), fried pike perch or suckling pig roasted on a spit over an open fire.

What to buy:knitted mittens, traditional fur hats or an iron candlestick, which will be made right in front of you.

What else to do: attend master classes on candle making, beading   and baking gingerbread.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Maverick Apartments – accommodation from 1,051 rubles/day;
3* Budget Hotel Victoria – accommodation from 4,676 rubles/day;
hotel 4* Opera Garden Hotel & Apartments – accommodation from 5,834 rubles/day;
5* hotel Iberostar Grand Budapest – accommodation from 11,492 rubles/day.

Vienna, Austria

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: @christian_kremser/@nurielmolcho/


Where is
At Stephansplatz 16.11 — 26.12
On Town Hall Square 16.11 — 26.12
At Maria Theresa Square 21.11 — 12.26
On the square on Karlsplatz 23.11 — 12/23
In front of the Belvedere Palace 23.11 — 26.12 In front of Schönbrunn Palace 11/24 — 26.12

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Tours from locals in Vienna

What to try: hot sausages, pastries, sweets, mulled wine and punch.

What to buy: Christmas tree decorations and decorations for the home.

What else to do: visit one of the most beautiful skating rinks in Europe, located on Town Hall Square. Master classes on making holiday gingerbread cookies and painting candles are organized for children at the fairs.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Do Step Inn – Hotel & Hostel – accommodation from 754 rubles/day;
3* Hotel Viktoria – accommodation from 4,953 rubles/day;
hotel 4* Star Inn Hotel Premium Wien Hauptbahnhof, by Quality – accommodation from 5,140 rubles/day;
5* hotel Melia Vienna — accommodation from 11,853 rubles/day.

Erfut, Germany

The best Christmas markets in Europe


Where is
On Cathedral Square 11/27 — 12.22
At Willy Brandt Platz 27.11 — 12.22

What to try: Thuringian sausages – a local delicacy, up to 50 centimeters long, roasted almonds, grilled dishes, butter bread, beer and mulled wine .

What to buy: local handicrafts – Christmas tree decorations, textiles, ceramics.

What else to do: be sure to go to the Fairytale Forest located right here on Cathedral Square and listen to brass band concerts on the street in the evenings.

Where to live:

hotel 3* Pension ILMHOF – accommodation from 3,392 rubles/day;
hotel 4* Familienhotel Weimar – accommodation from 10,233 rubles/day.

Poznan, Poland

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: — Marek_Zakrzewski


17.11 — 21.12

Where is
At the Old Market Square

What to try:national Polish dish of stewed cabbage with meat – bigos, hot wine, pork knuckles, sausages, honey bread, chocolate-covered fruit.

What to buy: exquisite handicrafts, wrought iron candlesticks, Christmas tree decorations.

What else to do: Take a ride on the Ferris wheel, from the highest point of which you can see stunning views of the city.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Opera Hostel – accommodation from 790 rubles/day;
3* Hotel Korel – accommodation from 2,318 rubles/day;
4* hotel City Solei Boutique Hotel – accommodation from 4,094 rubles/day;
5* hotel Hotel Blow Up Hall 5050 – accommodation from 6,743 rubles/day.

Brussels, Belgium

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo:  VisitBrussels E.Danhier


30.11 — 6.01

Where is
At the Grand Place
At St. Catherine’s Square 30.11 — 6.01

What to try:seafood, French fries, Belgian waffles, donuts sprinkled with powdered sugar, chocolates and specialty beer.

What to buy: handmade souvenirs, items made of wool, all kinds of products made of wood, glass and ceramics.

What else to do: visit the skating rink on Place La Monnaie, ride the Ferris wheel, which is installed near the shopping arcades, and other carousels . The city also hosts a large number of theatrical performances and night light shows.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Brxxl 5 City Center Hostel – accommodation from 1,808 rubles/day;
3* Hotel Catalonia Brussels – accommodation from 4,138 rubles/day;
4* hotel Thon Hotel Brussels City Center – accommodation from 5,375 rubles/day;
5* Hotel Metropole – accommodation from 7,544 rubles/day.

Aachen, Germany

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: Dan Race


Where is
On the square in front of the Cathedral and City Hall 23.11 — 12.23

What to try:  famous Aachen gingerbread (Aachener Printen), mulled wine, all kinds of sweets.

What to buy: painted candlesticks, decorations for home and Christmas tree.

Other things to do: Play curling with the locals and enter for prizes at the Christmas market.

Where to live:

hotel 3* Landhaus Thome – accommodation from 4,353 rubles/day;
4* hotel INNSIDE by Melia Aachen – accommodation from 11,232 rubles/day.

Prague, Czech Republic

The best Christmas markets in Europe

Photo: @vetrana/@praguetoday/


Where is
On Peace Square 1.12 — 6.01
On the Rear Square 1.12 — 6.01
On Republic Square 1.12 — 6.01
On Wenceslas Square 1.12 — 6.01
On Old Town Square 1.12 — 6.01

What to try:delicacies of roast pork and smoked sausages, roasted chestnuts, sweet bread, gingerbread and shortbread cookies, muffins, beer, mulled wine and meadovina.

What to buy: handmade jewelry made from wood, woolen socks and slippers, items made from Czech crystal.

Other things to do: Attend evening concerts at St. Clement’s Cathedral, St. George’s Basilica and St. Salvator Church.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Sophie’s Hostel – accommodation from 1,209 rubles/day;
3* hotel A Nice Place to Stay Apartments – accommodation from 3,769 rubles/day;
4* Expo Hotel – accommodation from 4,672 rubles/day;
5* Hotel Metropole – accommodation from 9,779 rubles/day.

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

The best Christmas markets in Europe


Where is
On Uniria Square 23.11 — 30.12

What to try: candy, sweet bread, hot winter drinks.

What to buy: handmade music boxes, all kinds of wooden crafts, designer jewelry.

What else to do:attend master classes for children and adults that take place in Santa’s house, take part in various competitions held by the organizers.

Where to live:

hotel 2* Zen Hostel by Pura Vida – accommodation from 867 rubles/day;
3* hotel Pensiunea Sada – accommodation from 2,088 rubles/day;
4* hotel Pensiunea Bellagio – accommodation from 2,589 rubles/day;
5* hotel Grand Hotel Italia — accommodation from 6,978 rubles/day.

Preview photo: Daniel Koehler

* Accommodation prices are indicated at the time of writing. The cost indicated in the material and the final price may differ.

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