The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

Combining business with pleasure while traveling across the vast territory of our country is a very simple task. We decided to tell you about nine bodies of water, a visit to which can be combined with an exploration of historical or natural attractions. In addition, this is a great opportunity to swim and sunbathe with a view, because all locations are located in amazingly beautiful places. 

Pleshcheyevo lake, Yaroslavl region

This picturesque reservoir is located near the town of Pereslavl-Zalessky, famous for its monuments of Russian architecture. Among them are the Nikitsky Monastery and the Kleshchinsky complex. A few years ago, the lake was a place of “wild” recreation, but in recent years the city beach has been improved, and now it is safe to swim here. By the way, a weekend on the shores of Lake Pleshcheevo is not only a chance to swim with a view of ancient churches, but also an opportunity to learn the history of this place. For example, at the end of the 17th century, the “amusing” training flotilla of Peter I was built here, and the wooden boat “Fortune” has survived to this day and is exhibited in the museum-estate “Boat of Peter I”. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Samara Luka, Samara region

The picturesque natural park Samara Luka is sometimes called little Scotland on the Volga. Its territory resembles a peninsula and is located between Tolyatti and Samara: on one side there is a great river, and on the other, the forested Zhigulevsky Mountains. A holiday in this park is a pleasure that needs to be stretched out. It is best to come here for a few days and stay in a sanatorium, city hotels, recreation center or tent camp, and spend your free time exploring forest paths and viewpoints. A map with the indicated beaches along the river can be obtained at the reception of any hotel. Believe me, swimming in the cool Volga in summer is real bliss. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Don beaches, Volgograd region

Despite the fact that the Volgograd region is known primarily for the Volga, the Don River also flows through it, where the most picturesque beaches are located. For example, in the Ilovlinsky district you can swim with a view of the chalk mountains. Of course, mountains is too ambitious a name: rather, near Volgograd you will be greeted by hills up to a hundred meters high. However, this landscape still looks impressive. Also in this region is the Tsimlyansk reservoir of the Don River. In recent years, work has been carried out here to clean the area and the bottom, and also create places for safe swimming. For example, you can relax comfortably on the beaches of the city of Tsimlyansk, the Chaika tourist center, or in Sarkel near the Krutoy farm. When planning a trip, choose dates in late August or early September – in July the thermometer can rise to 40 degrees. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Baskunchak and Elton, Astrakhan and Volgograd regions

Swimming in salt lakes is an unusual experience in itself: the water is dense, oily and pushes the body to the surface. Instead of sand, there is a crust of salt on the beach, and the landscapes resemble alien lands from science fiction films. Holidays in such places will also help improve your health: both on Baskunchak in the Astrakhan region and on Elton in the Volgograd region there are healing muds, and in the surrounding sanatoriums all procedures are based on the beneficial properties of salt. They say that the waters, mud and air around these lakes are not inferior to the Dead Sea in Israel in terms of beneficial effects on the body.

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

Where to stay:In the settlements closest to the lakes, accommodation can only be provided by private individuals or in sanatoriums. Both Baskunchak and Elton are easily accessible by car from the small town of Akhtubinsk, where you can spend the night in the nice Volga Motel (from 3,000 rubles* per night). 

Raspberry Lake, Altai Territory

Another salty pond with healing clay, in which you can swim, is located in Altai, in the Mikhailovsky district. Crimson Lake, as you can guess from the name, differs from all others in the color of the water surface, which varies depending on the season: the most saturated shades can be seen in the spring (especially at dawn), and in the fall the water turns brown. This natural phenomenon is explained by the fact that microorganisms that produce pink pigment live in the reservoir. Sulfide-silt mud of Raspberry Lake is considered very useful: it improves metabolism, rejuvenates the skin, soothes irritations and treats inflammatory processes. This therapy is recommended for psoriasis, seborrhea, eczema, joint and muscle pain. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Lake Aya, Altai Territory

Another lake in the picturesque Altai region – Aya – is located in the mountain basin of the left bank of the Katun. Its name means “moon”: there is a local legend that the moon itself descended into the valley and captured the ogre Delbegen there to save the human race. The dent that formed from it filled with water and turned into a lake. There are several camp sites around the reservoir, and it is not surprising: here you can relax with views of the mountains and forests, and the water warms up to 25 degrees in summer, so swimming in Aya is very comfortable. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Seydozero, Murmansk region

At first glance, it may seem that the Murmansk region is too northern for swimming. However, in summer the days are quite hot there, and the water in some lakes warms up well. One of the most beautiful bodies of water in the region is Seydozero in the Lovozero tundra on the Kola Peninsula. It appears in many local legends: it is believed that representatives of the disappeared Hyperborean civilization once lived here, so ufologists and science fiction writers, as well as those who like to look for “places of power,” constantly come here. They also love to fish here, because Seydozero is home to such noble fish species as trout, whitefish, brown trout, salmon, palia and grayling. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Syamozero and Shotozero, Karelia

As we have already understood, the northern regions may well be suitable for the opening of the swimming season, and Karelia is no exception. Syamozero and Shotozero are located nearby, in the southern part of the republic in the Pryazhinsky district. These reservoirs have sandy shores and are surrounded by picturesque forests, stylish tourist centers and authentic Karelian villages – an excellent option for relaxing after a day of excursions or hiking. Both lakes are also popular among fishermen: they are home to vendace, perch, pike perch and roach. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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Baikal, Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia

Baikal is perhaps the most famous lake in our country, and without it this list would be incomplete. The swimming season here lasts only one month: it begins in mid-July and ends in mid-August. At this time, the water in shallow waters and bays warms up to 24 degrees. The warmest location is considered to be the Small Sea, the bay separating Olkhon Island from the western coast. It is easy to find sandy and pebble beaches here, fully equipped for tourists. You can get to Chivyrkuisky Bay and swim in the hot springs of Zmeinaya Bay: in fact, travelers swim here even in winter, because the temperature of the springs is about 40 degrees. Also among the popular places for recreation on the water is Saraisky Beach near the village of Khuzhir on Olkhon, vacation spots in Listvyanka, Barguzinsky Bay near the island of Svyatoy Nos, a sand spit in Goryachinsk, Mukhor Bay, and Garnet Beach. As a pleasant bonus – the incredible beauty of the surrounding nature. 

The most unusual and picturesque places in Russia where you can swim

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