The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Summer nature and warm weather beckon you to go on a trip in the fresh air. And these can be not only hiking trips, but also cycling ones – one-day or multi-day, because this way you will be able to explore even more interesting places and create a more eventful program along the route.

Ancient cities, majestic mountains and lakes, sea coasts or one of the most beautiful roads in the world – we have collected 8 picturesque cycling routes in Russia from the Baltic Sea to Lake Baikal.

Across the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia: from Uglich to Suzdal

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Uglich – Myshkin – Rybinsk – Tutaev – Yaroslavl – Vyatskoye – Kostroma – Plyos – Suzdal.
Duration: 6 days, about 400 km to travel.

This is a culturally rich cycling route through most of the cities and villages of the Golden Ring. The road between points is mostly flat, runs along intercity highways and often along the banks of the Volga. Along the way there are many secluded and picturesque places: quiet forest rivers, wide open spaces of fields, pine forests and birch groves.

In ancient cities you can see original architecture and visit interesting museums. For example, in Kostroma, stop next to the white-stone Ipatiev Monastery, which is considered the cradle of the Romanov dynasty, and stop by the Museum of Wooden Architecture. In Suzdal, see the ensemble of the local Kremlin, built back in the 10th century, and feel like a resident of an ancient Slavic settlement in the Shchurovo Settlement Museum.

Where to stay:

At the Proletarsky Dvorik hotel (rating 9.6) in Suzdal – from 5,700 rubles per night*.

In the three-star hotel “Volzhskaya Riviera” (score 10) in Uglich – from 6,000 rubles per day*.

In the three-star hotel complex “Lubim” (score 10) in Yaroslavl – from 6,000 rubles per day*.

Pskov region: from Pushkin Mountains to Pskov

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Pushkin Mountains – Izborsk – Malskaya Valley – Pechory – “Pskov Switzerland” – Pskov.
Duration: 3 days, about 200 km.

Endless forests and fields, cathedrals, monasteries and fortresses – on a cycling route in the Pskov region you will not only enjoy nature, but also go on interesting excursions and touch the past. The route passes through one of the most ancient cities in Russia – Izborsk. Many historical attractions have been preserved here, for example, the Izborsk Fortress and the beautiful St. Nicholas Cathedral, built in the 14th century.

In Pechory, stop at the Holy Dormition Pskov-Pechora Monastery, on the territory of which you can see a dozen valuable architectural monuments. And on the way to Pskov there will be an interesting natural place called “Pskov Switzerland”. This is a land of coniferous forests, clean lakes and rivers, and, of course, picturesque landscapes. The route finishes in Pskov. Here you can stay for the whole day to see the Golden Embankment, the Pskov Kremlin and the ancient Trinity Cathedral with its bell tower.

Where to stay:

In the three-star hotel complex “Izborsk” (rating 9.1) in Izborsk – from 4,200 rubles per day*.

In the three-star hotel “Arina R” (rating 8.8) in Pushkinskiye Gory – from 5,800 rubles per night*.

At the four-star Old Estate Hotel & SPA (score 9.1) in Pskov – from 7,900 rubles per night*.

Kaliningrad region: along the coast of the Baltic Sea

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Zelenogradsk – Curonian Spit – Pionersky – Svetlogorsk – Yantarny – Baltiysk – Kaliningrad.
Duration: 4 days, about 250 km.

In the Kaliningrad region it is interesting to ride bicycles between settlements of the Baltic coast. Here, in addition to the sea and beaches, tourists are attracted by the preserved German architecture and a variety of natural attractions. For example, the route passes through the picturesque ecological trails of the Royal Forest, the Müller Heights in the Curonian Spit and other interesting parts of the national park – the Dancing Forest, the Efa Dune and Swan Lake with an oasis of waterfowl.

Zelenogradsk, Yantarny, Svetlogorsk, Pionersky and Baltiysk are small resorts on the Baltic Sea. Each has its own highlight, for example, narrow streets and Prussian villas in Svetlogorsk or the Swedish Pillau fortress and naval harbor in Baltiysk. At different parts of the route, tourists will find lakes, pine forests and white sand beaches – some of them are marked with a blue flag.

Where to stay:

In the hotel-villa “Gretchen” (rating 9.5) in Svetlogorsk – from 4,400 rubles per night*.

In the three-star hotel “Baltic Crown” (rating 8.9) in Zelenogradsk – from 7,100 rubles per night*.

In the Friday Center hostel (rating 9.8) in Kaliningrad – from 9,000 rubles per night*.

Karelia and Leningrad region: along the western shore of Lake Ladoga

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route:Sortavala – Lake Paikjärvi – Lakhdenpokhya – Ecopark “Valley of Waterfalls” – Lake Vuoksa – Priozersk – Osinovetsky Lighthouse – St. Petersburg.
Duration: 5 days, about 350 km.

The route passes through the western part of the largest lake in Europe – Lake Ladoga. First of all, it is interesting for its untouched nature – hidden lakes, forests with mushrooms and berries, and sandy beaches of Ladoga await you. Along the way there are also cultural monuments: for example, the ruins of Lutheran churches, the famous Korela fortress in Priozersk and the Osinovetsky lighthouse on the coast of Lake Ladoga.

The cycling route passes through the “Valley of Waterfalls” eco-park on the Ihalanjoki River, where, in addition to visiting the cascading waterfalls themselves, you can visit the historical location “Glade of Lapps” and get acquainted with the life of the ancient Karelians. The west of Ladoga is rich in small and picturesque reservoirs. For example, the shores of lakes Paikjärvi or Vuoksa are ideal locations for relaxing in a tent after a long bike ride.

Where to stay:

In the Start apart-hotel (rating 9.0) in St. Petersburg – from 1,700 rubles per night*.

At the Ladoga Lake recreation center (rating 9.4) in Priozersk – from 6,800 rubles per day*.

At the Rodina Hotel (rating 9.1) in Sortavala – from 12,000 rubles per night*.

Irkutsk region: to Lake Baikal and Olkhon Island

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Irkutsk – Oek – Ust-Ordynsky – Bayandai – Elantsy – Aya Bay – Mount Ekhe Yordo – Tazheran steppes – Sakhyurte (MRS) — Lake Baikal — Olkhon Island.
Duration: 4 days, about 300 km.

One of the most interesting routes to Lake Baikal from Irkutsk goes in the direction of Olkhon Island. Along the way, tourists will encounter several settlements, each of which will be part of an educational journey. For example, in the village of Oek, the beautiful Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, built in the Irkutsk Baroque style with decorations in the spirit of the Buryat national ornament, has been preserved. In Ust-Ordynskoye, it will be interesting to visit the open-air museum “Buryat Peasant Estate” and climb the sacred Mount Mankhai, where medieval rock paintings have been preserved.

The route is rich in beautiful natural attractions. In the picturesque Aya Bay, near the mouth of the Anga River, you can swim and sunbathe on the fine sand, plus look at the ancient caves. They are located in a rocky cliff, and some of them are up to 20 million years old. The final point of the route is the largest island on Lake Baikal, Olkhon. To visit all its interesting places, add at least 2 more days to your trip. Visit Sarai Beach, Cape Burkhan, Lake Khankhoi, the main village of Khuzhir on the island and the open-air museum “Buryat Village”.

Where to stay:

In the four-star Baikal Forest Hotel (rating 9.9) in Irkutsk – from 5,400 rubles per night*.

In the Azatey guest house (rating 8.5) in Sakhyurt – from 5,500 rubles per night*.

In the three-star hotel Baikal View (rating 9.9) in Khuzhir on Olkhon Island – from 12,000 rubles per room*.

Altai Republic: travel along the Chuysky tract

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Gorno-Altaisk – Katun River – Seminsky Pass – Chike-Taman Pass – Kur-Kechu tract – Chuya River – Geyser Lake in Aktash – Kurai steppes – village Kosh-Agach – Kyzyl-Chin tract.
Duration: 7 days, about 460 km.

The Chuya Highway is included in the ranking of the most beautiful roads in the world according to National Geographic. The landscapes of the Altai Mountains, changing natural areas and smooth asphalt in the warm season attract cyclists here. Taiga forests, picturesque passes between rocks, steppes, semi-deserts and snowy peaks of the Altai Mountains – all this opens up to tourists during a trip along the Chuysky tract.

There are many natural attractions along the route. For example, the famous Geyser Lake in the Altai Mountains near Aktash with interesting patterns on the surface of the turquoise water. Or amazing mountain landscapes on the Chike-Taman pass. And at the very end of the route, multi-colored mountains appear in the Kyzyl-Chin tract, which are often compared to the landscapes of alien Mars.

Where to stay:

In the cottage Fermerskiy Dom v Kosh-Agache (rating 8.7) in the village of Kosh-Agach – from 2,600 rubles per day*.

In the three-star hotel “Igman” (rating 9.1) in Gorno-Altaisk – from 4,200 rubles per night*.

In the mini-hotel “Mountain Eagle” (rating 8.8) in Aktash – from 5,400 rubles per night*.

Krasnodar region: from Novorossiysk to Gelendzhik

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Novorossiysk – Markotkhsky ridge – Mount Mad – Kabardinka – observation deck “Lonely Bench” – staircase “287 steps” – Gelendzhik.
Duration: 1–2 days, about 40 km.

The first part of the route from Novorossiysk to Kabardinka passes through the Markotkhsky ridge to the Black Sea coast. The road is mostly flat, there are no strong elevation changes or sharp descents. The most difficult thing is to get to the ridge itself, where the route begins – the slope is very steep, and many cyclists climb it on foot. But there is an easier option: start the journey from the “7 Winds” observation deck, from where there is a smooth and very picturesque road all the way to Kabardinka.

From Kabardinka to Gelendzhik, the second part of the route begins along the equipped walking and cycling trail “VeloSea”, where tourists will find picturesque views of the surrounding coniferous forest and the Black Sea. It’s convenient that there are signs, information stands and places to rest along the entire route. Make a stop at the “Lonely Bench” observation deck, from where you can see the entire coastline from Kabardinka to Gelendzhik, and go down the “287 steps” staircase to the sea.

Where to stay:

In the three-star boutique hotel KamInn Boutique-hotel (rating 9.1) in Novorossiysk – from 3,400 rubles per night*.

In the three-star hotel “Favorit” (rating 9.9) in Gelendzhik – from 4,100 rubles per room*.

In the guest house Guest House Veresk (rating 10) in Kabardinka – from 4,400 rubles per night*.

Adygea and Krasnodar Territory: “All-Union Thirty” from the mountains to the sea

The most beautiful cycling routes in Russia

Route: Khadzhokh mountain resort – Belaya river – Rufabgo waterfalls – Fisht-Oshten pass – Lago-Naki plateau – Guzeripl pass – Circassian pass – Babuk-Aul is the village of Dagomys on the Black Sea.
Duration: 2 days, about 60 km.

The All-Union Thirty pedestrian route, legendary in Soviet times, can now be covered by bicycle – and it will take three times less time. It passes through the picturesque places of the North Caucasus and partly through the territory of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve – through mountain passes to the Black Sea coast in the Sochi region.

The route starts in the mountain resort of Khadzhokh, where beautiful rocky landscapes and the Belaya River with waterfalls and steep rapids attract attention. In just a couple of days, tourists will travel through the Lago-Naki plateau, which is famous for its alpine meadows, and overcome several passes from where breathtaking views of the mountains open. The final point of the route is the resort village of Dagomys with clean and picturesque beaches approaching the slopes of the North Caucasus.

Where to stay:

In the guest house “Park Hadzhokh” (rating 9) in the village of Kamennomostsky – from 4,000 rubles per night*.

In the guest house “Chalet Voyage” (rating 9.1) in Guzeripl – from 4,700 rubles per night*.

In the three-star hotel “Dagomys 43⁰39⁰” (rating 9.1) in Dagomys – from 5,100 rubles per night*.

*Prices are current at the time of publication.

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