Business trip to Rostov-on-Don: what expenses to expect

Business trip to Rostov-on-Don: what expenses to expect

Rostov-on-Don is a large industrial center of Russia, a city with a population of over a million, and is secretly fighting for the title of the southern capital with Krasnodar. 

In addition, in Rostov a business traveler will be able not only to work successfully, but also to feel like a tourist. The city has historical monuments, museums and parks.

To ensure that your business trip to Rostov-on-Don remains a pleasant memory, in this article we will tell you how to choose a hotel for a business trip in Rostov-on-Don, what places are worth visiting, how much accommodation costs and much more.& ;nbsp;

The time zone in Rostov-on-Don coincides with Moscow – UTC+3 (GMT+3).

How to get to the city

By plane. From Moscow to Rostov you will fly in about 2 hours, from St. Petersburg – in 2 hours 45 minutes.&nbsp ;

The airport is located 50 km from the city center and can be reached by bus or taxi. By bus No. 700 you will get to Station Square in 1 hour and 10 minutes. A taxi is a little faster – in 50 minutes.

By train. It will also be convenient to get from Moscow by train –  from Kazansky or Kursky railway stations. The journey will take from 15 to 25 hours. 

The train ride from St. Petersburg takes even longer – from 25 hours to a day and a half. 

By bus it’s not very convenient to travel to Rostov, but it’s faster than by train. About 20 buses depart from Moscow every day. The journey will take 13–18 hours.

By car you can get there from Moscow in 12 hours along the M-4 Don highway.

Hotels for a business trip in Rostov-on-Don

We previously wrote about what you should pay attention to when choosing a hotel for a business trip. It is advisable that the hotel is located close to the temporary place of work, and the room includes a work area and high-speed Internet. 

Below we offer a list of business hotels in Rostov that provide Wi-Fi, transfer, parking, conference room for business meetings, equipment for presentations and more.

Name Address
“Attache” ave. Sokolova, 19/22
Radisson Blu Hotel st. Beregovaya, 25G/4
“Residence” st. Suvorova, 25
“Europe” ave. Voroshilovsky, 41/112
“39” st. Shahumyan, 39
Marins Park  ave. Budyonnovsky, 59
“Bellagio” st. 50th Anniversary of Rostselmash, 7v

Coworking spaces in Rostov-on-Don

Coworking allows you to work in silence and communicate with colleagues in an open space, which is usually difficult to do in a hotel room. When choosing a coworking space on a business trip, you should consider the distance from the hotel, rating, price, interior and your own preferences. The coworking spaces presented below have everything you need for productive work:

st. Gorky, 151

Name Address Services
“Place” Open space, offices, meeting rooms, event area, recreation area
“Ruby” ave. Teatralny, 85 Open space, offices, meeting rooms, lecture hall, rooftop area
“Under the Roof” st. Maxim Gorky, 151 Open space, offices, meeting rooms, lecture hall, recreation area,
“My office” st. Burovaya, house. 46 Open space, offices, meeting rooms, conference room

Prices in Rostov-on-Don

To determine the amount of daily allowance for a business trip to Rostov, you need to roughly understand what daily expenses await you:

  • The price of a business lunch is on average 200 rubles and above;
  • For lunch in an inexpensive cafe you will spend for one 500 rubles;
  • At a fast food restaurant you can eat for an average of 300 rubles;
  • Average bill for dinner in restaurant – 1500 rubles;
  • A cup of coffee costs from 150 to 300 rubles.

Transport in Rostov-on-Don

In Rostov you can get to your destination by bus, trolleybus or tram. In 2022, travel on public transport in Rostov is:

  • 32 rubles when paying in cash;
  • 30 rubles when paying by bank card;
  • 29 rubles when paying by transport card.

The price of a taxi to travel around the city will be 150 rubles or more.

Restaurants for business meetings in Rostov-on-Don

A business trip to Rostov may be accompanied by a meeting with partners or colleagues from the city’s branches. To discuss business issues, you should choose a cafe or restaurant for business meetings. Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere will make the meeting more comfortable and relaxed. 

List of restaurants with high ratings and positive reviews in Rostov-on-Don:

Name Address Kitchen Average bill
Sapare 6 locations in Rostov Italian 1500 rub.
“Macau” st. Krasnoarmeiskaya 168/99 Pan-Asian 1500 rub.
“Onegin Dacha” ave. Chekhova, 45B French, Russian 2000 rub.
Drago Steakhouse st. Suvorova, 75 European, Mediterranean 1700 rub.
“Matador” Krasnoarmeyskaya st., 90 Mediterranean 2000 rub.

What to see in Rostov-on-Don

Before leaving, it is better to decide in advance where to go in Rostov on a business trip. We offer our list of attractions and places that you will definitely enjoy visiting:

Bolshaya Sadovaya Street is the main front street of Rostov-on-Don with historical buildings of the late XIX — beginning of the 20th century. The street is replete with various attractions: there are monuments, a musical theater, a museum, parks and so on. 

Embankment of the Don River. On a sunny day you can walk along the embankment or enjoy views of the city from the upper decks of ships. During your walks you will see many monuments, sculptures and even a light and music fountain.

Theater Square – this is the square where the main holidays of the city are celebrated – here you can take a walk, ride a Ferris wheel, visit a theater in the shape of a tractor, look at the monument built in honor of the “Liberators of Rostov” and much more.

Paramonovsky warehouses. Despite the fact that the Paramonovsky warehouses are ruins, they are considered the main merchant heritage of the city. The warehouse complex was built in the mid-19th century, creating a unique microclimate inside. Now a makeshift pool has been set up in the warehouse, and there is a waterfall outside. 

Central city park named after. Gorky. In the oldest park in the city you will find monuments and sculptures, enjoy the view of flower beds, look at the starry sky in the planetarium and even have the opportunity to play a game of chess pieces.

The attractions of Rostov do not end there. If you still have free time on a business trip, we recommend exploring other popular places in the city – museums, monasteries, parks and much more.

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