Who sleeps well in Russia?

Who sleeps well in Russia?

I recently read an article that the UK has a serious problem with sleep deficiency. Forty percent of the British do not get enough sleep and as a result they are anxious and cannot concentrate – in short, they live in constant mental distress, poor fellows. One English company even invented a blanket coat for insomniac compatriots, in which you feel as if you are lying in bed, although in fact you are already itching to go to work. But for some reason it seems to me that this invention is much more relevant for Russians.

Who sleeps well in Russia?


If in Great Britain people are worried and awake, then in Russia, with its current crisis and exchange rates, on the contrary, no one wants to wake up. Our people sleep in the subway, at work, in traffic jams and parked cars along Volgogradsky Prospekt, which they have to leave in the evening to get to the office at least by lunchtime. And, interestingly, the higher the rate rises, the deeper the sleep. In this matter, the Russians will give anyone a head start. They can sleep sitting, standing and even while walking. I have a feeling that some even get married, have children and vote while asleep. And they don’t even wake up from the sound of the coffin lid knocking over them.

In principle, it’s very Russian to lie down in a den during a hungry winter and slowly suck a paw if there’s nothing else to do. And therefore, a soft and warm blanket coat will take root much better here than in the UK. The English creators apparently don’t get enough sleep themselves, otherwise they would have long ago thought of bringing it to Russia and offering it to Russian Railways. Firstly, the coat looks very patriotic – it corresponds to the fashionable image of a quilted jacket. Secondly, it is perfect for long-distance trains. You just need a pillow-shaped hat and large pockets for boiled chicken and eggs.

Good journey to you, passengers! Sleep well!

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