Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Autumn is a great time to go to the sea. We will tell you about the most beautiful islands of Southern Europe, where there are not only crystal clear seas and endless beaches, but also ancient palaces and knightly fortresses, active volcanoes and butterfly valleys, an unforgettable atmosphere and excellent cuisine.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Crete, Greece – Minotaur labyrinth, palaces and diving

Crete is the legendary Greek island, the birthplace of Zeus, the Minotaur and the ancient Minoan civilization. The island has many attractions – Minoan palaces, ancient Greek temples, Byzantine fortresses and monasteries. Most of the coastline is sandy beaches with crystal clear and warm water. There are dozens of diving schools on the beaches of the northern coast, because there are underwater caves, canyons and volcanoes. We cannot fail to mention the family taverns of Crete – with low prices and generous portions of seafood, puff pastries and the famous mezedes appetizers.

Flight from Moscow: from 5,625 rubles one way.
Hotel 3*:from 1,300 rubles for 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Mallorca, Spain – mountains, ostriches and dolphins

Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands, with a mild climate, wildlife, mountains, beaches and excellent services. The island has more than 200 beaches: secluded coves on the east coast, beaches suitable for diving and windsurfing on the north, and the best resorts on the south. In the capital, Palma de Mallorca, and the surrounding area there are medieval palaces, cathedrals and castles. Mallorca also has underground lakes, ostrich farms, a water park, a dolphinarium and a huge oceanarium, which we recommend visiting for travelers with children.

Flight from Moscow: from 7,500 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,300 rubles per 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Sardinia, Italy – ancient ruins, palm trees and vineyards

Sardinia is a thriving island consisting of beaches, palm groves, natural and archaeological reserves. The coast of the island is considered the most beautiful in Italy, the beaches are sandy, and the sea is ideal for scuba diving. For diving enthusiasts, the islands of La Maddalena are ideal, off the coast of Sardinia, where there are many sunken ships. Almost all towns and villages of Sardinia have preserved medieval palaces, temples and ancient ruins. Sardinia is also famous for Muscat wines, Pecorino cheese and Sardinian pasta with seafood.

Flight from Moscow: from 8,500 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,750 rubles per 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Sicily, Italy – delicious desserts, catacombs and a volcano

Sicily is a mysterious island surrounded by rumors and myths. Travelers can enjoy a relaxing and comfortable holiday here among stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, baroque palaces and ancient Greek ruins. The island has many attractions: the gloomy Capuchin catacombs, magnificent palaces and cathedrals, an active volcano, along the slope of which a tourist train runs. Local residents consider Sicilian cuisine to be part of their cultural heritage and one cannot but agree with them if they try local sweets, pizza or liqueurs. The entire coast of the island consists of beaches – sandy, pebble and even volcanic sand. And Palermo, the capital of the island with huge outlet stores, is the best place for shopping.

Flight from Moscow: from 10,300 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,000 rubles per 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Ibiza, Spain – discos, diving and pirate towers

Ibiza is the capital of parties and discos with 18 kilometers of beaches where tourists dance every night. In the south of the island there are beaches with the most famous nightclubs, in the west there are calm beaches where you can go diving, in the north there are secluded resorts suitable for families with children. In addition to the vibrant nightlife, the Old Town has a Gothic cathedral, a medieval fortress and amazing pirate towers, which offers the best views of the island. We also recommend visiting vineyards, of which there are many in Ibiza, and tasting local wines.

Flight from Moscow: from 8,760 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,955 rubles per 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Santorini, Greece – white houses in the mountains, colorful beaches and excellent wines

Santorini is an archipelago in the Aegean Sea with incredibly blue sea, lava cliffs and snow-white houses on top of multi-colored rocks. Santorini has amazing volcanic beaches – with pink, red and even black sand. There are diving centers on many beaches – in the clear waters of the island there are underwater grottoes, caves and hundreds of species of fish. Santorini has excellent restaurants – with seafood delicacies, local wines and panoramic views of the sea. The island has many architectural monuments – the Byzantine churches in Imerovigli hanging over the abyss, the mountain monasteries of Pyrgos and the ruins of Akrotiri.

Flight from Moscow: from 5,700 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,600 rubles per 1 night.

Which European island to choose for your holiday?

Rhodes, Greece – Crusader fortresses, butterflies and surfing

Rhodes has kilometers of beaches, mountains, endless forests, crusader castles and churches with stunning frescoes. The beach season here lasts 8 months, and the sun shines all year round. In the capital of the island, Rhodes, there is an ancient port and fortress, the palace of the Grand Masters of the Crusader Order, and near the city there is the Valley of the Butterflies, where rare species of all colors and sizes live next to streams and waterfalls. Most of the beaches of Rhodes are pebbly, with a gentle entrance to the sea. The town of Prasonisi in the south of the island is called a paradise for surfers, and there you can also see the “Kiss of the Two Seas” – this is the name of the place where the Mediterranean and Aegean seas meet. We also recommend visiting the Valley of Seven Springs, where it is fresh and cool even on hot summer days.

Flight from Moscow: from 5,300 rubles one way.
Accommodation: from 1,000 rubles per 1 night.

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