Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Armenia is an ancient land with a rich history, and around its capital there are many cultural, archaeological and natural monuments that witnessed epoch-making events. The ruins of the fortress walls keep legends about the great state of Urartu, which disappeared before our era. Numerous holy places remind us that Armenia was among the first countries to adopt Christianity as a state religion. Deep gorges with bizarre rock relief, green hills, blue lakes and majestic views of Ararat turn into a rich setting for attractions protected by UNESCO. We have collected interesting locations where you can comfortably travel from Yerevan for one day.


Erebuni Fortress

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

The citadel on the Arin-Berd hill was founded in the 8th century BC, but was destroyed 200 years later. In those days, the fortification was located in the center of the ancient city of Erebuni, which scientists consider the ancestor of modern Yerevan. Today, the areas where the remains of streets, ruins of walls and fragments of buildings have been preserved are united into a historical and archaeological reserve. There is also a museum here that tells about the culture and life of the ancient state of Urartu. In May, the hill on which the fortification rises is strewn with blooming poppies. According to one version, it was because of them that it got its name “Bloody Fortress”.

How to get there: by taxi, bus or minibus to the stop across the road from the fortress. Then walk to the top of the hill to the citadel.

Khor Virap Monastery

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

According to many travelers, it is from here that the most spectacular view of Mount Ararat opens. The monastery is located approximately 45 km from Yerevan, at the foot of the mountain almost on the border with Turkey. The monastery itself plays an important role in the history of Armenia. According to legend, within its walls a ruler converted to Christianity, who later made this religion the state religion.

How to get there: by bus heading towards Areni or the city of Ararat, get to the village of Pokr-Vedi. From there it’s another 35 minutes on foot. By car you can drive almost to the very gates of the monastery.

Gorge of Angels

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

A small gorge 55 km from Yerevan is one of the most important natural attractions of Armenia. The walls, devoid of vegetation, made of layered rocks, shimmer with orange and red colors. The path to the gorge is difficult and long, but clearly worth it – as a reward you will receive photographs of “Martian” landscapes.

How to get there: by car to the village of Dashtakar, and from there 3.5 km on foot along mountain paths.

Areni Cave

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Archaeologists have discovered human burials and household items from different eras here. One of the most famous and oldest finds is perfectly preserved shoes that are more than five thousand years old. Excavations in the Areni mountain cave complex are still ongoing.

A tour of one of them, which is called a bird cave due to the numerous nests inside, is conducted by local residents from a neighboring village. However, a more reliable way is to agree in advance with one of the private guides in Yerevan. Areni is also home to a famous winery of the same name, where you can stay for a tasting.

How to get there: by bus to Areni, then by taxi to the caves. It is more convenient to go directly by private transport or as part of an excursion group.

Noravank Monastery

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

It is better to come to this monastery, 117 km from Yerevan, at sunset to see the play of sunlight on the rich carved patterns of the pink stone walls. The magical picture is enhanced by the sheer cliffs of the gorge, where Noravank stands, shimmering in red and peach hues.

How to get there: by bus heading towards the city of Tatev, until the turn to Noravank. From the highway it’s about 8 km more on foot or by hitchhiking. You can take a taxi or car directly to the monastery.


Where to go from Yerevan for one day

A balneological high-mountain resort, famous for its healing hot springs, is located 170 km from Yerevan. Few people live here and there are no noticeable attractions, because the main treasure of Jermuk is mineral water. The central streets of the city are built primarily with Stalinist architecture: most of the buildings are occupied by sanatoriums. You can come here to relax in one of the spa hotels, for example, in the four-star Grand Resort Jermuk.

How to get there: by car, taxi or bus from the central bus station in Yerevan.

Shaki Waterfall

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

One of the most picturesque waterfalls in Armenia is located about 200 km from Yerevan, so it is more convenient to come here after an overnight stay in Jermuk. If the waterfall is in full force, you can see how a powerful column of water is divided into separate streams that fall from a height of 18 m. However, you may not be lucky: the fact is that the waterfall is open from 10 to 18 hours. The rest of the time it is “turned off” due to the fact that the local hydroelectric power station lowers the dams. Therefore, before traveling, it is better to call the institution and check the current schedule.

How to get there: by taxi or car until the turn to the village. Shaki, then about 5 km to the waterfall area and about another 15 minutes walk along the trail.


Where to go from Yerevan for one day

According to some scientists, the megalithic complex of Karahunj (another name is Zorats-Karer) is older than Stonehenge and was built between the fifth and second millennium BC. It is located on a high mountain plateau 205 km from Yerevan and looks like vertical stones standing in a circle with round holes on the tops. Because of them, there is a version that it was originally a cattle pen. According to other assumptions, the structure served funerary functions.

How to get there: by minibus or bus to Sisian, and from there by taxi to Karahunj.

Cave city Khndzoresk

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

It’s hard to believe, but people in Khndzoresk, located about 250 km from Yerevan, lived in caves until the mid-20th century. The city looks like a sheer cliff, dotted with many holes that serve as windows and doors. Today you can see the life and furnishings of such “apartments” in a museum set up in one of the caves. The road there goes along a suspended mesh bridge over the gorge, the length of which is as much as 160 m.

How to get there: by bus to Goris, and from there about 8 km by taxi. You can also get to Khndzoresk itself by car, but keep in mind that the last 2 km is a difficult dirt road.

To the southeast

Garni Temple

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Before the adoption of Christianity, Armenia was a pagan country. A copy of a temple of the 1st century AD, restored from ruins in Garni, 30 km from Yerevan, reminds of those times. The classical structure with many columns and porticoes refers to the architecture of the Parthenon. Today it is one of the most popular and accessible tourist locations.

How to get there: by bus or minibus to Garni, and from there about half a kilometer walk to the complex. By car or taxi you can get to the temple itself.

“Symphony of Stones”

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

From the observation deck of the temple in Garni there is a view of the natural monument, called the “Symphony of Stones”. The sheer cliffs of the gorge consist of hundreds of stone pipes and oblong cylinders of hexagonal cross-section, which were formed as a result of volcanic activity. Due to its resemblance to a musical instrument, this place is also called the Basalt Organ.

How to get there: walk along the hillside from the Garni Temple, the journey will take 30 minutes. It is not recommended to drive closer by car due to the threat of rockfall.

Geghard Monastery

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

One of the key holy places in Armenia is also called the Monastery of the Spear, since for a long time a unique relic was kept here – the tip of the spear with which a guard pierced the heart of Jesus Christ. Today it can be seen in the Etchmiadzin Museum. The inside of the temple is larger than it seems from the outside, because part of its premises is carved into the rock. The monastery and the gorge where it stands are protected by UNESCO.

How to get there: by car, bus or minibus to Garni and then by taxi to Geghard.



Where to go from Yerevan for one day

From the 7th century temple, 18 km from Yerevan, graceful arches of the first floor remain, forming a circle. However, the ruins are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

How to get there: by car, bus or minibus going to Vagharshapat. On the way, you must ask to stop near the Zvartnots Temple.

Echmiadzin Monastery

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

The main monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church is located 20 km from Yerevan. The treasury of the monastery contains the tip of the spear that pierced the heart of Jesus Christ, as well as a piece of Noah’s Ark. This important religious complex is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

How to get there: by taxi or bus going to Vagharshapat, or by a special minibus that runs to the monastery from the central station in Yerevan. You can also get there by car.

To the northwest

Amberd Castle

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Even the ruins of the thick walls and towers give an idea of ​​the rugged power of the fortress, built at an altitude of 2,300 m. It was founded in the 7th century and destroyed in 1236 by the Mongols. Now here you can see the remains of water pipes and traces of old underground passages. People come here to wander through the ruins and breathe the mountain air.

How to get there: by car or taxi you can get directly to the fortress. Buses go to the village of Antarut, and from there you can walk 13 km or take a passing car.

To the northeast

The Magic Cave of Levon Arakelyan

Something unusual happened 9 km from Yerevan in the 20th century. Having started to build an ordinary cellar, over 23 years the builder Levon Arakelyan created a large underground labyrinth with branched entrances, arches, steps and decorations. Moreover, the master did not have an architectural education, drawings or professional construction equipment. Today tourists from all over the world come to see the man-made miracle.

How to get there: by bus to Arinj or by taxi or car at 5th street, building 9, Arinj.


Where to go from Yerevan for one day

The famous ski and climatic resort is located 50 km from Yerevan at an altitude of 1,800 m above sea level. It is chosen for relaxation and recovery by professional athletes: skiers, runners and swimmers. Thanks to the special thin air, while walking around the resort, the level of hemoglobin in the blood rises sharply. You can stay here for the weekend, for example, at the Kecharis Hotel and Resort.

How to get there: by car, taxi or bus from the central station in Yerevan.

Lake Sevan

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

The second largest mountain lake in the world, part of the Sevan natural national park, is located about 70 km from Yerevan. On its shores there are various attractions, a visit to which in summer can be combined with a beach holiday. Particularly noteworthy are the Sevanavank monastery, located on the Sevan peninsula, and Noratus, the largest cemetery in Armenia with khachkars, carved stone steles depicting a cross.

How to get there: by car or taxi to the selected location on the shore. By bus from the Northern Station in Yerevan to the city of Sevan, and from there by taxi to the monastery or Noratus.


Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Staying in the resort city of Dilijan, 100 km from Yerevan, is especially useful for pulmonary patients. Unlike Jermuk, in addition to boarding houses and holiday homes, there is also entertainment here. Dilijan is considered the cultural center of Armenia; famous Armenian figures of science and art live here. Free time from procedures can be spent walking along the picturesque streets with neat houses and beautiful views of the lake, as well as visiting the Dilijan Nature Reserve. We recommend staying at the three-star Casanova Inn – Boutique Hotel.

How to get there: by taxi or car, as well as by bus or minibus from the North Station in Yerevan.


Black Fortress

Where to go from Yerevan for one day

Another name for the citadel is Sev-Berd. It was built in the mid-19th century after the end of the Russian-Turkish War and belonged to the troops of the Russian Empire. The fortress is a 360-degree circular structure made of black stone. Today, concerts, forums and other entertainment events are held here.

How to get there: by car or bus to Gyumri, and from there by taxi to the fortress.

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