What to see in Simferopol?

What to see in Simferopol?

Simferopol is the largest transport and economic center of Crimea. There is an airport here, trains arrive here and you can travel by bus from here. Tourists vacationing in Crimea often come to Simferopol just passing through. They only remember the station, the Lenin monument and a couple of local eateries. And this is a big mistake – there is a lot to see in this wonderful city.

What to see in Simferopol?

Naples Scythian

This is an archaeological reserve where you can see the ruins of an ancient Scythian city. No one knows the exact date of its construction, but it reached the peak of its glory in the second century BC. After 500 years, Scythian Naples ceased to exist. According to historians – because of the Gothic invasion.

Today you can view the remains of the fortress walls and houses, visit exhibitions, and also take excursions with a local guide. Entrance costs 70 rubles. There is also an archaeological school on the basis of the reserve. Everyone can take part in its work. Suddenly you dreamed of becoming an archaeologist?

What to see in Simferopol?

Central Museum of Taurida

The main local history museum of Simferopol. Its collection contains more than one hundred thousand exhibits that tell both the fate of the city and the history of Crimea. Here you can see interesting archaeological finds, collections of graphics, collections of coins and artifacts found in the mounds.

What to see in Simferopol?

Simferopol Art Museum

The art museum is located in the building of the former officers’ meeting, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century. Unfortunately, during the war the irretrievable losses of the collection amounted to 96%.

Today the museum’s fund includes more than 10 thousand art exhibits. How did it happen to bring the museum back to life so quickly? The fact is that famous galleries and museums provided assistance in the formation of the new collection: the Dresden Art Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery and many others.

What to see in Simferopol?

Kebir-Jami Cathedral Mosque

One of the oldest buildings in Simferopol. The exact date of its construction is still debated, but recent discoveries indicate that it was erected in 1502. During the Soviet years, a workshop operated on the territory of the mosque. Only in 1989 was it handed over to the Crimean Tatars, who began its full reconstruction.

What to see in Simferopol?

Cave Emine-Bair-Khosar

Not far from Simferopol there is a stunning cave that has retained its original features. For a long time it was difficult to access for tourists, so it is definitely worth spending time visiting it. In the cave you will see incredibly beautiful underground halls, a deep lake and bizarre natural sculptures – stalagmites.

The easiest way to get into the cave is with an excursion group. You can book an excursion at any tourist kiosk in Simferopol.

What to see in Simferopol?

Salgirka Park

This park is also called Vorontsovsky. It was founded in 1795 and is the oldest in Simferopol. Here you can not only relax, but also admire the amazing architecture of the century before last. The Pallas estate in the style of Russian classicism and the Vorontsov House have been preserved. It was built in the 1820s and became famous for the fact that it was here that the imperial family and poet Konstantin Zhukovsky stopped on the way to Yalta in 1837.

Unfortunately, the Vorontsov House has undergone a number of serious reconstructions and redevelopments. So it is no longer very similar to the place where the Russian emperor once rested.

What to see in Simferopol?

Gagarinsky Park

This impressively sized park is an ideal place if you want to take a break from the bustle of the city. Gagarinsky is located right in the city center, here you can stroll along the ponds or relax in the shade of the trees. For lovers of active recreation, rental of bicycles, roller skates, boats and catamarans is available.

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