What to see in Adygea in winter

What to see in Adygea in winter

Adygea is a republic in the south of Russia, which is famous for its pristine nature and unique landscapes. Winters here are mild, without frost, but there is an opportunity to find yourself in a real fairy tale among the snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus and frozen waterfalls.

How to get there

What to see in Adygea in winter

It is more convenient to fly to Krasnodar. The cost of a ticket from Moscow starts from 3400 rubles* round trip per person.

The main attractions of Adygea are located in the area of ​​the villages of Kamennomostsky, Khamyshki and Guzeripl, as well as the village of Dakhovskaya. There are no direct buses from Krasnodar to these settlements; you will have to change trains in Maykop. It is more convenient to rent a car – per day it will cost from 2400 rubles*.

What to visit and what to do in Adygea in winter

What to see in Adygea in winter


The main tourist center of Adygea, 170 km from Krasnodar. Locals often call the village Khadzhokh. From here it is more convenient to get to key natural attractions; some can even be reached on foot.

The village has good infrastructure, there is a large supermarket, museums, cafes and restaurants. Here is the last gas station on the way to Guzeripl.

Where to stay:

Guest house “Mountain Lavender” – from 2200 rubles* per night for two;
“Park Hadzhokh” – from 3600 rubles* per night for two;
Hotel “Barskaya Usadba” – from 4200 rubles* per night for two.

Khadzhokh Gorge

What to see in Adygea in winter

Khadzhokhskaya Gorge is a deep canyon of the Belaya River on the outskirts of Kamennomostskoye. You can walk here from the village or drive up to the entrance by car. In winter, the limestone walls of the gorge are decorated with icicles hanging in garlands, and in the evenings they turn on the lights – creating a feeling of winter magic.

There are several equipped viewing platforms with railings and fences, from where you can admire the noisy river rapids and rocks. Entrance – 500 rubles/adults*, 250 rubles/children*. Allow up to two hours for the walk.

Rufabgo Falls

What to see in Adygea in winter

They are located 2 km from the village, where there is an equipped trail with signs. In winter, you can walk to four waterfalls – Noise, Cascade, Heart and Maiden’s Braid, which freeze and turn into crystal palaces in severe frosts.

What to see in Adygea in winter

Ammonite Museum

What to see in Adygea in winter

In the summer, in the vicinity of Kamennomostsky, you can visit the Valley of Ammonites (cephalopods whose remains look like spiral-shaped shells). But in winter it is covered with snow, so an alternative is the Rock Garden ammonite museum with many exhibits. Entrance – 100 rubles*.

St. Michael Athos Trans-Kuban Hermitage

What to see in Adygea in winter

The 19th century monastery is located near Mount Fiziabgo in the village of Pobeda, 13 km from Kamennomostsky. It’s easier to get here by car. There are many temples on the territory of the monastery, admission is free. There are also excursions to the Assumption cells and catacombs – ancient man-made caves.

Thermal springs

There are many hot springs with mineral-rich water around Kamennomostsky. These are mainly equipped locations on the territory of tourist centers. It is not necessary to live in them – just pay for the entrance, from 300 rubles/hour*. To get to the most popular recreation centers (“Activation”, “Water Riviera”, “Kedrovy Bor”) you will have to go to the neighboring villages – Tsvetochny and Tulsky.

Stanitsa Dakhovskaya

The village is located near the village of Kamennomostsky in a hollow among the mountains. There are also many recreation centers and natural attractions.

Where to stay:

Hotel Tihaya Polyanka – from 2700 rubles* per night for two; 
Inn Ivan Da Marya – from 3000 rubles* per night for two;
Dahovskaya Sloboda Hotel – from 5800 rubles* per night for two.

Dakhovsky Bridge

What to see in Adygea in winter

The well-preserved arched bridge, built by exiled Cossacks in 1906, resembles a Roman viaduct. It is located next to the Dakhovskaya Sloboda tourist center.

Savranskaya Ropeway

What to see in Adygea in winter

There is a chairlift next to the Dakhovsky Bridge. Its length is 1250 m, and in 15 minutes it takes you to the top of the Una-Koz ridge. From there you can enjoy a panoramic view of the village, the valley of the Belaya River and the peaks of the Lago-Naki plateau. Cost – 600 rubles/adult*, 300 rubles/child*.

Devil’s Finger Rock

What to see in Adygea in winter

Another observation point, which offers a breathtaking view of the Lago-Naki plateau and the peaks of the Main Caucasus Range, including Thachi, Acheshboki and Oshten. You can get here in two ways – by cable car, and then on foot, or by walking from the Dakhovsky Bridge, looking into several grottoes and caves along the way.

Big Azish Cave

What to see in Adygea in winter

The Azish cave is more than two million years old. There are several equipped halls and galleries where you can admire illuminated stalactites and stalagmites of bizarre shapes and impressive sizes. Entrance with excursion – 600 rubles/adult, 300 rubles/child. After the inspection, you can take a walk next to the cave through the fabulous beech and fir forest.

Lago-Naki Plateau

What to see in Adygea in winter

Lago-Naki is the calling card of Adygea. On the plateau there are several ski trails with rope tows and ski equipment rental points. However, there are no high mountain peaks here, like in Dombay, so only beginners and vacationers with children will appreciate the slopes. In addition, here you can go tubing and sledding.


Surrounded on all sides by mountains, this village is a place of relaxation for nature lovers and active pastime against the backdrop of the quiet flow of life in a mountain village.

Where to stay:

Guest house Ochag – from 4500 rubles* per night for two;
Hotel “Dynasty” – from 3100 rubles* per night for two.

Granite Canyon

What to see in Adygea in winter

The granite gorge, through which the stormy Belaya River flows, stretches for 4 km along the road from Khamyshki to Guzeripl. Along the way there are several viewing platforms where you can park and appreciate the views, there are also several descents into the canyon itself, but in winter you need to be careful not to slip. 

Monk Mountain Lookout

Mount Monk is located at the entrance to Khamyshki, it is part of the Azish-Tau ridge. It is famous for its grottoes and caves, as well as for the portrait of an old man, which can be seen on one of its rocks. A 1 km long marked path leads to the top. The climb is steep, the elevation gain is 440 m, but the difficult path will be worth it with a panoramic view of Khamyshki and the snow-covered surroundings.


The last settlement in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains on the Belaya River.

Where to stay:

Guest House Nadezhda – from 4500 rubles* per night for two.

Caucasian Biosphere Reserve

What to see in Adygea in winter

His territory begins behind the bridge over the Belaya River. There is the Museum of the Caucasian Nature Reserve (adult ticket – 300 rubles*, children’s ticket – 100 rubles*), from which you can walk to the mysterious Adyghe dolmen, and also walk along the ecological “Leopard Trail” through the fir forest.

Partizanskaya and Yavorovaya glades

What to see in Adygea in winter

Partisanskaya glade is located 15 km from Guzeripl, Yavorovaya – 18 km. From here in the summer hikes to the peaks of Fisht and Oshten start. In winter, there are slides for tubing and sledding (from 300 rubles*), and you can also rent snowmobiles (from 2000 rubles/hour*).

*Prices valid at time of publication

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