What to do if your visa is denied while on a business trip

What to do if your visa is denied while on a business trip

Many countries are easing coronavirus entry restrictions. Therefore, now trips have become available not only for tourists, but also for many company employees. For example,  from June 1, 2022 Italy, Spain, France and Hungary opened the issuance of visas to Russians. 

However, this does not eliminate the possibility of a visa refusal. It often happens that an employee has arranged a business trip, purchased tickets, booked a hotel, and before leaving, he was denied a visa. We will tell you in our article what to do in such a situation and whether it is possible to get a refund for tickets and hotel.

Visa refusal before a business trip: how to get your money back?

In most cases, if a visa is refused, a refund for tickets and hotel accommodation is possible. However, there are a few nuances.

Refund for air tickets

There are forced and voluntary refunds of air tickets. If you are forced to return, you cannot fly for the following valid reasons:

  • illness of a passenger;
  • death of a close relative;
  • cancellation or change of flight;
  • visa refusal.

As you can see, a visa refusal is considered a force majeure, so a refund for an air ticket is possible if the passenger contacts the airline no later than 24 hours before the flight. In this case, the passenger is refunded the entire amount, except for the service fee for issuing the ticket. 

Keep in mind that recently airlines often practice issuing refunds not in money, but in the form of a certificate or voucher for future flights.

Refund of “non-refundable” air tickets

If you purchased an air ticket at a non-refundable fare, then if you voluntarily cancel the flight or if you cancel at a certain time, the cost of the fare will not be refunded in any case (for example, after departure or if you do not show up for the flight), and the refund is calculated part of the return taxes. 

However, if there is a valid reason, you can also issue an involuntary refund of a non-refundable ticket.

What documents are needed when filing a forced return

To return a ticket, you need to collect the following documents one day before departure:

  • Passport; 
  • Copy of air ticket; 
  • Application for return;
  • Official confirmation of refusal from the consulate – a copy of the stamp in the international passport and a document with a seal.

Be prepared that the carrier may also request additional documents.

Money refund for hotel accommodation

With a hotel, refunds are easier, since everything depends on the booking conditions that are set by the hotel itself. 

Many hotels return money by retaining a certain portion. For example, they take a deposit when booking and in case of refusal the deposit is not returned. 

There are also hotels that will refund you the entire amount if you cancel no later than the specified period (usually 24 hours before check-in). You can cancel your reservation on the website of the hotel or accommodation aggregator.

Alas, in the case of a non-refundable reservation, not everything is so simple. Although a visa refusal is considered a valid reason, the refund will depend on the rules of the hotel and rental aggregators, as well as their willingness to accommodate you.

You can send an email and explain your situation. There is a chance that they will help you and offer to add points in your personal account for making a reservation in the future. Or they will help you reschedule your trip while maintaining the cost. A complete refusal to return funds is also possible, since each case is individual.

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