What is incentive tourism and why is it needed?

What is incentive tourism and why is it needed?

When choosing a company, most applicants pay attention not only to salary and career prospects, but also to the atmosphere in the team, as well as the management’s ability to encourage and properly appreciate their work. Since the success of the company depends on its employees, to increase the loyalty and motivation of employees, as well as team cohesion, managers began to increasingly use various methods of reward. 

Among them are bonuses, bonuses for completed plans and gift certificates. Some of the most attractive, however, are incentive trips.

Incentive tour (incentive – encouragement, stimulation) is a group corporate trip that a company organizes for its employees as motivation or reward for work successfully done. 

Such trips can include either just a vacation with paid air tickets and a hotel, or a full program of the entire tour with various excursion routes and activities, often not related to work. 

What benefits does incentive tourism provide to employees?

It is important for every employee to feel important in their company. This significantly increases self-esteem, increases loyalty, and also encourages you to work and achieve company goals with pleasure. 

In addition, such a trip helps relieve fatigue and free yourself from stress accumulated during work. If you are allowed to take your family on a trip, it will bring even more joy and satisfaction, since all your loved ones will rest and recharge. 

It is important to remember that not everyone can afford such a vacation due to various circumstances. Therefore, such a tour can also help fulfill an old dream.

Why does an employer need incentive tourism?

As mentioned above, incentive tourism contributes to increased employee loyalty, better performance of work and, as a result, increased company income.

In addition, incentive trips can also motivate those who have not yet been sent there. Knowing that co-workers have been sent on a tour because of their merits and achievements will make employees work harder to get the same opportunity in the future.

In addition, this type of incentive will also attract potential employees, increasing the value in their eyes when choosing a company.

Types of incentive tours

Depending on the goals of the management, there are three types of incentive tours:

  • The incentive tour is held to express gratitude to employees for their achievements;
  • The motivational tour includes advanced training and activities to gain additional education and experience;
  • Team building tour involves team building activities that are aimed at building and improving relationships in the team.

How to organize an incentive tour?

In corporations, travel departments are usually involved in organizing tours. In order for the reward program to go smoothly, it is necessary to take into account many factors and think through the travel plan in detail. Some companies make do with buying air tickets and booking a hotel. Others organize all possible classes and events in advance. In this case, it is better for the management to contact the travel company and tell them about your preferences.  

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