Weekend route: Murom

Weekend route: Murom

A little more than 300 km from Moscow – and you find yourself in the distant past of our country. There are ancient monuments in the city, and unique nature outside. Autumn weekends in Murom are atmospheric walks and an opportunity to touch history.

How to get from Moscow

If you choose public transport, the fastest way to get from Moscow is by train – you will spend about four hours on the way. The price of round trip tickets is from 1400 rubles*.

How to get from St. Petersburg

The easiest way is to fly to Moscow. The cost of a round-trip air ticket is from 3,000 rubles*. Next, we recommend renting a car or taking a train trip.

The journey by car will take about five hours. Perhaps it is better to choose this option initially, since it is convenient to move around Murom and the surrounding area by car. Rent per day in Moscow – from 2900 rubles*.

Where to stay

Murom has comfortable accommodation options with good ratings in different price categories. We have selected several offers for you:

Hotel “Svyatogor” – from 1900 rubles* per night for two;
Hotel “Yesenin” – from 3500 rubles* per night for two;
Guest house “House over the River” – from 4500 rubles* per night for two.

What to do and see in Murom and the surrounding area?

Excursion to antiquity

Weekend route: Murom

You can walk along the ancient streets of Murom on your own, or you can take a tour. But it is necessary to do this in order to get acquainted with the merchant and monastic atmosphere of the city.

Price for one person – from 3200 rubles*.

Cyber ​​Museum

Weekend route: Murom

Here you will remember how it all began. Computers, calculators, radio, video and other equipment – all this was not the same as it is now. Guests leave the museum with great surprise.

Ticket price – from 400 rubles*.

Murom Kalachi

Weekend route: Murom

Kalach is a symbol of Murom, sometimes the city is called its homeland. According to reviews from tourists, delicious products can be purchased at the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery. This is a great souvenir to take with you.

Cost – from 50 rubles*.

Khrapovitsky Estate, Muromtsevo 

Weekend route: Murom

Destroyed eclecticism: built in architectural solutions unusual for Russia, the castle still looks quite impressive. The atmospheric palace and park ensemble is located among dense forests.

Entrance to the territory – from 100 rubles*.

Dyukinsky quarries

Weekend route: Murom

Sheer cliffs, tall pine trees, clean air, spacious meadows, protected unique flora and fauna. Here you can enjoy contemplating the magnificent nature or go extreme – conquer the rocks.

*Prices valid at time of publication

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