Weekend plan: Krasnodar

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

It’s good to walk around sunny Krasnodar at a measured pace. And it is in this mode, without rushing anywhere, that you can get around many iconic places over the weekend. We tell you what you should definitely visit to feel the atmosphere of the city.

Air ticket Moscow – Krasnodar – from 3,500 rubles* in both directions.
Air ticket St. Petersburg – Krasnodar – from 5,800 rubles* in both directions.

Flight from Moscow – 2 hours, from St. Petersburg – 3 hours. You can get to the city by trolleybus for about 30 rubles, by taxi – for 400, the airport is only 12 km from the city center.

Choose from a variety of accommodation options in location and style. Here are some decent deals near the city center:

  • Hotel Atlas – from 1,300 rubles* per night for two.
  • Hotel Congress Krasnodar – from 3,320 rubles* per night for two.
  • Apartments – from 5,000 rubles* per night for two.

Krasnodar Park

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

It is located near the stadium of the same name and is reminiscent of European urban spaces or Zaryadye Park in Moscow. The hilly area is divided into thematic zones. There is a summer amphitheater, a musical labyrinth, observation decks, a pond, as well as places for sports: a climbing wall, a skate park, a streetball court and others.

Kubanskaya Embankment

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

Tourists note that over the past few years it has changed beyond recognition. Previously, there was nothing remarkable about it, but now it is one of the most attractive streets of the city and a favorite place for walking for its guests and residents. There are parks, architectural monuments, picturesque alleys, and entertainment centers here.

Kissing Bridge

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

You can reach it directly from the embankment. The bridge is considered the most romantic in the city. It offers a picturesque panoramic view of the Kuban River and the coastline, especially beautiful in the evening illumination of lanterns.

Pushkinskaya Square

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

This is the most beautiful square in Krasnodar and a popular pedestrian area. There are many attractions here: the library named after. A. S. Pushkin, art museum, concert hall and others. Through the square you will exit onto Krasnaya Street, the main street in the city. On it or in the surrounding alleys there are old merchant houses, museums, monuments.

Street of Old Europe

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

Go around the Red Square shopping center and you will find yourself in Prague. More precisely – on a small street, very reminiscent of it or another old western city. Multi-colored houses, narrow balconies, paving stones, pots with live plants, tall iron lanterns – there is a real European atmosphere here.

Art Museum named after. Kovalenko 

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

Once upon a time, a simple cash register employee began collecting art objects, and then his collection grew to an exhibition of thousands, which you can see here. This is one of the oldest museums in the Caucasus, and among the most valuable works presented there are works by Aivazovsky, Surikov, Kandinsky, Shishkin, Polenov.

Entrance ticket – from 150 rubles*.

Restaurant “Stan” 

Weekend plan: Krasnodar

Touching Cossack traditions is a must on a trip to Krasnodar if you want to truly get to know it. In the restaurant you will try dishes of the Kuban Cossacks. You will also learn about its history. The interior, household items, utensils – everything here supports a special cultural atmosphere.

Average check – from 1,200 rubles*.

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