Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

Below there is already a cold, but still gentle sea and lush greenery. Above is a winter wonderland. Everywhere there are those same delicious and sweet tangerines. The low season makes the cost of travel even more pleasant. We tell you how you can spend the January weekend in Abkhazia.

How to get there

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

First you need to fly to Sochi airport. From here to the border with Abkhazia – 10 minutes by taxi.

Flights Moscow – Sochi – from 4200 rubles* round trip. Travel time – 2.5 hours.

Flights St. Petersburg – Sochi – from 6400 rubles* round trip. Travel time is three hours.

After crossing the border, there are a lot of options for how to get to the place you need: minibuses and many friendly locals ready to help you. And if you rent a car in Sochi, you can do it yourself and comfortably move between attractions. It is important to take a car with the right to cross the border.


Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

We have selected several cozy options for you in different cities:

Gagra: Amra Park-hotel & Spa – from 5000 rubles* per night for two.
New Athos: Griffon Hotel – from 1500 rubles* per night for two .
Sukhumi: boutique hotel “Garuda” – from 5200 rubles* per night for two.  &amp ;nbsp;

What to see on a winter weekend in Abkhazia?

Thermal springs, village of Kyndyg

Geyser in the open air. For lovers of relaxation, there are swimming pools. And for those who want a more intense sensation, there are springs that work on the principle of mini-waterfalls.

Entrance – from 150 rubles*.

Lake Ritsa

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

Even if you’ve already been there, it’s worth going if only to look at the road leading to the lake – it looks magical in the snow. And Ritsa, of course, will also provide an incomparable winter view.

Alpine species

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

A little further from Ritsa there is the village of Auadhara. From there, on snowmobiles you can climb to the vast plateau at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level: enjoy the cleanest air and dizzying views of the mountains.

Castle of the Prince of Oldenburg, Gagra

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

This is one of the most impressive “abandoned buildings” in Abkhazia. The castle rises above the city; inside there are fragments of luxurious parquet, cozy alcoves, huge fireplaces, arched windows and wall paintings.

Patskha “Abkhazian courtyard”, New Athos

Weekend itinerary: winter Abkhazia

A traditional Abkhazian cafe serves delicious local dishes. The decor here is authentic: wicker houses, a fireplace in the center of the hall,  Home wine. And next to it is Swan Lake.

Average check – from 700 rubles*.

*Prices valid at time of publication

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