Weekend itinerary: Pskov

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

Journey through ancient Russian lands

The sights of Pskov are included in the Russian heritage lists. Beautiful streets with ancient buildings, fortress walls, chambers of famous families and a stylized embankment – we offer a route that will not allow you to miss the most important things.

If you want to get to Pskov from Moscow, it is best to choose air travel. In 1 hour 20 minutes you will fly to the place, and in another 15 minutes you will find yourself in the center. The airport is located in close proximity to it.

Flights Moscow – Pskov and back – from 2400 rubles*.

It is more convenient to get from St. Petersburg by “Lastochka”. Travel time – 3.5 hours.

Railway tickets St. Petersburg – Pskov – from 750 rubles*.

For accommodation, we have selected several cozy options in different price categories:

Hotel “Transit” – from 1000 rubles per night for two*.

Hotel “Eden” – from 2400 rubles per night for two*.

Guest house near Pokrovka – from 6000 rubles per night for two*.

What to see and where to go in Pskov?

Pskov Kremlin

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

The inaccessibility of the walls is noticeable even now,  and together with the harmony of the architectural ensemble, it is very impressive. Be sure to appreciate it by walking around. On the territory itself you need to see the defensive towers, the Order Chambers, the Trinity Cathedral and the ruins of Dovmont’s Castle near the southern wall.

Pogankin Chambers

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

Monument of medieval Russian architecture. Narrow windows, hipped roofs, a porch with a steep staircase, a complex system of internal corridors. Now there is a rich museum here, divided into two exhibitions. You can look at dishes, church utensils, household items, paintings, jewelry, ancient icons and much more.

Entrance ticket – 100 rubles*.

Blacksmith’s yard

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

Pskov was famous for its masters of artistic iron forging, who carried out orders even for Peter I. Now intricate exhibits are displayed here right in the open air. And in the forge itself you can learn the basics of blacksmithing or watch the craftsmen at work.

Entrance ticket (to the kitchen) – 800 rubles*.

Golden Embankment

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

On the river bank there is an ensemble of hotel complexes – mansions in the architectural style of the 19th century. Walking here, you can admire the colorful facades of buildings, as well as the majestic structures of the Kremlin. The promenade will lead you to the High Tower with excellent views of the cape and the Kremlin.

Oktyabrsky Prospekt

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

One of the central streets, where almost every building is an architectural monument. For example, here is the Zemsky Bank and various apartment buildings – Geldat, Kerber, Potashev and others. The buildings were erected at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries, so a walk here will also take you back in time.

Menshikov Chambers

Weekend itinerary: Pskov

They are located on one of the oldest streets and look very elegant compared to other centuries-old buildings. Previously, this was a family nest  the richest merchant of the Pskov lands. Now inside the buildings there is an art gallery of contemporary artists and souvenir shops – stop by to buy gifts.


Weekend itinerary: Pskov

It is located half an hour from the city, but you definitely need to set aside time for it. Here, above the untouched expanses of nature, rise the dilapidated stone walls of the famous medieval fortress. At the same time, you can visit the Slovenian Springs – 12 springs, the water of which is considered miraculous. And they flow into the picturesque Gorodishchenskoye Lake.

Taxi to Izborsk – from 500 rubles*.

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