We issue a bank card abroad

We issue a bank card abroad

Together with Banki.ru we’ll figure out how to apply for Visa or Mastercard cards in popular countries: how much it costs and what documents will be needed. Please note that due to high demand, card issuance times may be extended. Data current at time of publication.

Important: In order not to violate Russian legislation, you must report opening an account abroad to the tax authorities within a month. Violation of deadlines will result in a fine of 1 500 rubles, for failure to provide information – a fine of 4 000 to 5 000 rubles.


We issue a bank card abroad

Comparing to other countries, making a map in Belarus is not difficult. Some banks even issue them using an internal Russian passport. Please keep in mind that multi-currency cards are not available to non-residents in Belarus, so you must issue a separate card for each currency. Opening an additional account will cost 100-150 Belarusian rubles (2 300 – 3 500 rubles).

What you will need: local SIM card, Russian or international passport.

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We issue a bank card abroad

Since the beginning of summer, some Kazakh banks have tightened the conditions for issuing cards to non-residents and began to require a residence permit or an employment contract. Now three banks continue to open accounts for Russians without additional documents.


The card issuance is free, service from the second year will cost 1 995 tenge (or 260 rubles). The production time for cards reaches 30 days. This bank does not have foreign currency accounts, but cards can be used to pay for foreign services.

Freedom Finance Bank

Maintenance and card issuance are free, production takes about 10 days. The only bank where you can open a multi-currency account.


Maintenance of the card will cost 5 000 tenge (or 640 rubles) per year, if spending exceeds 65 thousand rubles per month, it will be free. Opening an account takes 2 days.

What you will need: Most banks require a foreign passport, a local TIN (can be obtained in person or by proxy at the Public Service Centers) and an extract from a Russian bank for the last six months. You will also need a local SIM card and registration of a mobile phone in Kazakhstan.

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We issue a bank card abroad

Armenia remains one of the most popular destinations for issuing cards abroad. However, in recent months, the conditions for opening accounts in local banks have become significantly stricter for foreigners.


Now this is the only bank in the country where Russians can open an account using a foreign passport without providing documents confirming a long stay in Armenia. Unibank has the highest tariffs. Issuing a multi-currency card every day costs 230 000 drams (about 32 000 rubles): 100 000 drams for issuing the card and 130 000 drams as an additional payment for urgency.

Card maintenance costs from 100 000 to 300 000 drams per year (14,000 – 42,000 rubles). This amount is paid on the day the account is opened.


In this bank, issuing a card will cost much less, but Russians will have to provide more documents. In addition to the international passport, you must attach a notarized translation of the document into Armenian and a certificate of short-term stay in Armenia. It can be obtained at the hotel; the document must indicate the applicant’s passport details and dates of stay.

Opening an account will cost 5 000 Armenian drams (approximately 700 rubles), the cost of annual maintenance is 20 000 drams (3 000 rubles).


To apply for a card, applicants must present a foreign passport, an employment contract (of any country) or a 2-NDFL certificate for the previous year.

Issue of a card costs 25 000 drams (3 500 rubles), if you wish, you can pay an additional 3 000 drams (420 rubles) for urgency. Annual maintenance will cost 4 000 drams (570 rubles).

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We issue a bank card abroad

Compared to Armenia, issuing a card in Uzbekistan will be cheaper. Banks Kapital, Ipak Yo’li, NBU and Ravnaq continue to work with non-residents. The cost of registration varies from 25 000 to 2 000 000 sum (180 – 11 000 rubles) – the tariff depends on the category of service and additional expenses.

What you will need: passport and registration, which can be done at the hotel.

Other banks have complicated the procedure for obtaining a card for Russians. For example, you can open an account with Kapitalbank only if you stay in Uzbekistan for more than 15 days. Some organizations require a local SIM card and a Personal Identification Number for an individual (PINFL), which is issued by the migration service.

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*Prices valid at time of publication.

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