Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

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We’ve sorted out the formalities, now we’ll tell you where you can go with a discount – and let’s start with the capital. Catch a list of interesting hotels where you can now book a room at a very good price.

Where to stay in Moscow

  • Three-star hotel “Gamma Izmailovo” (rating 9.7)
  • Five-star hotel “Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya” (score 9.9)
  • Five-star hotel “Marriott Imperial Plaza Moscow” (rating 9.3)
  • Four-star hotel “Delta Izmailovo” (score 9.9)
  • Four-star hotel “Brosko Hotel Arbat” (score 9.5)
  • Five-star hotel “Movenpick Moscow Taganskaya” (score 10)
  • Three-star hotel “Ibis Moscow Domodedovo Airport” (score 9.5)
  • Four-star hotel “Vega Izmailovo” (score 10)
  • Four-star hotel “Palmira Business Club” (score 10)

Where to stay in the Moscow region

  • Four-star hotel Palmira Garden Hotel & Spa (score 10)
  • Four-star hotel Tulip Inn Sofrino Park Hotel (score 9.9)
  • Park Hotel “Cherry Orchard” (rating 8.9)

Atypical guide to Moscow

And to make the trip memorable for a long time, we have compiled a selection of unusual locations of the capital and ideas for leisure. Read about experimental museums, cool parks and quests and choose what to do.

Go to the theater

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Moscow has a huge number of places for cultural leisure. It is very difficult to compile the top theaters, they are so different. Much depends on your preferences, but we know for sure: whenever you come to the capital, you will definitely find a performance to your taste.

If you love the classics, go to the must-have of any theatergoer, the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov – in February you can watch “The Forest”, “The Seagull” or “The Master and Margarita” there. 

For unusual productions, go to the Praktika Theater: here modern plays are staged on a small stage. For example, in February there will be “The Field” based on the texts of Chingiz Aitmatov and “Chapaev and Emptiness” based on the novel of the same name by Victor Pelevin. 

Another must-see place is the Theater of Nations, where very large-scale and spectacular performances are staged under the artistic direction of Evgeny Mironov. In February, you can watch an interesting reading of Ostrovsky’s “The Thunderstorm”, “Uncle Vanya” with a star cast, or the stunning “Pushkin’s Fairy Tales”, which has earned the love of the audience.

Take a walk in the park

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Everyone has heard about the most popular parks like VDNH or Zaryadye – and we invite you to go to lesser-known, but also very cool locations. For example, in Sokolniki Park you can skate on the excellent ice skating rink on the main square, visit interesting exhibitions and master classes (check the schedule) or just stroll along the beautiful paths and grab a delicious takeaway coffee in one of the cafes. 

In the garden named after. Bauman also operates a skating rink, albeit smaller than in other Moscow parks. But it is located near the city center and boasts an excellent exhibition space (find the exhibition schedule here) and a good food court. 

And if you want more natural beauty, go to Izmailovsky Park – there you can feed the squirrels and ride horses. There are many options for interesting leisure activities.

Have fun at the amusement park

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

The capital boasts several interesting amusement parks. The largest and most popular, of course, is “Dream Island,” which has been operating for only a couple of years, but has already gained fame as the local Disneyland. The main thing is that this park is indoor: it will be comfortable here in any weather. Dozens of attractions in several themed areas will appeal to both children (even the smallest ones will find entertainment) and adults. In addition to the park itself, the complex has many shops and cafes – in general, set aside a whole day for a visit.

For those who are not afraid of cold weather, the Skazka park in Krylatskoye is suitable: there is a skating rink (where would we be without it in winter), and dozens of attractions, and theme parks with alpacas and huskies, and even mini- zoo. There are enough closed locations and cafes on the territory, so there will be somewhere to warm up.

If you are traveling to Moscow with children, look where the Zamania parks are located not far from the chosen hotel – children can run around, jump on trampolines and ride down slides, while adults can relax in a cafe – or Kidzania – an amazing space where children can try yourself as a fireman, veterinarian or professional racer.

Go to an unusual museum

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

There are many museums in Moscow – hundreds, or even thousands, from huge and well-known to tiny private ones. If you want something interesting and unusual, you can easily find it too. For example, go for a unique experience at the Sensorium, conveniently located on Arbat: for an hour you will explore the surrounding space in complete darkness. During this time you can visit a standard apartment, a grocery store and even a Spanish courtyard. And don’t be afraid, you won’t be left alone and won’t get lost: one of the blind guides will accompany you all the time.

There is a museum on Sokol that will appeal to anyone who likes to touch exhibits and is interested in science. People often come to the Experimentarium with children, but adults will also be interested in taking part in various experiments and experiments and visually seeing the laws of physics in action.

Several unusual spaces are concentrated in VDNH Park. For example, not long ago the Cinema Museum opened here: you can look at old posters, see costumes and personal belongings of Russian actors and directors, and Sergei Eisenstein’s office with his drawings and manuscripts was also recreated. In three cinema halls at the museum they show Soviet cinema, often from film – the impressions are very different from today’s cinemas. Also at VDNKh it is worth checking out the Model of Moscow Museum, the Museum of Cosmonautics and the Robostation.

Go on a quest

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Love unusual entertainment? Try playing one of the quests, of which there are many in Moscow. Escape from a locked room, solve difficult puzzles or run from zombies – choose to suit your taste.

Look for some of the best quest rooms in “Claustrophobia”: there are dozens of locations around the city, choose the scenario you like or the point closest to your hotel – and go. There are even quests with actors who will scare you or, conversely, help you live through the plot.

If you prefer large spaces rather than closed rooms, go to the Moscow 2048 space: this is 1,500 square meters of scenery for the post-apocalyptic capital. The action can hardly be called just a quest; rather, it is a theatrical performance in which you will be the main characters.

And there are also anti-quests. For example, “Hide and Seek in the Dark”: the task of the participants is not to look for a way out of the room, but to hide in a huge labyrinth so that they will not be found. It’s not that simple: firstly, the room is dark, and secondly, various traps are working against you, which can reveal your cover.

View the city from a height

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Moscow is so huge that you won’t be able to take in all of it even from the highest observation deck – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit them. The views of the capital are stunning. Start from one of the classic points of the city on the seven hills, the site on Vorobyovy Gory. From there, admire the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, the Luzhniki sports arena and the high-rise buildings of the Moscow City complex. After the inspection, you can take the cable car down to the other side of the river and take a walk in the park.

If you are not afraid of dizzying heights, go to the Oko Tower in Moscow City. There on the roof there is a platform “Only Love is Higher” – by the way, the highest in Europe. From there it is a record 360 meters to the ground. Admission is paid, an adult ticket costs 1,800 rubles, a child’s ticket costs 1,000. There are other observation points in the high-rise buildings, for example, “Panorama360” on the 89th floor of the Federation Tower.

A magnificent view of the city center opens from the balconies of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior. You can get there as part of an excursion or by purchasing tickets separately (350 rubles). The height is not so great, but the Kremlin, Garden Ring and boulevards are clearly visible.

Look at the flora and fauna

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Moscow is a rather green city. In addition to numerous parks, there are also beautiful gardens where you can admire trees and flowers. Yes, even in winter. For example, in the Aptekarsky Garden – this is the oldest botanical garden in Russia, founded by Peter I – there are indoor greenhouses. This is a great way to experience the jungle: go see palm trees, succulents and tropical plants. Entrance to the garden is paid, an adult ticket costs 400 rubles.

There is a large Moscow Zoo in the center of the city – now two areas are open here, but some of the animals sleep in winter. You can always see the inhabitants of the indoor exhibitions – the bird house, elephant barn, terrarium, pavilions with butterflies, reptiles and insects. Adults will have to pay 1,000 rubles for a ticket; children under 17 years of age and full-time university students are admitted free of charge. Please note that the zoo is open until 17:00, but entry is only allowed until 16:00.

If you are more interested in observing sea inhabitants, go to Moscow’s largest oceanarium, “Moskvarium” at VDNKh: here you can look at fish, jellyfish, capybaras, dolphins and killer whales, and even catch one of the wonderful shows. An adult entrance ticket costs 1,100 rubles on weekdays and 1,300 rubles on weekends; children’s tickets are cheaper. It’s more convenient to buy on the website so as not to stand in a long line – the place is very popular.

Go back in time for a moment

Unusual Moscow: catching discounts and going to see the capital

Moscow celebrated its 875th birthday last year, and there are quite a few corners of the city where you can briefly step back into centuries past. For example, go to one of the most beautiful city estates, Kuskovo: once the summer residence of Count Sheremetyev was located here. Today here you can walk through a beautiful old English-style park, take a tour of a small palace and look at one of the exhibitions held in the greenhouse and other premises (see the current schedule on the website). Entrance ticket to the park costs 50 rubles.

Another beautiful historical place in the capital is Kolomenskoye Park. On the banks of the Moscow River there is a beautiful Church of the Ascension of the Lord, built in the first half of the 16th century, an ancient gate and adjacent chambers, which today house a museum. And in 2010, in the part of the park located closer to the Kashirskaya metro station, the wooden palace of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich was restored. And although this is a remake, the building was recreated according to old drawings and looks very authentic both inside and out. Entrance to the park is free, an adult ticket to the palace costs 600 rubles.

If you like more intimate parks and miniature palaces, go to the Lyublino estate. It is more convenient to go to the estate from the Volzhskaya metro station. On the high bank of a picturesque pond stands an ensemble of buildings from the late 18th and early 19th centuries. You can go into the palace itself and some of the buildings – exhibitions and master classes are held inside. The entrance ticket costs 200 rubles, on some days you can get in for free (check on the website). Or take a walk in the park, it is also very nice. And if you have time, check out the neighboring Kuzminki estate, which can be reached on foot through a developed forest park.

*Tripcoins are bonuses that are awarded for booking. 1 tripcoin = 1 ruble.

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