Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

The Lycian Way is a picturesque trekking route 540 kilometers long, stretching along the Mediterranean coast. The path runs along bays, bays and mountain rivers. Along the way, you can pick oranges from the trees, taste fragrant gozleme flatbreads from grandmothers in the villages, and take unforgettable photos against the backdrop of the ruins of Lycia. November is also considered the best time to hike the trail: the sweltering heat is subsiding, and the peak of the tourist season has already passed.

We talked about what to take with you on a hike here, and in this article we will give a detailed route for a ten-day hike. The entire path is well marked, but don’t forget to download offline maps so you don’t get lost.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

How to get there

Of the major cities, Dalaman Airport is closest to the start of the trail. You can fly from Moscow with a transfer in Istanbul. To enter, Russians only need a foreign passport; without a visa, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days in six months (continuously – 60 days, but you can always cross the nearest border and return again). PCR tests and vaccination certificates will not be needed. 

From Dalaman we recommend going straight to Fethiye, the village closest to the start of the route. There are buses from Dalaman Airport to the bus station in Fethiye, the ride takes about an hour. Payment in cash on the spot, fare – 60 Turkish lira.

You can also start your trip from Antalya – there are direct flights from many Russian cities all year round. From the airport to the center there are comfortable trams arriving at the station every 10-20 minutes daily from 07 to 23 hours. You will need a transport card (5 liras), the fare will be 3-4 liras. Travel time to the center will take 30 minutes. From Antalya you can get to the trailhead in Fethiye by regular buses that run from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. every 1-2 hours. The drive takes about four hours, the fare will cost 150 liras.

Where to stay

To prepare for the hike, stay a couple of days in Fethiye: buy the necessary products, pack your backpack and get ready for the long journey. Here is a selection of hotels with a rating above 9.0 for a comfortable stay:

Hotel Uniqu–Boutique Class–Adults Only (rating 9.5 out of 10) – from 5,400 rubles* per night for a double room.

Yacht Boheme Hotel-Boutique Class–Adults Only (rating 9.7 out of 10) – from 6,300 rubles* per night in a double room.

Yacht Classic Hotel – Boutique Class (rating 9.4 out of 10) – from 7,700 rubles* per night in a double room.

In Antalya, get to know the city’s architecture, stroll along the promenade and enjoy Mediterranean cuisine in one of the cafes. It will be most convenient to stay for a few days in the old district of the city – Kaleici. We chose several suitable options:

Kervan Hotel (rating 9.7 out of 10) – from 3,000 rubles* per night in a double room.

Route Hotel Kaleici — Adult Only (12+) (rating 9.3 out of 10) – from 5,300 rubles* per day for a double room.

The Suit Apart Hotel & Rooms (rating 9.4 out of 10) – from 7,100 rubles* per night in a double room.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Day 1

Oludeniz – Kirme, 8 kilometers

The trail starts in the village of Oludeniz, which can be reached from Fethiye by minibus. Don’t forget to take a photo at the Likya Way arch; this has long become a tradition for travelers from all over the world. On the first day you will have to climb to the top of Mount Baba-Dag (1989 m). It’s worth it – it offers views of a turquoise lagoon, a chain of islands and a light strip of sandy beach in the shape of a crescent. Sometimes paragliders circle over the sea, which adds to the charm of this quiet place. After the observation point, you need to walk a few kilometers to the spring and stop for the night near the village of Kirme. In the morning, you can replenish your supplies of snacks and drink a glass of freshly squeezed juice.

Day 2 

Valley of Butterflies – Aktash camping, 12 kilometers

On this day you will find a descent to the sea with light elements of rock climbing. On the edge of the gorge there is the village of Faralya, where you can leave heavy backpacks and, leaning on suspended ropes, go down the rocks into the valley. If extreme sports (even mild ones) are not your thing, stay in the cafe. There you can charge your devices and drink a cup or two of coffee. But if you still decide, we advise you to stay on the coast longer. Walk to the waterfalls to watch the butterflies for which the valley is named, and swim in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. After resting, pick up your backpacks and go to the parking area – Aktash camping. There you can take a shower and spend the night in a house.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Day 3 

Kabak village – Paradise beach, 12 kilometers

This is followed by a descent to the village of Kabak. You will probably want to stay here longer, but you need to continue on your way. Ahead is the beach, which the locals modestly call Paradise. There you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets on the route. But be sure to stock up on drinking water in advance – there are problems with it in paradise.

Day 4 


Paradise Beach is a cozy bay where it will be pleasant to stop to enjoy a long-awaited vacation. You can do anything: read books, play cards, do a speed swim, cook delicious food over a fire, sunbathe, doze in the shade of trees. And if you want to mark the path traveled a little, there are several cafes in the campsite near the beach.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Day 5 

Paradise Beach – ancient olive grove, 8 kilometers

Strategically important day. We need to go up from the coast to the village of Bogazici and replenish our depleted food supplies. This is followed by a short transition to the garden on the terraces, where it will be convenient to stay overnight. The program includes a picturesque olive grove, fresh air and stars lighting up in the sky.

Day 6

Tombs of Sidim – Gavuragili beach, 14 kilometers

On the sixth day of the journey you will get acquainted with the historical monuments of Lycia. Be sure to take a few photos as a souvenir at the tombs of the ancient city of Sidima. Rectangular crypts with triangular tombstones are made of solid stone and look very cinematic. After the photo shoot, you have to make a push and climb a small pass. As a reward – a descent to the sea and a date with the sunset.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Day 7

Potara Beach – Ruins of Xanth – Kas city, 65 kilometers

Transition to one of the longest beaches in Turkey. On the descent you will be able to explore the ancient fortress of Pidnai and from a small peak admire the many kilometers of sandy shore. It’s great to feel like a child by the water again and frolic among the rolling waves.

Afterwards, catch a minibus and go to the huge ancient complex of Xanthus. Explore the amphitheater, mosaics and colonnades, and wander among the ruins of a once powerful city. Next, we recommend taking a bus directly to Kas, otherwise you will have to walk along a busy road or make your way through the mountains. The resort town has a large selection of trendy cafes where you can have a great dinner. You can spend the night in a guest house or pitch a tent right in the central square of the city. It’s better to stock up on water here, as there will be little of it further along the route.

Day 8

Crossing volcanic beaches, 14 kilometers

A day when you will have a lot of swimming and sunbathing. The route passes through several beaches with volcanic black sand. At each of them you can stop and take a swim. And stay overnight in the bay that you will like the most.

Türkiye: Western Lycian Way Route

Day 9 

Lycian city of Apollonia – Uchagyz village, 12 kilometers

The goal for the ninth day is the ancient ruins of the Byzantine church and the tomb of Apollonius. Walk among the ruins of the acropolis, baths, amphitheater and basilica – touch a historical relic over 1000 years old. This is followed by a descent to the sea and a boat ride to the village of Uchagyz, where the last fire awaits you and an overnight stay by the sea.

Day 10

Moving to Antalya

If you leave around 9 am, you can already be in Antalya by lunchtime. Thank yourself for the journey you’ve come: visit a restaurant, enjoy national cuisine and drink a cup of real Turkish coffee prepared on sand. 

*Prices are current at the time of publication.

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