Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

Kamchatka is one of the most remote corners of our country, there is incredible beauty of nature, a real ocean, active volcanoes and wild animals. But many people put off traveling here, thinking that the peninsula lacks infrastructure, the flight is too expensive, there are not enough accommodation options, and it is difficult to organize excursions. In fact, everything is completely different, and today we will tell you when is the best time to fly to the peninsula and why this unforgettable trip should not be postponed.

When to fly

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

Buying tickets in advance can save you a lot, so now is the time to plan your dream trip for next year. The most profitable time to fly to Kamchatka is in the fall. The main tourist season here is July-August, but from mid-September there are fewer travelers. And if you buy tickets now, they will cost approximately the same for both July and September (23,000 in both directions). But housing prices in the fall are much more attractive; as a rule, with a decrease in tourist flow, they decrease by 30-40%.

How to move around the peninsula

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

The main public transport in Kamchatka is buses. It is easy to get from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to the most popular attractions, paying no more than 100 rubles. For long distances, traveling by bus will cost more, and you can save money by hitchhiking. But the most remote corners of the peninsula – the valley of geysers, Kuril Lake, the calderas of the Uzon and Ksudach volcanoes – can only be reached by helicopter. The cost of a four-hour excursion starts at 28,000 rubles per person, but it’s worth it.

Organized tours are often built on the principle of hiking, and the type of transport for transportation depends on the topic of the excursion. These can be motorcycles, ATVs and bigfoot jeeps, yachts and boats, sailing catamarans, etc.

You can get acquainted with the local beauty by staying at a hotel and renting a car. Be prepared for the fact that rent will be a significant expense. There is an additional fee for driving on a gravel road, and all the volcanoes and beaches are located far from the city, and the drive there will have to be bumpy. So, if you pay 2,000-3,000 rubles per day to rent the car itself, then for the trip to the farthest point – Mutnovskaya GeoPP – you will pay an additional 10,000 rubles.

Five places that are definitely worth seeing in Kamchatka

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

Mutnovskaya GeoPP and mini-valley of geysers(on the map). One of the most distant, but very beautiful sights: clouds of steam gushing straight from the ground, bright slopes of the valley and a panorama of volcanoes on the horizon.

Khalaktyrsky beach (on the map). This is the closest beach to the city, long, empty, with incredibly beautiful black sand and, as is customary in Kamchatka, panoramic views of volcanoes.

Three Brothers Rocks (on the map). An amazing rock complex at the entrance to Avacha Bay. It consists of three stone pillars of different heights that protrude from the water. According to legend, the three brothers who saved the city from the tsunami were turned into stones by the angry lord of the sea. So they stand at the entrance to the bay. 

Steller rookery(on the map). Right within the city there is a place that sea lions – sea lions – have chosen to rest. So if you didn’t manage to see them on Khalaktyrsky beach, then they are definitely always there.

Vilyuchinskaya Sopka (on the map). One of the most picturesque hills is just on the way to the Mutnovskaya GeoPP. You can watch and take pictures from afar, or you can go hiking to the top.

What dishes to try

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

One of the attractions of Kamchatka is seafood. Red caviar, red fish and crab meat form the basis of a tourist’s diet and take up most of the suitcase on the way home. Local residents recommend washing down salty delicacies with sweet tea, they say it tastes better. Well, for those who love meat, every restaurant in Kamchatka has venison dishes – exotic for tourists, but quite traditional for the locals.

Wild animals

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

About 20,000 bears live in the forests and reserves of Kamchatka. Many sources write that they are not at all dangerous, they feed exclusively on fish and berries, and are not at all interested in people. There may be some truth to this, but you always need to be on guard with wild animals, so be sure to take a loud stadium pipe and special pepper spray with you on your hike. If you are staying at a hotel outside the city, you may be given this equipment for the duration of your hike. Under no circumstances should you approach bears or attract their attention. On the contrary, you should try to remain unnoticed. But along the way you will probably meet other, much more harmless animals, for example, foxes and hares, which are not at all afraid of people and are in no hurry to leave the road even when they encounter a car.

In the ocean you will see sea animals frolicking in the waves: agile seals swim closer to the shore, and a little further away – large sea lions. It is in the fall that marine animals begin their migration, so they are more often seen. Whales and killer whales also pass near the peninsula, so in September, while tourist boat trips are still in season, it’s worth going to open waters and watching these majestic creatures.

Active recreation in Kamchatka

Travel to Kamchatka: when to plan, what to do and what to see

A trip to Kamchatka is the best choice for fans of active recreation. Here it is especially diverse.

As a rule, water sports are associated with the warm ocean, but in Kamchatka you can try your hand at surfing. True, this will require a good wetsuit, a board and dexterity, but even if you don’t have any of this, there is a school on the beach where they will help you and provide you with everything you need, including an instructor. You shouldn’t be afraid that the water is cold: good equipment will prevent you from freezing, and the emotions from the ocean and fur seals swimming very nearby will more than outweigh all your fears. Surfing in Kamchatka is practiced all year round, although in cold weather this entertainment becomes quite extreme.

Some mountain peaks are covered with snow all year round, so the ski season does not stop here.

Of course, you can’t come to Kamchatka without climbing to the top of the volcano. Such tours can take several days, during which travelers will pass through scenic trails and spend the night in tents. Or, conversely, go down the river in kayaks or inflatable boats, stopping along the way for fishing.

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