Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

May is a great time for travel. In most countries it is already warm, and in some places even summer heat, and the beach season is open, but there are relatively few tourists. If you plan your vacation wisely – for example, take a couple of days before the first May holidays, in the middle or after, in order to return on May 11 or 13, when ticket prices are lower – you will be able to relax for almost two weeks. Where to relax?

We have selected ten international destinations for you that you can travel to in just a week.

Turkey, Istanbul

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: the most profitable way to fly to Istanbul via Sochi is by Aeroflot; a ticket from Moscow and back will cost 40,000 rubles.

Entry rules: you must provide a PCR test done a maximum of 72 hours before arrival (or an express test 48 hours before) or a certificate of vaccination with Sputnik V. If you have been ill, a certificate confirming the presence of antibodies is sufficient.

Anyone who misses the warmth should come to Istanbul: in May it’s almost summer here. The daytime temperature is predicted to be around +18 °C, and there is a minimum of rain in the forecast. Walking in this weather is a pleasure. However, keep in mind that this month is one of the most popular among tourists, which means you are unlikely to be able to take beautiful photos on deserted streets or avoid queues. In the Sultanahmet areas and on the popular Istiklal Street, life is in full swing from morning to evening, and the already opened summer verandas are full of visitors in the evenings. But many attractions are slowly switching to summer operating hours, that is, they close later. You can also take a ferry ride on the Bosphorus and not get frozen in the wind.

Egypt, Cairo

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: Aeroflot flies from Moscow to Cairo (also with a transfer in Sochi), a round-trip ticket costs from 37,000 rubles.

Entry rules: tourists vaccinated with Sputnik V do not need a PCR test (required for those who are not vaccinated, it must be done no more than 72 hours before departure (an express test is also suitable).

This is where summer is already coming. The beginning of May is actually the last chance in the next six months to get to Giza and its famous pyramids in the suburbs of Cairo and not get burned in the scorching sun, although the temperature is unlikely to drop below +30 °C. It is best to go early in the morning to look at the pyramids and the Sphinx in the morning haze – or, on the contrary, postpone your visit until the evening to catch the light and sound show (starts at 20:30 and lasts an hour). If you are still not ready to walk in the heat, plan a visit to the famous Egyptian Museum – you can easily spend several days here, because you will have to explore more than 100 halls and 150,000 exhibits.

Armenia, Yerevan

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: direct flight from Moscow, ticket costs from 28,000 rubles.

Entry rules: you must present a negative PCR test or a vaccination certificate (including with the Sputnik V drug).

This friendly and hospitable city happily welcomes tourists from Russia. At the beginning of May there is full summer here, +25 °C and sun, so you can appreciate the entire rich excursion program: walk around the Erebuni fortress, climb the monumental “Cascade”, admire the singing fountains on Republic Square and get lost in the streets of the center. Armenia also has amazing national cuisine: be sure to check it out. Look for the best places on the “restaurant” streets: Saryan and Tamanyan.

Georgia, Tbilisi

How to get there: a ticket from Moscow to Tbilisi and back with a transfer in Yerevan will cost about 45,000 rubles.

Entry rules: Travelers need a negative PCR test (72 hours in advance) or a vaccination certificate (Sputnik V is accepted). You must also fill out a special form upon entry.

At the beginning of May, the weather in the capital of Georgia is changeable – it can still be cool, but in general during the day you can count on a solid +20 °C. The city is very beautiful, especially in the numerous parks and squares – be sure to take a walk in the park on top of Mount Mtatsminda, and at the same time see the main attraction of the city, the Narikalu fortress. In case of rains – and they are also possible – add several activities under the roof to your excursion program. For example, a visit to the famous sulfur baths in the Abanotubani area.

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: a ticket from Moscow and back costs from 32,000 rubles on Aeroflot flights with a transfer to Sochi.

Entry rules: travelers need a negative PCR test (72 hours before) or a vaccination certificate (including with Sputnik V).

Uzbekistan is not the first destination that comes to mind when planning a new trip. But in vain! There is a lot to see in Tashkent, and it’s also relatively inexpensive, and in May the weather is still suitable for walking (it gets really hot in the summer). Today the capital is a modern and actively growing city with mosques, temple complexes and parks. To feel the spirit of Central Asia, take a walk through the old quarters, which are called mahallas here. These are narrow streets with adobe houses in which people still live today. Stop by the oriental Chorsu bazaar for an oriental flavor, and then admire the city from the observation deck on the Tashkent TV tower.

Kyrgyzstan, Bishkek

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: There are direct flights from Moscow to Bishkek, the journey takes only 4 hours, the cost of a round-trip ticket starts from 20,000 rubles.

Entry rules: travelers need a negative PCR test (72 hours before) or a vaccination certificate (including with Sputnik V).

In May it is not too hot in Bishkek, about +20 °C, which means we will again advise you to walk as much as possible. Start your tour from the heart of the city, Ala-Too Square, and the State Historical Museum – one of the largest exhibitions in Central Asia is collected here. Check out the open-air Sculpture Museum in Dubovoy Park, then stroll along Chui Avenue and stop by the famous Osh Bazaar for souvenirs. Local spices, dried fruits or bright dishes are perfect.

UAE, Dubai

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: you can fly from Moscow to Dubai for 47,000 rubles.

Entry rules: you need a vaccination certificate (including with Sputnik V) or a PCR test (48 hours in advance), made in one of the accredited laboratories. Upon arrival, you will be asked to take a second free test. Before traveling, you must also print and fill out a health declaration form and a form confirming that you will download the COVID-19 DXB app.

The beach season is in full swing in Dubai: in fact, after May it will already be too hot to even swim, and you hardly want to be outside. Now the water is almost equal in temperature to the air, get ready for +30 °C (sunscreen is a must!). You can relax on one of the many beaches: the fashionable Jumeirah Beach Residence, the luxurious Nasimi Beach or the “Russian” Jumeirah Open Beach. It’s better to swim and sunbathe in the morning, and during the day – explore numerous malls and amusement parks; fortunately, organizing leisure time here is easier than ever: visit the world’s largest aquarium in The Dubai Mall or the cool themed Bollywood Parks.

Israel, Tel Aviv

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: from Moscow with a transfer in Chisinau, ticket from 46,000 rubles.

Entry rules: tourists from Russia must fill out an electronic declaration 48 hours before arrival, take a PCR test (72 hours before) or an antigen test test (one day before departure). In addition, upon arrival you will need to take another PCR test and remain in isolation until you receive a negative result (within one day).

In May, it is already a bit hot in Israel, but it is still quite comfortable: the temperature in Tel Aviv is around +26 °C. The sea is invigorating, at the beginning of the month about +20 °C – for some this is a reason to open the swimming season. However, for some people it may still be more pleasant to sunbathe and walk along the embankment. By the way, the multi-kilometer strip of Tel Aviv city beaches, Taelet, is considered one of the most picturesque in the world. The promenade can start at Jaffa Port and end at the Old Port. Along the way, have lunch at one of the restaurants: there is always fresh fish, and the rich flavors and nuances of Israeli cuisine are definitely worth trying.

Sri Lanka, Colombo

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: Aeroflot has direct flights from Moscow, the price of a round-trip ticket is about 46,000 rubles.

Entry rules: Vaccinated tourists need a certificate in English. Unvaccinated tourists need a negative PCR test (72 hours before departure) and People’s Insurance PLC insurance (price $12), which can be ordered in advance or purchased at the airport upon arrival. All travelers require health insurance to cover coronavirus treatment and an ETA ($35).

Sri Lanka is often seen as a beach holiday destination, but the island’s capital, with its jazz clubs, rooftop bars and world-famous restaurants, is definitely worth a look. There are also historical sights (check out the Fort area with the old lighthouse), and religious buildings (climb the white 20-meter Sambodhi Chaitya stupa), and museums (the most interesting is the Marine Museum). Well, if you really want to swim, you can do that too – however, the beaches in Colombo do not look like the pictures from advertising brochures, the city is still a port, but the resort located 12 km from the city – Mount Lavinia – is quite comfortable.

Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan

Travel abroad in May: 10 great options

How to get there: direct flights fly to the capital of Kazakhstan from Moscow, a round-trip ticket costs from 18,000 rubles.

Entry rules: you must provide a negative PCR test for coronavirus, done no earlier than 72 hours before arrival.

At the beginning of May it is relatively cool here, the average daytime temperature is around +15 °C: take this into account when planning your walks. Nur-Sultan today is actually a city of the future with wide avenues, multi-story entertainment centers and large exhibition venues. We recommend starting your acquaintance with the capital of Kazakhstan by viewing it from above: climb into the golden ball at the Baiterek monument, take a few spectacular shots and plan your route. Look for the main historical attractions on the left bank of the Ishin River: here are the Baiterek Tower, the Nur-Astana Mosque, Round Square, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, the Khazret Sultan Mosque, Khan Shatyr and other interesting places.

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