Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Long connections between flights have become commonplace, especially when traveling around Europe. Sometimes you have to wait from seven hours to a day or even more. How to turn a minus into a plus? Organize another mini-trip.

We have made an express guide for those who have only a few hours to visit the capital of Hungary. We left famous sights to Internet search engines and talked about the places that locals, tourists and even Hollywood stars loved most. All locations are located a maximum of 40 minutes on foot from Deák Ferenc Square – this is the very center of the city.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

How to get to the center

The most convenient and easiest way is by bus, which gets to the center in 35-60 minutes. Right at the airport we take the regular 100E (it runs daily every 7-10 minutes, and from 01:00 to 03:00 the interval increases to 30-40 minutes) and disembark at the square, bus stop and Deák Ferenc metro station of the same name.

The bus also stops near the Kálvin tér and Astoria metro stations. The ticket price is only 1,500 Hungarian forints (about 318 rubles at the time of writing).

Important: the ticket must be purchased in advance, not from the driver. Near the stops there are terminals where round-trip tickets (single tickets) and other options, such as a one-day pass, are sold. Choose the most convenient one. Another option is to purchase a ticket at the box office marked tourist office/info.

Also, you can always take a taxi. You will spend the same amount of time on the road as on the bus, but you will pay much more –  from 11,200 forints (about 2,370 rubles).

So, we arrive at Deák Ferenc, see a large Ferris wheel, get out and start the walk.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city


Budapest is famous for its retro shops, vintage boutiques and local designers. The choice of clothing and accessories is huge – from flashy jewelry to leather boots from the best of the 80s. The prices are quite affordable.

Retrock (Anker köz 2-4)

The legendary and largest store in Budapest for vintage and new designer items. A paradise for those who are looking for uniqueness for every day – the selection of goods is carried out by a married couple who opened the store 20 years ago.

You can easily leave here with authentic things just brought from Peru, like insulated Indian jackets with sheepskin, a Mexican wall panel and a good-quality American backpack made of thick leather. By the way, Orlando Bloom came here in November 2022.

Royal Vintage (Király u. 77)

Here you will find products from Adidas, Puma, Nike, Everlast, Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci and other brands. The assortment includes sportswear, bright items for thoughtful urban looks, T-shirts with symbols of iconic musical groups, shoes and accessories.

Dressing Room (Sip u. 24)

One of the Jewish Quarter’s treasure shops with items from the 1960s to the 2000s. In addition to vintage shops, the entire party life of the city is concentrated in this area. Nearby are dozens of kosher cafes and restaurants, a synagogue and always bustling streets with modernist graffiti, galleries, contemporary art shops and bars with wine and music. You will recognize the Dressing Room by its painted glass, stone staircase leading to the ground floor and the inscription “Close the doors! It’s cold outside!”

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Szputnyik shop D-20 (Dohány u. 20)

Another famous store at the beginning of the Jewish Quarter – there is both vintage and new items from local designers. A huge stand with jewelry made from beads and polymer clay deserves special attention.

Cactus Luggage (Budapest, Katona József u. 15)

For dessert – a store with not vintage, but ideal bags: string bags, clutches, mini-suitcases for hand luggage, covers for laptops and travel bags. In addition, they sell glasses with frames made from eco-friendly materials straight from Paris, umbrellas, scarves and everything a traveler’s soul desires.

DADO macramé wonders (Raoul Wallenberg u. 5)

If you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding or a tropical party by the sunset ocean, check out this designer macramé boutique. On the rack – everything from cocktail looks to everyday pieces straight from the runway, handwoven. The space is located in one of the historical houses with a spiral staircase and marble floors.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city


In Budapest they drink not only wine: the coffee culture here is at a high level. Here are a few popular locations (everywhere you will be allowed to charge your phone or spend time alone with your laptop).

Espresso Embassy (Arany János u. 15)

The features are a historical building, high stone vaults, dim light and a lot of people. The menu includes Jewish and Hungarian pastries, including vegan options, perfect croissants and selective coffee – there is even a geisha. This is a particularly rare variety that is worth hunting for, but you will have to pay 3,900 forints for a cup (or approximately 825 rubles at the time of writing).

Madal mini-grid (Hollán Ernő u. 3; Alkotmány u. 4; Ferenciek tere 3)

One of the first coffee roasters in the city. On display are coffee beans, sourdough bread, vegan desserts and everything related to coffee culture, from books to accessories.

Fabrik Specialty Coffee (Visegrádi u. 14)

Small and cozy place with excellent coffee, bread and designer co-working space. You can pick up macrame home accessories as souvenirs.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro (Andrássy u. 66)

Designer coffee shop with high ceilings and access to a courtyard-well. To get into most of these courtyards, you need to live in neighboring houses or at least acquire keys to the entrance. But Flow is your secret key to one of the architectural treasures. In addition to coffee and “well”, there is interesting vegetarian cuisine in the author’s presentation.

My Little Melbourne (Madách Imre u. 3)

Dedicated to the Australian method of brewing coffee – lungo – a coffee shop with fresh pastries and a pleasant co-working space.

Café Gerbeaud (Vörösmarty tér 7-8)

Coffee and dessert classics in a historic café-restaurant that has been welcoming guests (including artists, writers and politicians) since 1858. Red velvet, carved details on the walls, textured furniture as if from social events of the 20s, specialty coffee, canonical Esterhazy cakes, strudel and Sacher.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city


Hungarian wine is not only sweet Tokaji. “Tokaj” itself comes in varying degrees of dryness, and the many faces of Hungarian autochthons (those varieties of grapes that grow only in a certain area) are a must-try for an avid wine tourist.

Doblo (Dob u. 20)

Regular wine tastings, nice snacks and a multi-page list of local wine. And also live jazz in the evenings. Check the bar’s website for the schedule.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Wine Not? (Nádor u. 20)

Small list of food and snacks, but an ideal selection of exclusively Hungarian wine. You can take anything and not be mistaken – from the precise orange to the canonically sweet Tokay style or red, in which you will feel spices, tobacco, leather and wild berry jam.

MY WINE (Arany János u. 16)

A cozy space with organic and natural wines from small Hungarian farms. The bar was opened by the owners of the BARTA and SZENTEZI wineries, having compiled a truly unique list – you are unlikely to find at least something from the local list in supermarkets. Meat specialties such as dry-cured ham, homemade jams, aged cheeses, artisan bread and other good additions to wine are served for appetizers. By the way, the menu includes juice from the Hungarian legendary variety – furmint. Wine is poured into glasses of 50 ml.

Transfer in Budapest: what to do in the city

Street food

Be sure to try kurtoskalács (kürtőskalács) – a kalach made of sweet dough twisted around a wooden base with or without all sorts of fillings. Tents with baked goods are located throughout the city, but it is especially delicious at Str-eat Chimney on Deák Ferenc, 8. And opposite the Deák Ferenc bus stop in a tent on wheels Fitzkey Chimney Cake there is a vegan version for only 700 forints instead of 1,200 (145 rubles).

Pay attention to the deep-fried flatbreads lángos (lángos) – not too healthy, but tasty: buttery, filling and spicy. Follow them to Drum Café Budapest.

*Prices are current at the time of publication.

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