Tips for those who fly frequently on business trips

Tips for those who fly frequently on business trips

It would seem that those who often fly on business trips can be envied – new countries and cities, impressions, acquaintances, and so on. However, do not forget that the flight and preparation for it carry additional stress. 

When traveling on a business trip, it is critical to concentrate on work tasks, so we have prepared some tips for those who frequently fly on business trips. Perhaps you will enrich an existing list of rules or create a new one. The more detailed you plan your trip, the less stress you will experience. Let’s go!

Travel light

The key to peace of mind for those who frequently travel on business is to take only the essentials with them. Determine the minimum things you will wear on a business trip. Forget about “spare” things. And you don’t have to worry about looking neat—you can easily find dry cleaning at the hotel.

Try to fit everything you need into your hand luggage. This way you won’t have to carry and check your suitcases, wait in line for them, or, even worse, deal with them if they are lost.

If you don’t have time to return home between business trips, take clothes tailored to the climate of the two countries. Yes, shorts and T-shirts can go on a trip with a warm jacket.

Think about what you will wear to the meeting

A business trip involves meetings with contractors and company partners – sometimes just a few hours after arrival. Therefore, it is important to think about what you will wear to the meeting. Place these items as carefully as possible last so that you can get them first in your hotel room.

Most likely, the clothes will still get wrinkled, so almost all hotels have ironing equipment (check this in advance). This could be a service where you hand over clothes, an equipped ironing room, or an ironing center in a hotel room. An ironing center usually consists of an ironing board, an iron and a stand for it.

Check baggage allowance and add liquids

Remember that each airline imposes its own restrictions on the weight, dimensions and type of baggage and carry-on luggage depending on the class of service and the direction of flight. 

If you buy tickets at minimum or promotional rates, baggage allowance may not be included in the ticket price. It can be paid additionally on the airline’s website, by calling the contact center or at the check-in counter at the airport. 

The dimensions and weight of hand luggage are also limited by the requirements of air carriers. Typically, the maximum weight of hand luggage reaches 10-15 kg. Liquids in containers larger than 100 ml are not accepted for transportation, even if the container is partially filled. We recommend checking in advance whether the volume of perfume, shaving foam and other liquids meets the airline’s requirements.

Many carriers allow you to take additional items into the cabin. For example, a briefcase, laptop and outerwear. However, the list of these items varies depending on the airline. Therefore, check the information on the website in advance. 

Be prepared to take out your laptop during security

Going through airport security is not a pleasant experience. Especially when you are asked to take out a laptop from an overflowing bag for inspection. However, it is worth remembering that this is done for the safety of all passengers. 

The fact is that a laptop and other electronic devices can be used to hide bombs, weapons and drugs. Therefore, the laptop is placed in a special container where it can be clearly seen. Employees of many airlines check not only the equipment, but also the materials on the device itself. 

Take these requirements seriously so as not to create additional causes for stress.

Get to the airport early

If you don’t want to be that passenger who jumps the queue to avoid missing your flight, arrive at the airport early. How long before departure should you arrive?

Check-in for the flight ends 40 minutes before departure if you are flying to another city in Russia, and for international flights – a full hour. In addition, you will have to go through inspection, as well as customs and border control (if you are flying abroad). Also, do not forget about traffic jams on the road and queues at the airport.

To avoid hassle, we recommend arriving at the airport 2 hours before the departure of a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight. Also check which terminal you plan to depart from, how to get to the airport and how long it will take. 

Order a taxi and transfer in advance

If you take a taxi to the airport, book it in advance. If you go to the airport by metro, train or Aeroexpress, choose them to avoid traffic jams.

Transfer to the hotel must also be ordered in advance. Ideally, one day before the trip. The transfer costs more than a regular taxi, but this option is much calmer and more comfortable. The driver arrives at the airport at the time of your arrival and is waiting for you with a sign with your name. Since you paid for the transfer in advance, you won’t have to deal with currency.

Additional tips for frequent business travelers

  • Make a list of things that you always take with you on a business trip. Before leaving, check that you have taken everything;
  • Charge all electronic devices in advance before leaving;
  • Try to take clothes , which does not wrinkle and does not deteriorate from hotel washing;
  • Pack a small first aid kit that will always be in your bag on business trips;
  • Pack a bag with hygiene items: toothpaste, brush, razor, scissors, etc.

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