The coolest attractions in Sochi: emotions that are more valuable than money

The coolest attractions in Sochi: emotions that are more valuable than money

There are many ways to save money on vacation – book hotels and tickets with discounts, book excursions from private owners, bargain at markets. But some things are worth spending money on, because the experience and emotions they provide are worth more than money. Today we will tell you about what you can spend 15,000 rubles on in Sochi and not regret a second.

Bungee jump in SkyPark

11 kilometers from the city of Adler is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world, built jointly with the New Zealand company AJ Hacket International. Approximately 800 steps on a translucent floor at an altitude of 330 meters above sea level is a nerve-wracking adventure in itself. The observation decks offer a breathtaking view of the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast, but the coolest thing you can do here is jump from the bridge right into the center of the Akhshtyr Gorge. Naturally, with a bungee, which will safely stop you 15 meters from the Mzytma River flowing below. A person overcomes 207 meters of free flight in a matter of seconds, but for the flyer, a moment of horror turns into endless ecstasy, accompanied by an incredible release of adrenaline, serotonin and other bouquet of chemical compounds that make you feel truly alive.

The cost of the jump is 15,000 rubles, but there is not a single person who would say that this step into the abyss is not worth the money. Scientists have proven that in such extreme conditions the human brain begins to work at incredible speed. The words of those who practice bungee jumping confirm this – they all say that the surrounding reality becomes indescribably bright and clear, and time seems to slow down. A true expansion of consciousness without psychotropic substances.

You can get it cheaper?

If you are not yet ready for such a serious adventure, you can start with simpler attractions. The most inexpensive costs 1,500 rubles and is called a zipline: after crossing the bridge to the opposite side of the gorge from the entrance, return back in a minute in a comfortable hanging chair that slides along a cable rope over the abyss. The skypark also has swings and smaller bungees, prices vary from 2,500 to 7,000 rubles. Entrance to the bridge costs 1,000 rubles.

Official website: SkyPark

The coolest attractions in Sochi: emotions that are more valuable than money

Interesting excursions from local residents in Sochi

Ride in a Porsche on the race track

In 2014, the only race track in Russia hosting the Formula 1 Grand Prix opened in Adler. The configuration of the most modern race track in Eastern Europe includes the longest long turn in Formula 1 at 650 meters and a negative slope of the track. It’s okay if these words don’t mean anything to you, everyone who simply loves speed and drive will be delighted by the opportunity to rush around Sochi Autodrom behind the wheel of a powerful car. This opportunity is called a master class and includes one lap as a passenger, when a professional instructor sits behind the wheel and explains how to choose the right trajectory and braking points, after which you sit behind the wheel for the second lap. There are different cars in the autodrome fleet; the most powerful one can accelerate to 260 km/h on a straight section. A master class on a Porsche Cayman S with an engine capacity of 3.4 liters and a power of 320 horsepower costs 10,500 rubles; you can buy an additional lap for 4,500 rubles. On average, completing the track takes 2.5 minutes, that is, for 15,000 rubles you will get 7-8 minutes of racing speed and enjoying the roar of the engine.

You can get it cheaper?

The most inexpensive master class costs 6,000 rubles and is conducted on a Renault Clio Sport RS3 with an engine capacity of 2 liters and a power of 200 horsepower. If you don’t really want to drive, but want to take the steepest turns with a professional racer – yes, you can ride in the navigator’s chair from 3,000 rubles per lap, the price also depends on the chosen car.

Official website: Sochi Autodrom

Flight in a wind tunnel

The coolest attractions in Sochi: emotions that are more valuable than money

Dreams of flight have been in the human mind since time immemorial; just remember the legend of Icarus and the mechanisms of Leonardo Da Vinci. Modern man has partly brought them to life – today many people engage in paragliding and hang gliding, fly in wingsuits and jump from airplanes, but these activities require expensive equipment, lengthy training and are associated with a risk to life. In Sochi, thanks to technological progress, you can enjoy free flight fun and safely – in a wind tunnel. The only wind tunnel on the coast has been built in the Olympic Park, its height is 6 meters, and transparent walls provide an opportunity to admire the sea and mountains. The air flow speed is 220 km/h, the width of the pipe is 3 meters, this is more than enough to freely balance and perform freefly tricks. For 15,000 rubles you can spend 30 minutes in a wind tunnel accompanied by an instructor. For comparison, when jumping from a plane from a height of 4 kilometers, the free fall lasts 50 seconds, so half an hour is a lot. During this time, you can have time to worry and calm down, lose and regain your orientation in space, become completely delighted and even pose for a photo.

You can get it cheaper?

The minimum set in a wind tunnel lasts 2.5 minutes and costs 2,000 rubles. This, of course, is not half an hour, but time in free flight also flows differently, because it is measured by impressions and emotions, and they can be obtained with interest in 150 seconds.

Official website: Sochi wind tunnel

Nothing you buy will make you as happy as the experience of your adventures, so feel free to spend money on them, and it’s better to save on something else. For example, on flights and hotels, when booking at the same time on our website, the price is up to 30% lower.

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