The best beaches to make love

The best beaches to make love

The secret to a good vacation is the beach. The secret of a good beach is its privacy. No one wants to share the summer with others, no one wants to get to the edge of the sea by stepping over sunbathers. The ideal beach is if there is so much free space on it that you cannot see the color of the swimsuit of the vacationer closest to you. We’ve chosen 10 secret European beaches for you – so secluded that you can have sex on them without the risk of being noticed.

The best beaches to make love

1. Cies Islands, Galicia, Spain (on the map)

Locals call these beaches the “Galician Caribbean” because of the sparkling white sand. Cies is an archipelago of three islands located on the northwestern coast of Spain, near Portugal. The longest and most deserted beach in the archipelago is called Rodas. It is adjacent to the area of ​​the National Reserve “Atlantic Islands of Galicia” – part of the coastal area, along with a piece of the sea, which is protected by the state. Entrance for tourists here is limited – up to 2,200 people per day, there are no hotels here – only camping is allowed, and only a couple of restaurants with a basic menu. You won’t see any cyclists or motorcyclists along the beach, not to mention cars.

The best beaches to make love

2. Vivero, Galicia, Spain (on map)

The historic city center of Vivero is the ideal starting point for a trip to most of the secluded beaches of the northern coast of Spain. From here you can visit one secret location each day of your holiday, most of which can be reached in less than an hour by rental car. Or you can simply stay on one of the beaches located along the shores of the Gulf of Viveiro (another name is Ria de Viveiro) – a hilly lagoon in the shape of a huge drop entering the Bay of Biscay. The fewest tourists are here in July or September.

The best beaches to make love

3. Es Grau, Menorca, Spain (on map)

The quietest beach on the Spanish island of Menorca is located on its northeastern coast. The water of the Mediterranean Sea here does not rise above the shin for almost 40 meters from the shore, thus reminiscent of a giant spa pool. The Albufera de Grau nature reserve is also located here, so the beach is protected from excessive development. Travel to and from the beach along the Camí de Cavalls route, a century-old road that follows a curving coastline that hides a series of secret coves, including Cala de Tamarels and Cala de Satorreta.

The best beaches to make love

4. Porquerolles Island, Cote d’Azur, France (on the map)

A 20-minute boat ride from the Cote d’Azur, between Marseille and Cannes, are the white sandy beaches of the island of Porquerolles. In the seventies of the last century, the French government bought most of the island to preserve its nature from development. The quietest beach on the island is Beach de Notre Dame, located in the northeastern part. The small beach, covered with eucalyptus and pine trees, is ideal for boat trips and secluded entertainment. When you get hungry, go to the nearest and only village on the island, next to the harbor. There you will be greeted by exquisite French restaurants serving Provençal cuisine.

The best beaches to make love

5. Natural Park of Maremma, Tuscany, Italy (on the map)

The least populated part of the Tuscan coast is located between the port of Talamone and the mouth of the Ombrone River, where wild horses graze and where local farmers send their cows to eat. The beach located in this place is called Marina di Alberese. It works according to the “one-in-one-out” rule: new visitors are launched only when a portion of old ones leave. Therefore the beach is popular but not too crowded. If you walk along the shore, half a kilometer south, you will reach an uninhabited part of the beach, where the sand is strewn with broken shells.

The best beaches to make love

6. Ischia Island, Italy (on the map)

The island of Ischia is located off the western coast of Italy, at the northern entrance to the Gulf of Naples. The island grew up on an underwater volcano, which still retains thermal activity – it is this that provides the main range of services of the local spa hotel Mesatorre: mineral waters and treatment in a healing microclimate. The bay’s rocky bottom is ideal for snorkelling and observing the local marine life. This place is not entirely suitable for swimming, so if you want to enjoy solitude on the shore, this is the place for you. And there are sandy beaches just outside the hotel, in the town of Forio.

The best beaches to make love

7. Foz del Belice, Sicily, Italy (on the map)

Part of the Strait of Tunis – Foz del Belice Belice is one of the last stretches of untouched coastline in southwestern Sicily. The Italian government strictly monitors the preservation of local nature. The most popular local beach, Le Solete, is located west of Porto Palo. There are also secluded bays in the west, for example, Capparina di Mare, where colonies of sea turtles live. If you get tired of being bored on the shore, you can go explore the ruins of the ancient city of Selinunte or sign up for an afternoon cooking class at any of the local restaurants.

The best beaches to make love

8. Makarska, Dalmatian coast, Croatia (on map)

Dalmatia is a historical region in the north-west of the Balkan Peninsula, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, an elongated coastal belt with a thousand islands. Most visitors to Dalmatia head straight to these islands, leaving the 60-kilometer coastline with deserted beaches to lonely travelers. The most convenient place to come to the beaches is between Split and Dubrovnik, besides, the nature here is the most beautiful: coniferous forests, mountain grasses and hares (if you’re lucky).

The best beaches to make love

9. Karavostasi, Greece (on the map)

This 500-meter stretch of sandy beach is located a few kilometers from the main coastal road connecting the Greek cities of Sivota and Parga. The path is long, but the trip is worth it. From the southern part of the beach you can see the mountain peaks of the island of Corfu sticking out above the horizon – such scenery creates a rare feeling of privacy, despite the fact that you are close to the main Greek resorts.

The best beaches to make love

10. Alacati, Turkey (on map)

The former Greek village of Alacati is famous for its beautiful old houses and cobbled paths. The local nature is almost untouched by developments; low mountains provide protection from the scorching summer sun. The beach is located near the port, but the water in this part of the Aegean Sea is very clean. However, there are few tourists here, mostly locals who are keen on windsurfing, preparing for the annual championship, which takes place here every August.

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Author: Marat Abdrakhmanov

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