Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

July 20 for those with a sweet tooth —  not just an ordinary summer day. This, one might say, is their professional holiday. After all, a non-trivial and young Cake Day is celebrated. Where to go for the most delicious desserts (no, it’s not just cake), and where they can surprise you? Read in our selection.

Pastry shop “Laduree” —  homeland of “Makaruni” 

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

It’s impossible to leave the French capital without a box with the inscription “Laduree” filled with multi-colored macaroon cookies. Or, at least, it is completely unforgivable not to stop by for at least a few minutes to enjoy a product made from egg whites, sugar and ground almonds with a cup of coffee. Of course, today you can buy macaroons in any city in the world, but they are unlikely to be imbued with the spirit of a real French bakery, where they appeared at the beginning of the last century.

By the way, “Laduree” is already more than 150 years old. The first small bakery appeared with the name of its founder, Louis Ernest Laduré, in 1862 on the ordinary Parisian street Royal. But one day Louis decided to completely change the appearance of his bakery, turning it into a place for Parisians to relax. To do this, he invited the French artist and graphic artist Jules Peret, who painted the entire store. One of the elements of this painting still symbolizes the entire network of confectionery shops: on the top of the logo you can see an angel. Exactly the same one appeared then on the walls of “Laduree” thanks to the creativity of Pere.

By the way, Sorry Pere also took part in the painting of the Sistine Chapel. So we can say with confidence: in “Laduree” you will find not only sweet, but also spiritual food. 

The whole world learned about the confectionery only fifty years after its foundation, in the 1930s. Then Louis’s grandson Jules joined the two halves of the cookies together using the remaining chocolate buttercream. Parisians liked these small, neat cakes so much that their fame spread throughout Europe, and then throughout the world. And now “macaroon” is a symbol not only of this pastry shop, but of all of France. 

There are many other versions of the appearance of “macaroon”, but such quantities as here are not sold anywhere else. Just think: one store can sell about 15,000 cakes per day. 

Site: laduree.fr

Pastry Boutique Wittamer —real Belgium

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

Photo: @wittamer_sablon/Instagram.com

Or rather, in the boutique you can find real Belgian chocolate, known for the perfect combination of bitterness and sweetness. One of the most expensive and most refined-tasting cocoa desserts is produced here. You can definitely trust its quality: the confectionery has not changed the recipe for more than a hundred years, since its opening. 

Among the most famous chocolates here: “Mont Blanc” in the form of praline with white chocolate, “Pasha” – airy caramel with dark chocolate, a variety with the name of the Wittamer boutique itself, consisting of 67% pure chocolate. 

In addition to sweets, you can find figured cakes here. They weigh tens of kilograms and are designed for large celebrations (at least one hundred people). 

By the way, the British royal family is ready to buy chocolate only at Wittamer. 

Site: wittamer.com

Confectionery “Demel” —  behind the Viennese Sacher

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

The world owes the taste of modern Sacher to this confectionery shop. The original recipe, invented by the Austrian pastry chef Franz Sacher while studying at the Demel confectionery,  his son Eduard supplemented him. And the dessert here is called “Demel Sachertorte”. And all because in 1965, the Sacher Hotel (since 1876, only in the hotel founded by Franz Sacher, it was possible to purchase it) and the Demel confectionery fought in court over the brand name. The hotel won. But this did not change the attitude of the confectionery bakers towards the cake itself. It is still made by hand and does not have a layer of apricot jam, which can be found in other versions of this dessert. 

In addition to Sacher, there are gingerbread, strudel, cakes, buns and sweets. You can even watch how they are prepared. And after all the sweets are eaten, visit the museum of confectionery art.

Site: demel.com

Boutique cafe Bloomsbury’s — Arabic “Phoenix”

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

Photo: Bloomsbury’s

One of the most expensive desserts in the world is located in the United Arab Emirates, namely in the Bloomsbury’s boutique cafe in the Dubai Mall. For $1000 they offer a cupcake made from ingredients from all over the world. For example, cocoa is brought from Italy, butter –  from the UK, vanilla beans from Uganda. The decoration makes it even more expensive. The cupcake is wrapped in gold foil and sprinkled with gold flakes. 

There are more modest desserts here, but you should at least take a look at the Golden Phoenix cupcake. 

Site: bloomsburys.ae

Dominique Ansel Bakery —  American croissant

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

Photo: dominiqueansel.com

In the New York bakery “Dominique Ansel Bakery”, just six years ago they created a new type of dessert –  cronut It’s a cross between a donut and a French croissant. And Americans and tourists liked this pastry so much that usually by 11.00 there is not a single type of product left –  everything is still hot. 

And those who didn’t have time can only taste the pieces of cronut, which were specially prepared by the establishment’s confectioners for this purpose. 

Site: dominiqueansel.com

Czech Stop Bakery —  Czech Republic in Texas

Sweet, but not only: the best pastry cafes in the world

Fphoto: @houstonsgotspice/@christianhowald/Instagram.com

The ordinary sign and appearance of the Czech Stop bakery in the small Texas town of West is unlikely to attract tourists. But the locals know: here you can find an original type of pastry –  kolaches. What distinguishes it from other dough products is its delicate soufflé and pieces of fruit. And everything is done in Czech confectionery traditions, which means such a dessert will definitely be juicy. 

By the way, you can try the product at any time of the day, because the bakery is open 24/7.

Site: czechstop.net

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