Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

The UAE is a state that consists of seven emirates, and each has its own laws. Dubai is most popular among tourists: golden beaches, luxurious hotels and restaurants, noisy markets, expensive cars. But what is the country really like? We tell you where to get acquainted with the culture, feel the history and enjoy nature.

How to get there

The cost of a direct flight is from 42,000 rubles*.

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

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Entry conditions

Tourists traveling to Dubai must have a printed certificate with a negative result of PCR testing done maximum 72 hours before departure in one of the accredited laboratories. You will also need medical insurance for the entire vacation period, covering the costs of coronavirus treatment. Upon arrival, you will be asked to take a second free test. You also need to install the COVID-19 app – DXB Smart App (IOS and Android).

Rent a car

Since our travel plan is designed for constant movement, it is most convenient to rent a car. The cost of a small hatchback is from 3,000 rubles per day*. Believe me, you will spend more money on a taxi, and more energy on public transport.

Things to do

Balloon flight

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

If a jeep safari through the desert and a camel ride don’t surprise you anymore, then it’s time to get off the ground a little – literally. A hot air balloon ride at dawn is the perfect opportunity to appreciate the scale of the desert and admire the sunrise. Flight cost starts from 850 dirhams* per person with transfer. And after that they will also feed you breakfast.


20 kilometers from Dubai

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

Sharjah is the cultural capital of the country, where there is more history than bright storefronts and mesmerizing skyscrapers.

Its heart was the Heritage District, which preserved the authenticity of the city thanks to a large number of historical buildings. This is where the Museums are located  calligraphy and Islamic civilization, as well as the Al-Hisn fort with a collection of weapons. The Sharjah Heritage Museum will introduce you to local cultural and religious aspects. Entrance ticket costs 10 dirhams*. Well, you can appreciate the works of Arab artists at the Sharjah Art Museum, admission is free.

Away from the Heritage area is the Archaeological Museum. In it, thanks to the found household items, you can trace the history of the Arab land from the Stone Age to the appearance of Muslims in the region. Ancient jewelry, ceramic dishes, unusual clothes – I can’t even believe that this was once in everyday life. Entrance to the museum will cost 10 dirhams*.

The city also has a Vintage Car Museum, which displays about 100 restored and polished models from the last century. Some were produced in only a few thousand copies. Entrance fee is 10 dirhams*.

There are many markets in the country, but Blue Souk cannot be ignored: it is the largest market in the UAE. It got its name thanks to the Arabic blue mosaic. In 600 stores you can find everything you can and cannot imagine: clothes, jewelry, spices, sweets and, of course, carpets – be sure to bring it to your grandmother as a souvenir for the wall :). The main rule is to bargain until the last minute.

Those who want to return to childhood for one day and take a break from the museum program should visit the Al Montazah amusement park. It consists of three zones: attractions, a water park and a green area with gardens and fountains. Access to all areas will cost 120 dirhams*.

Walk along the embankment of the artificial canal Al Qasba, and at sunset take a ride on a  Take the Eye of the Emirates Ferris Wheel to admire the city skyline as the sun sets. The cost of the attraction is  30 dirhams*.


135 kilometers from Dubai

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

Lakes, mountains, wildlife. It’s no wonder adventure seekers flock here. Here you can go kayaking or just enjoy the mountain scenery while riding a boat and a fun catamaran. Prices for water activities start from 60 dirhams*, details on the website.

There are also numerous trails for hiking, mountain biking and horse riding. Take a breather between active holidays in the authentic Hatta Heritage Village.  There you will plunge into the real rural life of the past, depicted in paintings by Arab artists. 

And in the Wadi Hub entertainment center, in the midst of all the natural beauty, you can try your hand at ax throwing, archery, rock climbing, and karting. More adventurous people choose zorbing: you are sent down from a picturesque slope in a huge transparent ball. Find all the entertainment here, each costs from 10 to 95 dirhams*. You can also pitch a tent and spend the night under the starry sky.

Ras Al Khaimah

120 kilometers from Dubai

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

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Love mountains and extreme sports? Rejoice! It is in this emirate that the Jebel Jais Zipline cable car is located, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest. Its length is 2830 meters. For 300 dirhams* you will be offered to cross a mountain gorge at a speed of 120 km/h. If the prospect of gray hair is not very attractive, you can simply trek to the top of the highest mountain in the UAE – Jebel Jais.

Those interested in history and ruins will love the abandoned fishing town of Al Jazeera Al Hamra. In the 60s of the last century, all the locals unanimously left their homes, going in search of a better life to the places where black gold was mined. Looking at the buildings made of coral stone, you begin to fantasize about the life of ordinary fishermen before the oil boom. They also say that ghosts live here now. I wonder if they fish too?

The region is also famous for its healing hot springs, Khatt Springs. There you can improve your health by soaking in natural baths and steaming pools with panoramic views. Entrance to the territory – 25 dirhams*. 


150 kilometers from Dubai

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

The smallest emirate on the shores of the Gulf of Oman. People come here for incomparable beaches and diving: the rich  the underwater world obliges us to do this. The dive will cost 200–250 dirhams*. 

And here is also the oldest mosque in the country – Al-Bidiya. Don’t expect rich decorations and decorations, everything is surprisingly modest. In the 16th century there were no means to decorate marble with gold and brocade. The historical fort nearby also does not differ in design, but there is a museum inside with relics found during excavations. Entrance – 5 dirhams*.

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a more grandiose building. Only Muslims can go inside; others are invited to simply admire the minarets and the marble building. At night the mosque is illuminated fantastically beautifully.

Other Emirates: 5 Day Trip Options from Dubai

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