Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

The beginning of November is the time to think about a ski holiday, because many resorts have already announced the start of the season. If you are interested in unusual destinations and don’t want to stand in long queues for the ski lift, check out our selection.

“Kukisvumchorr” and “Big Woodyavr”, Kirovsk

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

How to get there: by plane to Kirovsk. Another option is to fly to Murmansk and take a taxi to Kirovsk, the travel time will be three hours.

Nothing can replace skiing on the Kola Peninsula; the Arctic nature of the Khibiny alone is worth it. There are two resorts to choose from: Kukisvumchorr and Bolshoy Vudyavr, open from November to May. The first one is more suitable for connoisseurs of freeride and those who like to ride through forest powder. The total length of the trails is 15 km. Here you can rent skis, snowboards and cheesecakes, and also relax in the café-bar. All slopes have night lighting and are designed for skiing in the dark.

The second resort, “Bolshoi Vudyavr”, is larger in size and focused on family vacations. Here you will find 25 km of trails, a rental service, instructors and restaurants with panoramic views of the Khibiny Mountains.

If you want to diversify your holiday, go on snowmobile tours organized by the resort. Each program has its own feature: somewhere the emphasis is on getting to know northern cuisine, somewhere fishing awaits tourists, and somewhere travelers are offered a real safari on snowy slopes.

Where to stay in Kirovsk: 

Apart-Hotel Powder (rating 9.1) – from 4,700 rubles per night*.

Mini-hotel “Gornaya Dolina” (rating 8.8) – from 6,800 rubles per night*.

Three-star hotel “Severnaya” (rating 8.4) – from 9,000 rubles per night*.

“Abzakovo”, Chelyabinsk

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

How to get there: by plane to Chelyabinsk, from there by transfer to the resort, which will take 2.5 hours.

It seems that “Abzakovo” has everything for connoisseurs of quality ski holidays: 13 slopes of different levels of difficulty with a total length of 15 km, seven drag lifts and two chairlifts and a separate descent for freeride. For beginners, the resort has a training center with experienced instructors. The season at Abzakovo is quite long – from the end of October to May.

The resort also has a water park, an ethno-tourist center “Husky City”, a skating rink, a zoo and a health center where you can create an individual treatment program. 

Where to stay:

Eco-complex “Forest Estate” (rating 8.9) – from 2,000 rubles per day*.

Three-star hotel complex “Tau-Tash” (rating 8.3) – from 2,900 rubles per night*.

Hotel “Bungalow Club” (rating 8.8) – from 3,000 rubles per night*.

“Mountain Air”, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

How to get there: first by plane to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, then by bus or taxi to the resort.

Sakhalin is not the most obvious destination for a ski holiday in Russia. The Mountain Air resort has two peaks (Mount Bolshevik with a height of 601 meters and Mount Krasnaya with a height of 779 meters), 19 trails of varying degrees of difficulty and five modern cable cars. The winter season lasts from December to April.

The resort has equipment rental and repair, luggage storage, instructor service, three cafes and one restaurant with panoramic views of the peaks. You can complement your vacation with an audio tour from an ornithologist who will tell you about local birds.

Where to stay in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk: 

Mini-hotel “Islander” (rating 9.0) – from 2,000 rubles per night*.

Three-star hotel “Commander” (rating 8.2) – from 4,800 rubles per night*.

Four-star hotel “Mega Palace” (rating 9.7) – from 7,600 rubles per night*.

“Belokurikha”, Gorno-Altaisk

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

How to get there: by plane to Gorno-Altaisk or Barnaul, from there by bus to Belokurikha.

The season at Belokurikha lasts from early December to March. The resort is ideal for beginners and lovers of a quiet ride, but extreme sports enthusiasts and pros may find it a little boring, since there are no trails of a high level of difficulty with a large difference in altitude. Among the advantages: a warm cafe, new equipment, lighting at night and special areas for freeride.

In addition to skiing, the resort is famous for its health program, which has deservedly received the title of “the largest health resort in Altai.” A pleasant bonus will be meals in local cafes and restaurants. The resort has launched its own production of organic products, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of meat, fish, vegetables and baked goods. 

Where to stay near the resort:

Three-star hotel “Olympus Park” (rating 8.5) – from 5,200 rubles per night*.

Four-star hotel “Altai Palace” (rating 8.8) – from 8,200 rubles per night*.

Four-star hotel “Pearl of Belokurikha” (rating 9.0) – from 12,000 rubles per night*.

Bobrovy Log, Krasnoyarsk

Opening the season: unobvious ski resorts in Russia

How to get there: by plane to Krasnoyarsk. The resort is located within the city, from the center you can get to it by bus or taxi in 15 minutes.

Fan park “Bobrovy Log” is a year-round resort, the winter season here begins at the end of November and ends in April. Almost 11 km of trails of varying difficulty levels are available for skiers and snowboarders. If you are not confident in your abilities, the resort offers a skiing service with a professional instructor. Chairlifts deliver to the slopes, and riding them is a separate event. It offers views of Krasnoyarsk and the endless Siberian taiga.

In addition to skiing, there is something to do in the fan park: go ice skating, tubing or on the Rodelbahn attraction – a mixture of bobsleigh and roller coaster. From the highest point of the route, Krasnoyarsk and the Stolby nature reserve are visible.

After an active holiday in the fresh frosty air, it’s time to go to the spa. On the territory there is a “Well” complex with saunas, hammam, hydromassage pool and jacuzzi. You can end the evening in the relaxation room with home cinema and karaoke.

Where to stay in Krasnoyarsk:

Three-star hotel “Garage” (rating 8.6) – from 2,500 rubles per night*.

Four-star hotel “Oktyabrskaya” (rating 9.0) – from 4,400 rubles per night*.

Four-star hotel “Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoyarsk” (rating 10) – from 6,000 rubles per night*.

*Prices are current at the time of publication.

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