Myths about organizing a business trip

Myths about organizing a business trip

Organizing a business trip is a labor-intensive process. Therefore, business travelers, HR managers and accountants often do not like the registration process. 

However, new automated solutions in the field of organizing business trips eliminate many difficulties and questions, and also speed up this process several times. Today we will look at the main myths about organizing a business trip and tell you how the online service OneTwoTrip for Business simplifies the arrangement of business trips. 

Organizing a business trip is difficult 

Agreeing with the manager, calculating the advance, booking tickets and other tasks take a long time. Also, arranging a business trip requires the involvement of several employees. 

However, with the help of OneTwoTrip this process becomes fast and comfortable. Access to the service can be provided to either one person – the administrator, who acts as a travel coordinator in the company, or to each employee, if the company has a large staff. 

In the first case, the administrator can create cards for employees without issuing rights and coordinate the purchase process from booking to payment. In the second, the employee himself selects the option, taking into account the travel policy and approval in accordance with the internal charter of the company. The administrator will control expenses and monitor document flow.

In addition, you can plan a business trip “on the go” in the OneTwoTrip for Business mobile application. The following service functions are available:

  • Purchase of any air tickets;
  • Booking hotels and train tickets;
  • Selecting passengers from the list of company employees;
  • Payment by card, from a corporate accounts or through postpayment; 
  • Downloading the purchased ticket and documents for accounting;
  • 24-hour chat service support.

A lot of paperwork 

In order to correctly prepare an advance report, an employee is required to collect documents confirming accommodation and travel on a business trip. However, it happens that an employee does not submit a report on time or even loses documents. As a result, the accountant is left with many questions and unclosed documents. 

In the online business booking service OneTwoTrip, you can set up integration with 1C for free, which will allow an accountant to significantly reduce the time spent on business trip accounting.

Also, if you need to obtain original documents, this can be done using electronic document management (EDF). Working through EDF allows you to significantly reduce the time it takes to provide originals and simplify document flow.

Organizing a business trip takes a lot of time

Traditional travel processing does take a long time and involves many steps. With the “Approval” function and setting up a travel policy, organizing a business trip in OneTwoTrip becomes much faster.

“Coordination” is a convenient function in which the travel manager does not waste time searching and selecting options for the employee, but at the same time controls payment for services. The approval process can be customized to suit your company’s needs. 

This way, the employee will be able to select options independently and send requests to the approving person. The employee responsible for approving the trip will receive an email with a link to the selected option, will be able to review it, approve and pay or reject the request. 

In addition to approval, you can set up a travel policy. Thus, before sending an order for approval, the employee needs to select an option that will correspond to the parameters of the travel policy.

Placement takes no more than 2 minutes, and you can pay for your order at the same time with a deposit or card.

A business trip is always expensive 

Tickets and rental accommodation for a business traveler cost the company a tidy sum, especially if there is an urgent need to send one or more employees on a business trip. 

With OneTwoTrip, companies reduce travel costs by up to 30%. There are several reasons for this:

  • Optimization of costs occurs due to access to tickets for 800 airlines and train tickets in Russia and Europe, as well as rooms in 2,000,000 hotels. You always choose the most advantageous offer.
  • The OneTwoTrip for Business customer loyalty program allows you to receive bonuses for ordering airline tickets, train tickets and hotel reservations in the service. Bonuses can be used to pay for airline tickets, train tickets or hotels on the website and in the mobile application. 
  • OneTwoTrip for Business clients have access to group rates&nbsp ;all hotels and airlines on the selected route with discounts. 

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