Know What You Eat: A Guide to Thai Cuisine

Know What You Eat: A Guide to Thai Cuisine

An unprepared tourist, finding himself in Thailand, will most likely experience a shock. In order not to be disappointed, we have prepared a list of the most important dishes with which you should start getting acquainted with Thai cuisine in order to gradually understand and love it.

Banana pancakes — roti

Once you’re in Bangkok, you’ll see street vendors who seem to be competing with each other on how quickly they can make roti. There is nothing surprising in the ingredients of these pancakes, and the taste is unusual. The fillings can be very different – mango, pineapple, coconut, and even condensed milk, familiar from childhood.

Know What You Eat: A Guide to Thai Cuisine

Rice with mango

This is surprisingly easy and incredibly tasty. The ingredients are simple: rice, coconut milk, mango and a little condensed milk. An excellent option for breakfast or a light snack.

Spring rolls

Spring rolls in Thailand are a small thick envelope with vegetables and sometimes meat or seafood made from rice paper. You can ask for it to be fried, or you can eat it raw. Just be careful with the sauce – it can be very spicy.

Know What You Eat: A Guide to Thai Cuisine

Lime smoothie

Iced fruit smoothies are one of the most popular street drinks. All are worth trying, but if you are particularly partial to citrus fruits, then the lime one will make the strongest impression on you.

Matcha latte frappe

Matcha is green tea ground into powder. The pistachio-colored liquid isn’t very impressive at first, but if you try matcha brewed properly, you’ll probably like it.

Fruits with coconut milk and ice

Another recipe that can be easily prepared at home if you stock up on coconut milk in advance. Street vendors can put anything there: papaya, mango, pineapple, tangerines and even durian, so it’s better to indicate your choice right away.

Know What You Eat: A Guide to Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand. These are fried rice noodles with vegetables, meat or seafood. As a rule, everyone knows about it. And there are many options for preparing it. And if you set yourself the goal of trying a new Pad Thai every day, you will be very surprised at how just one ingredient can change the taste of the dish.

Tom yam

Tom yum soup is another hit of Thai cuisine. Be prepared in advance for the fact that it will be very spicy, even if you ask to reduce the spices by half. The broth is cooked with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galanga and cilantro, so the taste seems so multifaceted. Then egg, vegetables, shrimp or chicken are added to the soup. The paradox of this soup is that at first you don’t like it, but each subsequent portion is eaten with great pleasure.

Som tam thai

This melodious name hides a salad of vegetables, green papaya and peanuts. The sauce will vary depending on your relationship with chili and garlic, but it will always include lime and tamarind juice, fish sauce and soy sauce. In coastal areas, som tam thai is often served with blue crab claws.

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