How to use corporate cards for business and save on business trips

How to use corporate cards for business and save on business trips

In recent years, many banks have begun to actively offer business cards to corporate clients. Such bank cards are linked to the current account of a legal entity and allow you to pay for purchases on the Internet, settle accounts with counterparties, withdraw cash and carry out other usual transactions.

This is convenient, but few people know that OneTwoTrip for Business allows companies with a corporate card to also save on business trips. We tell clients of which financial organizations this option is available.

“UniCredit Bank”: business card Work&Travel Mastercard

This card was issued in partnership with our service and is intended to pay for any expenses related to business travel. It can be used to pay for air tickets and hotel reservations, pay for gasoline or taxis using the card, and even buy gifts for partners.

When using this card in the automatic booking system OneTwoTrip for Business, users receive 2.3% of their spending in the form of bonuses. You can also receive 1% bonuses for other transactions – for example, when making purchases in stores and online services. The received bonuses can then be easily spent on booking business trips in our system.

To apply for a Work&Travel Mastercard business card, follow the link.

Corporate card Visa Business/Mastercard Business Bank “St. Petersburg”

This card is linked to the bank account of a legal entity so that the company can use it to pay for corporate expenses, including those related to organizing business trips. You can use the St. Petersburg Bank business card like a regular card: it allows you to withdraw money, pay in stores and online services, and also make payments abroad.

When you open a Visa Business/Mastercard Business card from St. Petersburg Bank, the company receives a welcome bonus from OneTwoTrip for Business, which can be spent on paying for reservations in our system.

Otkritie Bank corporate card

This bank offers a business card to simplify the accounting of company entertainment and travel expenses. Business card holders have access to a special “constructor” with which they can connect various services: a specialized limit for expense transactions, automatic conversion, using the card to pay for business trips, etc.

Also, when opening such a card, the company receives bonuses in the OneTwoTrip for Business system.

Modulbank business card

In Modulbank, a current account for a company can be opened online, then a bank employee will bring a card and an agreement for signature on the appointed day. After signing it, the card can be used to carry out usual financial transactions.

As in the case of the banks above, when you open a Modulbank corporate card, you receive a welcome bonus, which can be spent on organizing business trips through the OneTwoTrip for Business system.

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