How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

Syktyvkar is the central city of the Komi Republic. It is located in the northern part of the country, where the picturesque Sysola River pours its waters into the Vychegda. In addition to the indigenous Komi people, more than 70 nations live peacefully in the hospitable region, among which there are many Russian-speaking people.

Although global warming has not spared the Republic, it is still cool here in spring and summer, but the temperature is comfortable – in April +2 °C, in July +17 °C. In winter, the temperature drops to -20°C. Also, the city is very beautiful in early autumn, it was in September that we flew here. 

How to get to Syktyvkar

From Moscow, where direct flights are available, it is better to go to the Komi Republic by plane. The flight will take 2 hours 5 minutes. Ticket price: from 5,200 rubles* per person round trip. The cost of travel on public buses within Syktyvkar is from 20 rubles*.

Where is the best place to stay

Connoisseurs of high comfort at an adequate price can book apartments costing from 1200 to 2400 rubles* per day (for example, the Stroitel Hotel). Hostels have budget rooms starting from 400 rubles* per night. Three-star hotels offer accommodation in rooms costing 3,000–5,799 rubles* per night (“Avalon”, “Yugor”).

Where to go and what to see in Syktyvkar

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

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During the trip, we admired both the natural and man-made attractions of this region. First of all, we managed to visit the House of merchant Sukhanov on Ordzhonikidze Street. This ancient stone mansion has been turned into a branch of the city’s National Museum. The estate, which belonged to the ancient Sukhanov family, was built in the 19th century.

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

We were also impressed by the monument-chapel to the victims of political repression. Copper shields were used in the construction of the chapel walls. The building, the foundation of which is made of slabs of grief, stands on the site where the 1st prison used to be. During the years of construction, more than 50 political prisoners were kept in the casemate.

Afterwards we went to the National Museum of the Komi Republic – the largest and oldest in the region, founded in 1911. Initially, the collection of exhibits was based on a small collection of ethnographic and archaeological materials. The establishment of the exhibition was helped by cooperation with the Society for the Study of Komi. Now the museum covers many topics and directions. One of the popular exhibitions is dedicated to icons that date from the 16th to 20th centuries.

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

You can enjoy the beauty of nature in the Kirov Park of Culture and Leisure. It was officially opened on June 18, 1934, although a small public garden in this place was founded back in 1890 on the initiative of the city government. In 2016, a complete reconstruction of the park was carried out, including strengthening the bank of Sysola and replacing 15 thousand square meters of asphalt pavement.

If you walk along the intersection of Babushkina and Pervomaiskaya streets, you can admire the monument to a letter from the Komi alphabet. The stone composition depicts the letter O with two dots at the top. By the way, the monument, created in a month, lay in the backyard of the National Gallery for about a year while it was decided where it would be installed.

An interesting art object installed in August 2014 is the monument to the Merchant’s Chest. The idea of ​​its construction with a small park belongs to the historian Igor Andriyanov and is dedicated to the memory of the Ust-Sysolsk merchants, thanks to whom the city appeared.

Walking along Kuratova Street, you can squeeze along Gribnoy Lane, located between the two parts of house No. 17. This may be one of the narrowest alleys in the world, its width is 10 cm. 

The Monument to the Komi alphabet Anbur, installed in 2014, looks very original. It is made in the form of the inscription “Syktyvkar” in ancient letters. The alphabet was created by Stephen of Perm in the 14th century, but was little used.

When you arrive in Syktyvkar, be sure to visit the National Gallery of the Komi Republic – the only art museum in the region. Its funds contain about seven thousand objects of art of the 17th-21st centuries. The exhibition consists of several sections. Mostly exhibits from the history of the republic are exhibited. The smallest department is the foreign one. It displays landscapes of the century before last and several objects of decorative and applied art. The most popular exhibitions are dedicated to the paintings of avant-garde artists.

If you appreciate the sporting achievements of the past, you will love the Museum of Olympic champion Raisa Smetanina. He has been working since 1997 in the house that the republic gave to the famous athlete. Smetanina was part of the cross-country skiing team for 20 years. From each of the five Olympics in which she participated, the athlete brought medals. Her collection was also regularly replenished with cups and awards. The exhibition will tell not only about the life of Raisa Smetanina, but also about the evolution of cross-country skiing and other athletes of the Komi Republic.

The Geological Museum offers a lot of educational information. A. A. Chernov, which has been operating since 1968. It was named in memory of the discoverer of the Pechora coal basin. The exhibition is diverse: it presents samples of fossils and minerals, interactive maps, photos and documents of past centuries. The exhibits are mainly dedicated to the republic, but there are examples from other regions of Central Russia. The collection is divided into thematic sections.

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

Although Syktyvkar is a very small city, and there are relatively few attractions in it, it seems to me that they are not what attract visitors. The capital of the Komi Republic has its own face, it reflects the peculiarities of the culture of the indigenous people.

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

How to spend a few days in Syktyvkar

This is what makes Syktyvkar so special and allows you to understand the difference in the cultures of the nationalities whose representatives inhabit our country. As a result of this trip, I can say that, even without leaving your home country, you can see a lot of new and educational things. Perhaps the pandemic will help us appreciate the treasures that are not so far from us.

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