How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

If you came here, it means that you not only like to read about travel, but also would like to share your own travel experience with the audience of the largest online travel agency in Russia.

How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

We tell you how to become an author of our site.

What we write about

Our blog publishes materials that inspire you to travel. Using the rubricator, it is easy to find materials dedicated to specific countries or regions.

The themes are largely influenced by seasonal factors, world news, etc. Of course, the pandemic has made significant adjustments to the overall agenda, and now we are more focused on materials about traveling around Russia and countries open to Russian tourists.

It is very important for us that authors write texts about their own experience: our readers like such articles more – they are richer and more interesting than standard travel collections. However, if you are ready to do a detailed research about a place that you have not been to yet, but which sincerely interests you, we will be happy to consider the topics.

What topics interest us

Any. Literally. We are interested in everything related to travel. And the rubricator is created in such a way that there will definitely be a place for your travel text.



How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

A fairly universal section: author’s routes to world cities/regions/countries: texts dedicated to destinations with a selection of must-see places, and so on.

Rest wisely

In this section, we share with readers life hacks and instructions that will help you organize your trip. Here we would be interested in materials about which countries can be used to get to Europe (or other locations with which there are no direct flights), how to properly pack a backpack if you are going on a hike, and what to do with a child during a long flight.

Travel ideas

How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

Do you know where it’s better to spend a short weekend or a long vacation? Welcome. Also in this section the texts are sorted by season. Please advise where to go in the summer, where to spend the autumn holidays, celebrate the New Year and the arrival of spring.


Probably the most convenient section for authors. Here, in the first person, you can share your impressions of the trip, talk about positive or negative experiences in travel.

Travel news

This section publishes news from the world of travel or important changes/innovations when planning a trip.

Texts from the sections “Guides”, “Stories” and “Travel Ideas” should include basic information for the traveler: how to get to the place (train/car/plane), where is the best place to live and how much does it cost? We ask all authors to add links to OneTwoTrip travel products with the most current prices in their texts. 

How to become part of our team

How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

Prepare a short story about yourself and your portfolio, send them to If you already have ideas for topics for materials, tell us about them too.

To enter into an agreement, the author must have self-employed status (or be an individual entrepreneur). After signing the contract and approving the terms of reference (coordination of the topic and plan of the text), we prepare a task for writing the text, and then a certificate of completion. We exchange originals with the authors using a courier – no need to come in person.

The amount of payment is discussed individually. The fee is paid for the number of characters in the text. The standard amount of text that we strive for is no more than 7000 characters with spaces (this may be optional in some cases upon agreement with the editor).

How the work process is structured

How to become a OneTwoTrip blog author

After the author sends a selection of several topics, we select the most interesting and priority ones in terms of reader experience and information agenda. Then the author prepares an outline of the text (its presence helps to select the desired content of the future text at the approval stage). The writing deadline is determined by the author.

After the text is written, the OneTwoTrip team proofreads it and makes changes if necessary. If the author does not agree with any changes, we are ready to discuss them constructively.

For all authors, we are creating a clickable page on the website, where you can add a short biography and photo if you wish. Texts prepared for OneTwoTrip can be used in a portfolio. If the author wishes to remain anonymous, his publication will be published as editorial material.

If you have any questions, please email with the subject “Blog.” 

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