Guide: vacation in Sochi

Guide: vacation in Sochi

The most popular southern resort of Russia attracts with its excellent beaches, clear sea and the opportunity to enjoy the sun many months a year. But we are sure: to make your vacation memorable for a long time, you should not limit yourself to relaxing on the shore. In addition, Sochi has attractions and entertainment that can be visited at any time of the year. Our route will be useful to you, even if you are going to the Black Sea in the “low” season.

How to get there

Guide: vacation in Sochi

The fastest way to get to Sochi is by plane. Direct flights from both capitals take an average of 4 hours. A flight from Moscow costs about 8,600 rubles round-trip, and from St. Petersburg – 12,200 rubles.

If you prefer the train, you will spend 23 hours on the road from Moscow and pay about 8,100 rubles for a ticket. If you travel from the Northern capital, then allow 36 hours for the journey, and the ticket will cost about 10,200 rubles.

Where to stay

Sochi has excellent hotel options, both by the sea and in the mountains. Choose accommodation options depending on what you plan to do.

For example, if you are traveling to Sochi to explore the sights of Krasnaya Polyana, Ikos Polyana is suitable for you. In winter you will be pleased with the proximity to the ski lifts, in the summer – the accessibility of hiking routes and an outdoor swimming pool. Always a stunning view of the mountains and clean fresh air. The room will cost from 8,500 rubles per night.

Those who want to live on the first line will like Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre is a five-star hotel with panoramic sea views, a spa center and several restaurants. Price per day – from 20,800 rubles. Three meals a day are possible.

Prefer a homely environment and elegant interior? Choose an apartment hotel Grand Gallery. It is located in the center of Sochi, near the embankment. Each room has a kitchen; family rooms have a sofa in addition to a large bed. A day will cost from 3,800 rubles.

When to go

Guide: vacation in Sochi

People go to Sochi to explore the sights all year round, but each season has its own characteristics. The ideal time is June and September. During these months there is no sweltering heat, you can comfortably walk around the city, travel to neighboring locations and swim in the sea – it is warm. July and August are the hottest months, as well as the time with maximum  influx of tourists. The beaches can be a bit crowded.

After September, when the velvet season ends, Sochi begins to empty, rains become more frequent, but their intensity differs from year to year. It depends on your luck. In any case, autumn is not very cold and, if you don’t mind wearing a light jacket, your vacation will be eventful.

In winter, many tourists come to Sochi again, because there are several ski resorts in the neighborhood. The weather is usually good. The average daily temperature is 11°C, colder at night, snow rarely falls along the coast, but if it rains, it can last a week or longer.

In the first months of spring, precipitation continues; on sunny days you can already enjoy the warmth. In May, the beach season opens; the water in the sea is still cool, but seasoned daredevils begin to swim. And at this time everything is blooming in Sochi. Tourists find themselves in an incredibly beautiful and fragrant city.

Whatever season you choose, our route will include attractions of Sochi that can be visited at different times of the year, including if you are unlucky with the weather.

What to see and do in Sochi

Primorskaya embankment and Primorsky Park

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Not just the main attraction of the city of Sochi, but its main promenade, a visit to which cannot be missed. Start your walk along the embankment from the Marine Station. At the same time, look at the building with a spire, which has become a symbol of the city, and the yachts moored nearby. The embankment consists of two tiers, each interesting in its own way. The upper one stretches from the Festivalny concert hall to the Winter Theater. It is surrounded by the Seaside Park. Throughout the entire pedestrian zone, you will walk along a shady alley and meet unusual sculptures. From the upper level you can admire the sea views from cozy benches or observation platforms. And in the part where the park turns into Theater Square, there is a pump room with local mineral waters. When you want to go downstairs, you can do this using convenient stairs or an elevator. On the lower tier there is access to the beaches, there are three of them: “Mayak”, “Primorsky”, “Solnechny”. There are many shops, cafes and restaurants in this part of the promenade.

Sochi Art Museum

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Located in a historic building from the 1930s. It was built in the classical Renaissance style and is recognized as an architectural monument. During the holidays, its facade becomes the backdrop for evening light shows – you will be very lucky if you catch such events.

The current museum moved into the building only in the second half of the 20th century. But over its forty-year history, its collections have collected about 6,000 exhibits. They represent a variety of eras – from antiquity to modernity. Exhibitions dedicated to Russian art of the 19th-21st centuries, graphics of the 19th-20th centuries, and painting of the 20th century are organized here. On them you can see paintings by famous artists: Polenov, Shishkin, Aivazovsky, Serov, Kustodiev and others. And the exhibition “Antique Silver and Edged Weapons” introduces archaeological finds on the Mzymta River: instruments, jewelry, swords, helmets and much more. Temporary exhibitions also come to the museum from capitals and other regions of our country.

Navaginskaya street

Guide: vacation in Sochi

The main pedestrian street of the resort. Will take you from the railway to the sea station. Navaginskaya became a pedestrian only in 2014, when the city was preparing for the Olympics. Now she is very lively and attractive. Unusual palm trees grow along it. And by the way, they also did not avoid evening illumination – literally everything on the street is decorated with illumination at night. Sometimes glowing installations appear. Therefore, walking along Navaginskaya is always interesting. But not only because she is beautiful and “photogenic”. Here you will find everything a tourist needs: monuments, places to relax, shops, boutiques, clubs, restaurants and cafes.

Arboretum Park

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Perhaps this is the most famous landmark of Sochi. You walk around the city, enter the gates of the park and it’s like you’re transported to another world. There are no roads, cars, tall buildings – only nature. I can’t even believe that somewhere nearby the bustle and noise of the city remains. After all, you can rarely meet people here: the park is so huge – 46 hectares – that it is difficult for visitors to cross. Exotic trees, flowers, shrubs and other vegetation from all over the world are collected here. The exhibits were brought from Australia, New Zealand and East Asia. You will walk among majestic eucalyptus and cypress trees, see palm trees of all types and sizes, walk among graceful Japanese maples and powerful yews, climb into shady thickets of thin bamboo, enjoy the delicate aroma of magnolias, roses and sakura – the list is endless. As well as wandering here, among the treasures of flora. Therefore, we recommend that you set aside a whole day to visit the park or come here several times.

You can take a cable car to the top point, see an incredible panorama of Sochi and the Caucasus Range, and then slowly go down, stopping at signs along the way. They will tell you what kind of plant is in front of you. 

Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Guide: vacation in Sochi

The sights of Sochi and Adler are also open in winter. Go to the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium and you will take a journey into the underwater world of the entire planet. There are 13 thematic zones, 30 aquariums, and a 44-meter tunnel.

Among the freshwater fish in the oceanarium are piranhas, sturgeons, inhabitants of the rivers of Ecuador and Australia, as well as colored koi carps. You can feed them. And on the bridge among the tropical forest and waterfalls, guests take beautiful photographs. Turtles, moray eels, various fish and mammals swim in large marine aquariums. To learn more about them, you can take a tour or read the information on the signs yourself.

The aquarium often hosts shows and underwater performances, where professional scuba divers act as mermaids and other fairy-tale characters. You yourself can dive into marine life under the strict supervision of a specialist.

Riviera Park

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Located in the center, near the Marine Station. There is a lot of greenery, flowers and trees. Walking between them along well-maintained paths, you will reach museums, attractions, exhibitions and various activities. For example, there is a roller coaster, a free fall tower, a carousel for the youngest guests, a mirror maze made on the principle of a kaleidoscope and, of course, a Ferris wheel. At the art fair you can find exclusive handmade products, and in the “Read Park” you can relax with a book in a cozy amphitheater. In the “Penguinarium” you will see amazing birds, in the “Butterfly Garden” – tropical insects with a wingspan of 25-30 cm, which will fly freely around you. In the interactive museum of entertaining sciences you can plunge into the world of physics, and in the planetarium you can look at space, stars, meteorites, lying under a 3D dome.

Olympic Park

Guide: vacation in Sochi

One of the first places they come to when looking for free attractions in Sochi. It became a landmark not only for the main southern resort of Russia, but also for the entire country. This is a huge walking area with sports complexes and entertainment. To avoid walking between sites, take a golf cart tour, rent a bicycle or scooter.

First of all, visitors are interested in the Fisht stadium, created in the image of a snowy peak. After the 2014 Olympics, matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup were held here. You can explore the stadium from the inside, as well as visit the field itself and the museum with 700 sports exhibits. The ice palace “Iceberg” and the arena “Shaiba” with the stadium “Adler-Arena” are attractive for acquaintance. But it’s better to come and see the former Olympic cauldron in the evening. Against its background, a show of singing fountains unfolds every day – a light and music performance accompanied by Queen songs, Russian folk compositions, Lezginka and pop hits.

Adjacent to the park is the Nikola Tesla Museum, where you can watch science shows with physics experiments, the Leonardo da Vinci Museum with interactive exhibits, and the Dinopark with moving dinosaur models.

“Sochi Park”  

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Very close to the Olympic Park is Sochi Park, the local equivalent of Disneyland. Here children and adults plunge into an atmosphere of joy and fun. The territory is divided into five parts: “Eco-village”, “Land of the Heroes”, “Enchanted Forest”, “Land of Science and Fantasy” and “Alley of Lights”. There are children’s, family, water and extreme attractions. Every guest will find something he likes. You can have fun competing in shooting from ship’s water cannons, try not to be scared in the “Labyrinth of Fear”, get a huge dose of adrenaline on the highest free fall attraction in Russia, or reach speeds of up to 105 km/h on the fastest extreme slide in our country. Very little daredevils – from 2 years old – can ride a musical car, a children’s carousel or a fairy-tale train.

And in Sochi Park you can look at dolphins and owls, go to the theater and visit Baba Yaga, and “touch science” in the high-tech “Land of Scientific Wonders.” This place is the attraction of Sochi for children and adults that you need to set aside a whole day for.

Formula 1 track

Here you will look behind the scenes of Formula 1 and ride along the track of the legendary race. And if you want, you will not just get acquainted with one of the main attractions of the city of Sochi, but learn how to drive a sports car yourself. 

There are several types of activities. A track session is a great opportunity to race your own car or a race car. Before the race, your car will undergo a technical inspection, and you will undergo a medical inspection. You can hire an instructor who will introduce you to the specifics of the race track and reveal professional secrets. If you don’t risk getting behind the wheel yourself, take the “Racing Taxi” – you will get adrenaline as a co-pilot. During the activity in the master class format, you will drive the first lap as a navigator, learning all the intricacies of driving from a professional racer. And on the second lap you yourself will become the main pilot, but the teacher will provide you with support throughout the entire race. There is even a service where a special program collects telemetric information and assigns a control score. You will find out what your driving safety and style is and, of course, what speed you managed to achieve.

Natural attractions of Sochi

In a region where mountains meet the sea, you cannot limit yourself to urban locations. The places for which you definitely need to plan time on vacation are much more diverse. We offer several interesting routes through the natural attractions of Sochi. You can visit them on your own; they are located near the city and do not require special preparation.

Matsestin tea plantations

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Tea has been grown here for 120 years, performing the full cycle up to the processing of tea leaves and production of the finished product. The humid but sunny climate of Sochi, its fertile soils, long hot summers and mild winters allow the plantations to produce tea of ​​excellent quality. Even when snow falls here and there are negative temperatures, they serve tea for the good: the product acquires unique flavor and aroma characteristics and is highly appreciated by international experts.

You will see almost everything that happens at the factory with your own eyes. During the excursion, you can walk through the plantations, learn about the peculiarities of tea cultivation, visit production workshops and, of course, taste the drink – black and green. If you buy it with you, take a master class on blending with flowers, berries and herbs. This way you can create your own unique options.

And then be sure to take photos against the backdrop of emerald greenery – especially beautiful shots are obtained at sunset. And if your vacation falls in the fall, you will be able to catch the tea blooming and take the seeds with you. 

Agur waterfalls

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Try to get here from April to June – at this time the snow melts in the mountains and the waterfalls are at their fullest. The first, also known as Nizhny, is located 5 minutes from the entrance to the territory. But the two larger waterfalls will be more interesting. To find them, you will have to go further along the gorge. A simple path leads to the Middle – its height is 18 meters. When you reach the waterfall, you will find gazebos where you can relax and admire the turquoise water while enjoying the pleasant sound. This waterfall consists of two cascades, the second one is better viewed from above, as the water flows in many streams, merging into one powerful stream.

The Upper Falls are located about 10 or a little more minutes from the Middle Falls. Its height is 23 meters. You can only look at it from above, as it falls from a sheer cliff, passing through several levels of backwaters and flowing from one pool to another. If you find yourself there in the warm season, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in them.

White Rocks Canyon

Guide: vacation in Sochi

A beautiful canyon in the valley of the Khosta River. The path to it is marked with arrows, you definitely won’t get lost. But at the same time you will overcome a stunning tourist route that leads through the gorge to the canyon itself, to waterfalls, and to spectacular stone rubble. The trail is very picturesque, especially where you need to go down to the river and walk along the canyon – really white.

On the way you will come across a large number of stunning places, recreation areas, areas with sun loungers, cafes, and an observation deck. Approximately in the middle of the route there is a swimming pool – a location where everyone loves to take pictures. There are massive limestone rocks here, through which the river breaks through, forming rapids and waterfalls. The trail ends at a large stone blockage – another “photogenic” place. And at the very end of the path you will come to a picnic clearing, where you can rest before heading back in the opposite direction.

Yew-boxwood grove

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Some call this natural landmark of Sochi a museum of relict flora. Scientists say this is what Europe looked like before the Ice Age. Trees that are several centuries old grow here. Therefore, those who come here have the feeling that time has stood still – there is only silence and tranquility around.

There is no grass cover in this forest. There are ferns, shrubs, vines and ivy. Trees include oak, beech, linden, hornbeam, maple, rhododendron and others. The most important “exhibit”, of course, is the yew berry. It’s poisonous. And boxwood is the only tree that drowns in water. To see it, you need to hurry, since a butterfly invasion several years ago damaged the population and it may not be possible to restore it.

There are three routes for tourists: a five-kilometer large ring, a small ring 1.6 km long, and the “Deep into the Centuries” trail (total 800 m). They are connected to each other, if you want you can go through them all. In the northeastern part of the grove you will find the Khosta fortress. It was built in the 7th-10th centuries: parts of the walls and towers, covered with a layer of moss, remained from it. Old yews and hornbeams grow right on the stones here, enhancing the mysterious feeling of abandonment.

Mount Akhun

Guide: vacation in Sochi

This peak of the Caucasus has a height of 663 m above sea level and stretches along the coast for 5 kilometers. On the western side there is the canyon of the Agura River, on the eastern side there is the Khosta River. Once on the northern slope, you will meet a tributary of the Agura, and on the southeastern slope there is a Yew-boxwood grove. There are also about 30 caves on Akhun. Akhunskaya, for example, is a labyrinth and consists of 8 galleries that are connected by passages. And thousands of bats once lived in the Devil’s Hole.

But most people go to the mountain for the main observation deck of the resort – the Akhun Tower. From here you can see the snow-capped Caucasus Mountains in the north, Adler in the east, central Sochi in the west, and with binoculars you can see Abkhazia. The tower was built in Romanesque style in 1936 on the orders of Stalin, who loved the views from the mountain. Now it appears to tourists in its original form, and an external staircase leads up. There is a cafe inside where you can drink Krasnodar tea and look into the museum with an exhibition dedicated to local flora and fauna. You can visit this landmark of Sochi in winter.

Where to eat

Guide: vacation in Sochi

By the sea and high in the mountains – in Sochi there are many restaurants with delicious hearty dishes, unusual presentation and an interior that attracts guests no less than the menu. We share the best.


st. Chernomorskaya, 13g

Through large panoramic windows, guests admire the sea at any time of the year, and during the high season they relax on the summer terrace. The soft sand under your feet makes you feel like you’re dining right on the beach. And, of course, for such a meal, only fresh seafood is always served here.

“We bake apples”

Krasnaya Polyana, Komsomolsky lane, 4A

Located in the very heart of Krasnaya Polyana, the veranda offers an incredible view of the mountains. Guests will be treated to modern country cuisine, with dishes served in handmade ceramic dishes. You can buy it in the showroom, and also buy clothes, natural cosmetics and candles there.


st. Komsomolskaya, 1

Everything here is imbued with Russian cultural traditions, from the interior to the dishes, the recipes of which are taken from century-old cookbooks. Try the Black Sea fish soup, lamb stew, potato pancakes with sour cream, snack on homemade pickles and be sure to ask for home-made liqueur – have a real feast.


st. Moskvina, 2

Classic European bistronomy with local Sochi flavor is served here. The dishes are quite unusual: halloumi cheese with watermelon radish, dorado fillet with coconut sauce, creme brulee with buckwheat tea – all items are unique. You want to try them endlessly: the comfort of the pastel palette and unobtrusive decor in the form of mini-arrangements of dried flowers invite long gatherings.

“Dvin Castle”

st. Grape, 189

This restaurant will appeal to connoisseurs of authentic Armenian cuisine, and if you are yet  If you’re not familiar with her, you’ll definitely love her. Traditional dishes here are prepared according to old recipes on the grill, bread is baked in a real tandoor. All ingredients are brought from Armenian farms. The area is picturesque, with plenty of greenery and waterfalls. There is a mini zoo and a children’s room.

What to bring

Guide: vacation in Sochi

Boxwood souvenirs – wooden crafts can be useful at home. These are coasters, tablets, mortars, spoons and much more. Jewelry – bracelets, beads, earrings – will appeal to the female sex. Products with Olympic symbols and references to Sochi itself are also sold – you can take them as souvenirs.

Products made from goat wool – authentic sweaters, mittens, and socks are made in Sochi. Such things are quite universal and will suit everyone. If you want to give a gift to an older relative, you can bring a shawl or a warming healing belt.

Churchkhela and pastila – delicious and natural delicacies. It is better to take Churchkhela in its original version: a walnut doused with grape syrup. But you can buy marshmallows in sets to try different ones: from apricot, pear, pomegranate, fig and other berries and fruits.

Suluguni cheese – classic fresh cheese can only be bought in winter, and in summer bring smoked braid. Suluguni has a delicate creamy taste, slightly salty. Follow him to the market – there you will find more variety.

Tea – the best is grown in Matsesta. It is collected by hand. He was awarded gold medals in Shanghai and Paris. We recommend taking not pickles or bags, but real green and black leaves for brewing. Buy herbs and berries separately and add to the drink.


We have compiled our guide so that you can get acquainted with the main attractions of the city of Sochi and its surroundings. We hope your vacation will be interesting and memorable for a long time. And you can book and pay for tickets and hotels for your trip online in the OneTwoTrip app and website.

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