Guide to Krasnodar

Guide to Krasnodar

People often stop in Krasnodar on the way to the Black Sea, and this may not be enough to fully get to know the city. It is rich in historical, beautiful and soulful locations, interesting natural places, atmospheric restaurants where you will be fed deliciously – we talk about all this in our guide to the capital of Kuban. Even if you are just passing through the city, set aside more time to explore it – the sights of Krasnodar are worth it.

How to get there

Guide to Krasnodar

While Krasnodar airport does not accept planes, you can get to the city by train. From Moscow the travel time will be from 18.5 hours, from St. Petersburg – from 31 hours.

Moscow – Krasnodar – from 4,640 rubles round trip.

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St. Petersburg – Krasnodar – from 11,610 rubles round trip.

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If you prefer to travel by car, the journey from Moscow will take approximately 14.5 hours, from St. Petersburg – about 30 hours. Rental cost per day is about 3,000 rubles.

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Where to stay

Guide to Krasnodar

There are many cozy hotels with quality service in Krasnodar. We offer several options in different price categories.

Carat Hotel – from 2,470 rubles per day with meals. Attracts with the stateliness of the English style. Conveniently located close to attractions.

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“Capital” —from 5,800 rubles per night for two. The rooms are designer and atmospheric, so much so that they host some of the best photo shoots in the city. There is a restaurant with original cuisine.

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Marriott Krasnodar Hotel — from 7,000 rubles for a deluxe room. A five-star hotel directly managed by the chain. There is a panoramic gourmet restaurant on the 21st floor. Rate includes access to the spa.

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When to go

The ideal time to travel to Krasnodar is considered to be the period from late April to early May, as well as September. The city is warm, you can walk for a long time and in comfort. In summer, Krasnodar is quite hot and there are many tourists who come here on their way to the sea. Autumn in the region is pleasant and dry. On the central streets of Krasnodar, flower beds continue to bloom, there is still a lot of greenery, some trees are turning yellow. Winter is different from the middle zone. The temperature at night can drop to -10 ℃, but during the day it always stays above zero. Snow is rare: 3-5 times throughout the winter, and, as a rule, it melts immediately. 

That is, winter is more like late autumn, so if you like cool weather, then you will also enjoy a vacation in Krasnodar at this time of year.

What to see in the city

Red Street

Guide to Krasnodar

The development of the city began with it. Now it is central. And it often becomes the first point on a tourist route to the sights of Krasnodar. On this street there are both historical and modern centers, there are pedestrian boulevards, beautiful monuments, fountains and a lot of iconic objects of the city. For example, the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the Aurora cinema, the Memorial to the Liberators of Krasnodar, the building of the Legislative Assembly, Catherine Square, Pushkinskaya Square and much more. You can safely set aside half a day for a walk along Krasnaya, or better yet, the whole day.

Be sure to walk along Aleksandrovsky Boulevard – this is the pedestrian part of the street. It stretches for 2.5 kilometers. And, walking along it, you will come across several significant sights of Krasnodar: sculptures of Shurik and Lidochka (heroes of Leonid Gaidai’s comedies), St. Catherine’s Fountain with a statue of Empress Catherine II in the center, Alexander’s Triumphal Arch (Royal Gate), Monument to the Cossacks and Highlanders.

City Garden

Guide to Krasnodar

It is considered one of the oldest attractions in Krasnodar. A place where you can take a quiet walk and relax, but also have fun with friends or children. In the garden you will find many attractions. Take a ride on the Ferris wheel and admire the best views of Krasnodar. Walk along the alleys and find entertainment venues and cafes – there you will be treated to interesting leisure activities and delicious food.

I want a peaceful time? Walk among trees brought from different parts of the planet. Maples, lindens, black walnuts, oaks, and Japanese sophoras grow here. Sit by the picturesque pond where swans, ducks and geese swim. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to watch some event or concert on the stage of the Summer Theater.

Museum-Reserve named after. E. D. Felitsyna

Guide to Krasnodar

It was created in 1879 and named after the founder, who devoted his life to the study of the Caucasus and Kuban. Felitsyn collected the first collection of 276 archaeological and 42 ethnographic exhibits, and now the funds contain more than 400 thousand items. These are the largest collections of Polovtsian sculptures, Greek amphorae, jewelry, coins, household items, musical instruments, paleontological finds and much more. The exhibitions are dedicated to the ancient past of Kuban, relics of the Cossacks, and the Krasnodar region during the Great Patriotic War and the second half of the 20th century. There is also an exhibition that presents the rich world of plants and animals of the region. The museum building is also interesting, it is one of the best representatives of pre-revolutionary architecture.

Safari Park

Guide to Krasnodar

This is the main attraction of Krasnodar, which is worth a visit if you come to the city with children. There is a unique collection of animals here, including those listed in the Red Book. In the park you can meet representatives of Africa and other continents. Comfortable living conditions have been created for all animals. In total, about 250 species live in the territory.

Excursions and events are organized for visitors, you can have a snack in the cafe, and additionally have fun for children at the playgrounds.

Ocean Park

The list of attractions in the city of Krasnodar includes one of the largest Russian aquariums. A visit to it is compared to a journey into the depths of the sea. The local inhabitants live in huge aquariums and swim so close that they can be seen in the smallest detail. The collection is extensive and varied, it includes more than two hundred species of fish, as well as reptiles and amphibians. For example, you can meet piranhas, seahorses and stingrays. What is especially impressive for visitors is a walk through the tunnel, behind the glass arches of which reef sharks swim. If watching the fish through the glass isn’t enough for you, you can feed them.

Galitsky Park and Krasnodar Stadium

Guide to Krasnodar

This is a grandiose project in scale and concept. The park was built in 2017 with funds from entrepreneur Sergei Galitsky. It has become not only the main attraction of Krasnodar, but also one of the most famous and attractive locations in the whole country.

A foreign architectural agency worked on the creation, which participated in the design and implementation of the construction of parks in Germany and Brazil. Now it occupies an area of ​​more than 22 hectares. Here you can find rare and exotic plants from all over the world, cascading lawns and numerous architectural solutions that have no analogues in Russia. The most striking object is, of course, the Krasnodar football stadium, the shape of which has been compared to the Roman Colosseum. The most important matches take place here.

If you’re on the fence about whether this park is worth your travel time, consider its many rewards. It became a laureate of the All-Russian Prize in the field of architecture and design “Signs of Cities”, and received the status of the best project in the post-Soviet space according to the results of the International Urban Parks Awards. And in 2022, Galitsky Park, together with the stadium, was named one of the best architectural objects of the 21st century.

Kubanskaya Embankment

Guide to Krasnodar

When you look for the sights of Krasnodar on the map, you won’t be able to miss the Kuban embankment – it stretches for one and a half kilometers. Over the past 10 years, the promenade has been reconstructed and noticeably transformed. Previously, the development of the embankment was neglected, but now it has become one of the most beautiful and well-groomed places in the city. If you don’t visit it, your acquaintance with Krasnodar will be incomplete, because it was formed precisely on the banks of the Kuban River. 

The embankment is separated from the road by a lawn, trees grow on it, cozy benches and beautiful lanterns are everywhere. During the day you can admire the magnificent view of the river and the picturesque banks of neighboring Adygea. It’s very nice here in the evening when the city lights are reflected in the water. And after walking along the embankment to the end, you will find yourself in the Park named after the 30th anniversary of the Victory.

Park named after the 30th anniversary of the Victory

Guide to Krasnodar

From the name of the park it immediately becomes clear why this attraction of Krasnodar is attractive. Near one of the entrances there is a memorial dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Here, right in the open air, you will see more than 40 types of military equipment from different periods: tanks, the legendary Katyusha, artillery pieces, a submarine and much more. You can not only look at the exhibits: feel free to climb on them and take pictures. Next door is the Museum of Military Glory. Two large pavilions display exhibits that were collected throughout the region: they demonstrate the battle for the Caucasus in 1942-1943.

In addition to a journey into history, the park also offers entertainment. There are trampolines, playgrounds, a paintball area, bicycle rental, a race track, a Ferris wheel, attractions, extreme parks and a billiards club. And for those who want to have a snack, cafes are open.

Museum of Vintage Cars

When you walk into it, you can’t believe that it used to be a simple glass replacement shop. Photos of vintage cars were posted on its walls, and visitors liked them so much that the owners decided to collect not only pictures, but also real cars. The process took 30 years, and now anyone can see rare examples of cars dating back to the beginning of the 20th century (starting from 1907) and to a later period. 

The cars were restored for a long time and painstakingly, both the external appearance and the interior decoration were recreated. There are also children’s cars with pedals that every child dreams of. The museum itself also maintains the style of the last century: posters, photos, posters hang on the walls. You can also look at old newspapers and various items here. 

The collection is constantly updated, all exhibits are in working condition: they do not just stand in the museum, but periodically participate in exhibitions in other cities and retro rallies.

What to see in the area

The sights of Krasnodar are not limited to city locations. Be sure to take time to visit places nearby. They are all beautiful, and some are even mystical.

Lotus Lake

Guide to Krasnodar

It is located between the village of Belozerny and the village of Maryanskaya. You can visit it from April to October. Lotuses were planted here at the end of the twentieth century, and under favorable climatic conditions they grew over two square kilometers. During the flowering period, the lake turns into a green-pink carpet, the buds open with the first rays of the sun and close towards sunset. The air around is gently fragrant, and the landscape becomes such that you want to photograph it endlessly.

Near the lake there is a small chapel and a source of spring water. There is a parking lot nearby where you can leave your car and then go across the bridge directly to the observation deck.

Krasnodar dolmens

Guide to Krasnodar

These are small stone buildings that served as a tombstone or burial vault. Dolmens are located all over the world, some of them older than the Egyptian pyramids. There are many of them in the Krasnodar Territory, some are located near Mount Sober-Bash. Their age is also enormous – 2-4 centuries BC. According to legend, this mountain was a place of power. Perhaps dolmens served for communication with the cosmos, meditation and energy supply for enlightened people. Or as tombs. Scientists have not yet agreed on the purpose.

There is not a single completely intact dolmen here, but there are still several that are quite well preserved. Not far from them you can see mounds. Many people note the unusual sensations that arise when visiting this attraction. For some, dolmens are places of power, and some get answers to important questions here.

Kaverzinskie waterfalls

Guide to Krasnodar

They are located on the Tambov Shchel stream. The route starts from the village of Khrebtovoye and is an ideal option for a one-day hike. It is simple, but very beautiful. Along the way you will come across five waterfalls. Each of them is unique in its own way. The first along the route is the Small Kaverzinsky Waterfall; it falls from a four-meter height in two steps. And the route ends with the Big Kaverzinsky Waterfall. From the first point it is only a kilometer away, but most likely you will walk for a long time, because the surrounding area is incredibly quiet and picturesque. You want to enjoy it slowly, and all the fuss and haste are simply forgotten. The Big Kaverzinsky Waterfall looks impressive and majestic.

The route passes in the shade of trees, so even on hot days the sun will not interfere with your walk, and the waterfalls will definitely not be completely dry.

Hot Key

Guide to Krasnodar

It is considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Russia. It is located at the foot of the mountains, surrounded by forests. More than half of the territory is occupied by green zones; the climate remains mild even in winter, so you can go to the famous thermal springs all year round. Relax and improve your health at the same time.

Here you can take baths and drink mineral water. These services are provided by sanatoriums. It is believed that the local baths are similar to those in Matsesta, Sochi. And the mineral water is similar to what you can try in Essentuki. People with problems of the cardiovascular, nervous and skin systems, musculoskeletal system, immunity and metabolism come here to improve their health. In addition, travelers who live at a fast pace and are tired of a busy work schedule recover here. They say that after the Hot Spring people return to their work cheerful and positive.

In addition to recreational activities, excursions can also be arranged. Kaverzinsky waterfalls are located just near Goryachiy Klyuch. And don’t miss a walk along the Avenue of a Thousand Pines. It stretches for 2 kilometers. Between the Pitsunda pines, lined up as if in a ruler, enjoying the pine air, you will reach the Drinking Gallery, where you will try the local mineral water. And then it will be convenient for you to get to a place called Dante’s Gorge – another attraction of Goryachy Klyuch.

Where to eat

Guide to Krasnodar


Kubanskaya embankment, 15

One of the most colorful restaurants in Krasnodar and its calling card. This is a real museum complex where you can get acquainted with the history of the Cossack region. Household items, authentic utensils, Cossack costumes from different times, and paintings by famous artists are collected here. The menu includes traditional dishes of the region; homemade drinks are created according to ancient recipes. Dinners are often accompanied by performances by folk groups.


Kubanskaya embankment, 37/3

The restaurant is located next to the Bridge of Kisses on the banks of the Kuban River. There are soft sofas, a lot of greenery and dim lighting – ideal for a relaxing holiday and a romantic dinner. You will enjoy beautiful views of the city and the legendary bridge. During the warm season, you can sit on the summer terrace. Specialization – European cuisine in a new interpretation. 


st. Industrial, 21/1

A colorful atmosphere of a small farm described in the work of N.V. Gogol has been created here. You will be greeted at the door with traditional liqueurs and snacks. On the menu you will find Russian cuisine. The restaurant prepares its own non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks: compotes, jelly, vodka, mead and others. The menu is periodically updated and show programs are developed. Therefore, you will be interested here, even if this is not your first time visiting Krasnodar. You can take part in culinary master classes.


st. Suvorova, 64

Meat restaurant, which has become one of the gastronomic symbols of the city. The concept from nose to tail (“From horns to legs”) is supported here, that is, all parts of the carcass are used for cooking. “Skotina” serves excellent steaks from Kuban meat. But it’s worth going here not only for the classic dishes, because here you can try lamb tails, cowbyk (stuffed pork stomach) and other interesting meat delicacies. 


st. Pushkina, 18

Great place for breakfast. Moreover, it can be arranged at any time of the day. In addition to the obvious first meal dishes, like omelettes and porridge, there are, for example, baked sweet potatoes, English scones, and chilli pancakes. And here they themselves bake aromatic pastries, brew coffee from the best grains and allow you to assemble your own breakfast from special ingredients.

What to bring

Guide to Krasnodar

Urbech – thick oily paste made from various types of nuts and seeds. It is natural, therefore very healthy, it contains many vitamins and microelements. The delicacy is nutritious and is used as a tonic. Urbech is also incredibly tasty: you can spread it on toast, pancakes, add it to yoghurts and cereals.

Kuban Cossack paraphernalia – Krasnodar stores offer a wide selection of things that can be given to men, women, and children. These are traditional and uniform clothes, hats, shoes, and souvenirs. For example, women like beautiful patterned aprons, and men like astrakhan kubankas and leather ankle boots. You can buy a wooden saber for your child.

Cosmetics —natural resources of the Krasnodar region are widely used for the manufacture of various products. These are elixirs, ointments, herbal preparations, balms, scrubs, rubbing and even dry perfumes. There are seaweed cosmetics for thalassotherapy lovers, a series of herbal remedies and much more. If it’s difficult to decide, you can take small sets with different products.


Let our guide to Krasnodar help you have an exciting trip and appreciate this wonderful southern city. We wish you a rich and colorful trip, and you can book tickets and hotels for it at competitive prices in the OneTwoTrip app and website.

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