Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Tallinn is an old, quiet and beautiful city where you can relax and save money, because you can get to a huge number of places completely free of charge. Tallinn’s old town, with medieval churches, towers, cathedrals, narrow streets and bustling squares, is its main attraction. And behind its fortress walls there are many interesting places that tourists do not know about. We’ll tell you where to go to experience the life of modern Tallinn without spending a single euro.


1. Wander through the Kalamaja district – a seaside quarter of artists and bohemians

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Photo: Maret Poldveer-Turay/Visit Tallinn

Fishermen have lived in Kalamaja since the 17th century, and in the 19th century huge factories were built on the wasteland. Soon housing became scarce. And at the beginning of the 20th century, the authorities decided to build up the area with multi-colored low-rise buildings. At the end of the last century, low prices attracted students and artists to Kalamaja, and the area was transformed: the Põhja power station became the art center “Cauldron of Culture”, quests are held in the Battery Prison, and industrial premises turned into the creative town of Telliskivi. In Kalamaja, you can stroll through the flea market, check out antique shops and art galleries where the work of young artists and designers is exhibited.

2. Visit the ancient prison of Patarei

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches


The naval fortress of Patarei was built in 1840 and was first used as an artillery battery and barracks before becoming a prison in 1920. At the beginning of the 2000s, the prison ceased to function and has remained untouched since then. Today you can get into Patarei for free: cells, work areas and the hospital ward are open to the public. Some cells have been turned into art installations, while others contain prisoners’ books and shoes, as well as medical equipment. The observation deck offers excellent views of the sea. And in the summer there are often dances organized here on weekends.

3. Take a free guided tour of the Old Town

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

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Tallinn traveler tours, along with paid walking and cycling excursions, organizes a free walking tour of the city. During it, you will be guided through the most beautiful churches and fortress walls of the Old City, parks and squares. The guides will tell the history of the city and its main attractions, share amazing stories and urban legends for which the Old Town is famous.

The tour starts at 12:00 every day at the tourist office on the corner of Neguiliste and Harju streets. And from June to August at 15:00 the second free excursion starts. Pre-registration on the website is only required for groups of more than 8 people.

3. Visit a medieval pharmacy, an organ concert and ancient craft shops

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Photo: Boris Stroujko/

The old town is perfectly preserved; here you can see many attractions and learn the history of medieval Tallinn for free. Here are the places worth visiting:

— The Dome Cathedral is a medieval cathedral whose construction began in the 13th century. It is famous for its ancient frescoes and tombstones. And on Saturdays, free organ music concerts are often held here, the schedule of which is posted on the doors of the cathedral.

— The Town Hall Pharmacy is one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe, operating since the 15th century. Next to the modern pharmacy there is a small museum where you can see medicines that were popular in the Middle Ages: powders from bats and burnt hedgehogs, snake potion and swallows’ nests.

— St. Catherine’s Crossing is the most picturesque street in the Old Town. Here are the shops of the artisans of the Guild of St. Catharine, who make products from glass, clay, leather and metal using ancient technologies. You can go into each of the shops and watch the craftsmen at work.

4. Head to the Pirita area, where there is a beach, sea and ancient ruins

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Photo: Alya Alka

The seaside district of Pirita began to develop before the 1980 Olympics and is now considered one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas of the city. A 4-kilometer sandy beach surrounded by a pine forest is a favorite vacation spot for city residents in the summer. Here you can swim, sunbathe and relax in the shade of the trees. Very close are historical sights: the ruins of the monastery of St. Brigid of the 15th century and the castle of Count Orlov-Davydov, where the history museum is located.

5. View Tallinn from a height of

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches


Tallinn has many observation platforms with excellent views of the city and the sea, including many free ones:

— Kohtuotsa site on Toompea hill, offering panoramic views of the Old Town and the sea. You can get to it around the clock via the stairs of the hill.

— platform at the top of the Patkul stairs. You can get to the platform by walking along Nunne Street and climbing to the top of the stairs. From here you have an excellent view of the Gulf of Finland, the towers of the Old Town and Schnelli Park

— the top floor of the Radisson Blu hotel, where the Lounge 24 bar is located, from the terrace of which you can see the entire city. The bar is open every day from 12:00 to 02:00, admission is free.

6. See the Japanese garden and feed the birds in Kadriorg Park

Free Tallinn: excursions, concerts and beaches

Photo: yegorovnick/

Entrance to the Kadriorg Palace, built by order of Peter I in 1718, is paid. However, you can take a walk in the park surrounding the palace for free. This is a symmetrical, well-groomed and very beautiful park with rare trees and plants, flower beds, romantic gazebos and a pond with swans.

Since 2011, Kadriorg Park has become even more beautiful: a Japanese garden created by the famous landscape designer Masao Sone has appeared in its northeastern part. There are compositions made of stones, Japanese cherries, irises, violets and rhododendrons in bloom.

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