Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

During the sales period, you can plan your next vacation or a short trip for a couple of days with a good discount: now many airlines, including Aeroflot, offer tickets at excellent prices. The main thing is not to think too long – the most profitable options are sold out quickly.

We decided to help those who want to go somewhere, but have not yet decided on the direction. Find seven travel options for every mood in this article.

Breathe sea air in Sochi

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: Aeroflot has direct flights from Moscow to Adler Airport daily. You will spend 4 hours on the road. From there you can get to Sochi by train or taxi.

The beach season is over, but the sea is still waiting for you. In winter, you can sit on the shore, wrapped in a blanket, or you can walk along the embankment, breathing the salty air. In addition, during the off-season the city, unlike many resort villages, does not freeze: active life continues here. Cafes and restaurants are open, museums and amusement parks are open. You can also take a car and drive along the coast. Well, if you suddenly miss the snowy winter, it’s just a stone’s throw away: the ski resorts of Krasnaya Polyana are just over an hour away.

Conquer mountain peaks in Dagestan

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: by direct flight Moscow – Makhachkala. Convenient flights can be found at Aeroflot from Sheremetyevo, the flight lasts 3 hours 35 minutes.

If you think that only mountains can be better than mountains, you will definitely be delighted with Dagestan. Hiking in this region is a must to see the incredible natural beauty. Sulak Canyon, Chirkey Reservoir, Tobot Waterfall, ancient fortresses and abandoned villages… Some places are not easy to get to, so we advise you to find a guide or guide among the locals in advance. Yes, this will not be the easiest trip, but there will be enough impressions to last a lifetime.

Walking along the European streets in Kaliningrad

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: Direct flights from Moscow fly to Kaliningrad daily. Travel time 2 hours 50 minutes.

The capital of the westernmost region of Russia, which has no common borders with our country at all, is an ideal place for nostalgia for Europe. There are narrow streets, tiled roofs, real ancient castles, and even atmospheric fogs instead of snowdrifts. If it’s cool to walk, you can have a great time somewhere under a roof: for example, the Museum of the World Ocean or the Amber Museum. For beautiful photos and delicious lunches, go to the Fisherman’s Village, and if the weather permits, be sure to go to the north of the region, to Svetlogorsk or Zelenogradsk, to say hello to the sea.

Getting acculturated in St. Petersburg

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there:The fastest way is still a plane. You can fly to the Northern capital in just 1 hour 25 minutes; there are several conveniently timed Aeroflot flights per day.

Winter in St. Petersburg is the ideal time to finally walk around the entire Hermitage, carefully examine the exhibition of the Russian Museum and go to the ballet at the Mariinsky Theater. If you want more modern events, go to Erarta, where interesting exhibitions are regularly held. There are also unusual museums here: for example, the Grand Model of Russia, where you can look at the main attractions of our country, or the Galactorium, in which you seem to find yourself on another planet. In general, the choice is huge, all that remains is to buy a ticket and arrive.

Live in the rhythm of the metropolis in Moscow

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: From almost any major Russian city you can easily find a direct Aeroflot flight to Moscow. Flight time depends on the departure point.

The capital never sleeps – at least its central areas, where tourists most often stay. Here at any time of the day or night you can find working shops and establishments or even go on an unusual excursion. Museums, galleries, shopping and entertainment centers, parks and art spaces are constantly waiting for guests. In general, come to experience a completely different pace of life, stroll through beautiful winter fairs and buy gifts and souvenirs.

Swim in the ocean in Phuket

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: You can get to Phuket from Moscow in just 9 hours, because Aeroflot has direct flights there.

Do you want to get from winter to summer? Then welcome to Phuket, one of the most popular places in Thailand, where thousands of Russians fly every year for the winter. This small island is famous for its beaches and affordable accommodation prices. Jungles and gardens, mountains and warm ocean with white sand beaches – it sounds fabulous. In addition, in winter there is a high season, when there are no winds and almost no rain, so the holiday will be wonderful.

For shopping and nightlife in Dubai

Discount travel: where to buy tickets on Black Friday

How to get there: You can also fly to Dubai in just 5 hours 35 minutes by direct flight. There are several departure options every day.

Winter in Dubai is a wonderful time. No cold or snow, warm sea and minimal rain. But this is far from the only reason to come to one of the most popular cities in the UAE. The main thing here is stunning malls and huge shopping and entertainment centers, where you can easily spend several days. Explore all the top shops, look at the huge aquarium, dine at a restaurant overlooking the bay – and then go on one of the excursions. Or to the neighboring mall, where there is also a lot of entertainment.‌

Where to look for tickets?

Take a closer look at Aeroflot’s special offers. Until November 27 inclusive, the most popular Russian airline is offering good discounts on tickets within Russia and abroad. The promotion applies to tickets of the Economy Light and Optimum classes.

You can fly with purchased tickets from November 28 to March 25, so you can plan not only your winter holidays, but also your spring holidays!

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