Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

If your children’s room still exists, then you can probably find a lot of souvenirs there, brought by relatives or friends: these are postcards from Yalta, and mugs with the inscription «Sochi», and all kinds of shells with the inscription «Alushta’92». It’s all very nice. But you have already grown out of them. After all, is this really all you want to bring from the other side of the world? We’ll tell you how to make smart purchases while traveling that won’t later gather dust on the shelves.

Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

What things should you pay attention to first when planning your gift purchase:

Firstly, from the country you are in, it is worth bringing those things that are very problematic or simply impossible to find in your native land.
Secondly, when choosing a souvenir or gift for your friend or relative, think about his character, about himself — what he himself would like to buy in this country.

Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

Men and women want different gifts

No matter how banal it may sound, many men are more happy, for example, not with a cute figurine of a speedbug from Egypt, but with a high-quality strong drink purchased at Duty Free. A representative of the fair half of humanity will be glad to receive a bottle of new perfume. It’s no secret that in a customs tax-free zone, prices for products are 20-30% lower.

Thinking about kilograms (fortunately, not «yours»)

When collecting souvenirs in a distant country, calculate in advance the approximate weight of all your things. Please remember that each airport has baggage weight restrictions.

Don’t buy nesting dolls in Italy

A travel souvenir should, first of all, speak to and resemble the country from which it was brought. You should not buy things that in no way evoke associations with the country from which they were brought.

Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

Give yourself permission to splurge

Don’t limit yourself too much. It’s great to open a closet years later and see something reminiscent of past travels: if you find a vintage cocktail dress or an unusual handmade tapestry, buy it.

Cry from the heart about souvenirs from trips

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