Business trip to Ufa

Business trip to Ufa

Ufa is the capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan and a city of over a million, which was founded back in 1574. Ufa stretches from southwest to northeast for more than 40 km.

Ufa is surrounded by three rivers, offering picturesque views of nature. Thanks to its nature and historical attractions, Ufa is a wonderful city not only for work trips, but also for travel.

To ensure that your business trip to Ufa remains a pleasant memory, in this article we will tell you how to choose a hotel for a business trip to Ufa, what places are worth visiting, how much accommodation costs and much more. 

Time zone in Ufa is UTC+5 (GMT+5). For comparison, Ufa is 2 hours ahead of Moscow.

How to get to the city?

By plane. Planes land at Ufa International Airport. Mustai Karim, which accepts flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities in Russia and abroad.

The flight from Moscow to Ufa takes about 2 hours, from St. Petersburg – 3 hours. 

The airport is located 20 km from the city center, you can get there by bus, minibus or taxi. By bus you can get there in 1 hour, by taxi – in 30 minutes.

By train. You can also get from Moscow by train, although the journey will take 30 hours. The train ride from St. Petersburg takes even longer – more than two days. 

By bus you can get to Ufa from Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Chelyabinsk and other cities of the country.

By car you can get from Moscow to Ufa in 20-25 hours along the federal highways M5 “Ural” and M7 “Volga” “.

Hotels for a business trip in Ufa

Previously, we wrote about what you should pay attention to when choosing a hotel for a business trip. It is advisable that the hotel is located close to the temporary place of work, and the room includes a work area and high-speed Internet. 

Below we offer a list of business hotels in Ufa that provide Wi-Fi, transfer, parking, conference room for business meetings, equipment for presentations and more.

st. Aurora, 2

Name Address
Crowne Plaza Ufa st. Tsyurupy, 7
“Bashkiria” st. Lenina, 25/29
Azimut st. Ave. October, 81
Nesterov Plaza st. Verkhnetorgovaya sq., 2
“President Hotel”
Hilton Garden Inn st. Aksakova, 4
“Eco Style” st. Mingazheva, 86, room 2

Coworking spaces in Ufa

Coworking allows you to work in silence and communicate with colleagues in an open space, which is usually difficult to do in a hotel room. When choosing a coworking space on a business trip, you should consider the distance from the hotel, rating, price, interior and your own preferences. The coworking spaces presented below have everything you need for productive work:

Name Address Services
“Factory of the Future” st. Mira, 14  Open space, meeting rooms, lecture hall, Skype, recreation area
Work Up st. Mendeleeva, 130 Open space, meeting rooms, lecture hall
Light Office Sverdlova st., 90 Open space, offices, meeting rooms, lecture hall
Time Office 2 locations in Ufa Open space, offices, meeting rooms , conference room
“CLASS” Ufa, Novomostovaya street, 22 Open space, offices, meeting rooms, conference room

Prices in Ufa

To determine the amount of daily allowance for a business trip to Ufa, you need to roughly understand what daily expenses await you:

  • The price of a business lunch on average is 300 rubles and above;
  • For lunch in an inexpensive cafe you will spend for one 500 rubles;
  • At a fast food restaurant you can eat for an average of 300 rubles;
  • Average bill for dinner in restaurant – 1500 rubles;
  • A cup of coffee costs 130 rubles.

Transport in Ufa

In Ufa you can get to your destination by bus, trolleybus, tram, minibus or train. In 2022, travel on public transport in Ufa is:

  • 33 rubles when paying in cash;
  • 28 rubles when paying by bank or transport card.

The one-time cost of the Alga transport card is 50 rubles.

The price of a taxi to travel around the city will be 150 rubles or more.

Restaurants for business meetings in Ufa

A business trip to Ufa may be accompanied by a meeting with partners or colleagues from the city’s branches. To discuss business issues, you should choose a cafe or restaurant for business meetings. Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere will make the meeting more comfortable and relaxed. 

List of restaurants with high ratings and positive reviews in Ufa:

Name Address Kitchen Average check
“V height 22” st. Mendeleeva, 160/9 European, Italian 1500 rub.
Rossinsky st. Tsyurupa, 7 European, Russian 2000 rub.
“Indochina” st. Communist, 80 Chinese, seafood 1000 rub.
“Balkan Grill” st. Mendeleeva, 141/2 European, grill 1200 rub.
“Sliver” st. Richard Sorge, 64 European, Russian 1500 rub.

What to see in Ufa

Before leaving, it is better to decide in advance where to go in Ufa on a business trip. We offer our list of attractions and places that you will definitely enjoy visiting:

Monument to Salavat Yulaev. The calling card of Ufa – a monument in honor of the national hero of Bashkiria was erected in 1967 on the Belaya River. The sculpture is installed at the highest point in the city center, so it is clearly visible from afar. The height of the structure is 14 meters. 

Fountain “Seven Girls”.  The attraction is located in the Teatralny square and consists of figures of seven women and two marble pools. In the evenings, the jets of the fountain are illuminated with artistic lighting.

Lala-Tulpan Mosque. The mosque was built in 1998 and is the spiritual center of Ufa. The structure is built in the shape of a blooming tulip – the two minarets of the mosque look like blossoming buds. Their height is 53 meters.

Congress Hall “Toratau” opened in 2007 on the banks of the Agidel River. The building combines high-tech styles and national motifs. On site you will find a museum, conference rooms, a shopping center and a restaurant serving national cuisine. 

The Botanical Garden of Ufa was opened in 1932 in order to preserve the flora of the region, as well as for scientific research. However, the botanical garden is open to visitors. 

The sights of Ufa do not end there. If you still have free time on a business trip, we recommend exploring other popular places in the city – museums, parks, mosques, temples and much more.

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