Business trip to Surgut in 2023

Business trip to Surgut in 2023

Surgut is a city with a harsh northern climate. Winters here last at least 6 months a year. At the same time, the city is one of the three richest in Russia, and the purest water flows from the tap from an artesian spring.

Surgut has not only beautiful nature, but also numerous museums and shopping centers. Therefore, the business traveler will definitely not be bored. To make a business trip to Surgut a pleasant memory, in this article we will tell you how to choose a hotel for a business trip in Surgut, what places are worth visiting, how much accommodation costs and much more. 

Time zone in Surgut is UTC+5 (GMT+5). For comparison, Surgut is 2 hours ahead of Moscow.

How to get to the city

By plane. Planes land at Surgut International Airport, which receives flights from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk and other major Russian cities.

A direct flight from Moscow to Surgut takes 3 hours 10 minutes, from St. Petersburg – 3 hours 20 minutes. 

The airport is located 9 km from the city center, you can get there by taxi, bus or minibus.

By train. The road from Moscow to Surgut will take about two days. It will take more than two days to travel from St. Petersburg.

Hotels for a business trip in Surgut

We previously wrote about what you should pay attention to when choosing a hotel for a business trip. It is advisable that the hotel is located close to the temporary place of work, and the room includes a work area and high-speed Internet. 

Below we offer a list of business hotels in Surgut that provide Wi-Fi, transfer, parking, conference room for business meetings, equipment for presentations and more.

pr. Lenina, 43

Name Address
Business Hotel pr. Mira, 42, building 1
Metropolis Embankment prospect, 13/1
Polaris pr. Mira, 6/1
“Gulliver” Mayakovskogo, 57, floor 5

If you need to work in silence or chat with colleagues in an open space, coworking can be a worthy alternative to a room in hotel. For example, the co-working center of the Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund has everything necessary for comfortable work: open space, offices and meeting rooms. Located at: Yugorsky tract, 38.

Prices in Surgut

To determine the amount of daily allowance for a business trip to Surgut, you need to roughly understand what daily expenses await you:

  • The price of a business lunch on average is 300 rubles and above;
  • For lunch in an inexpensive cafe you will spend for one 500 rubles;
  • You can eat at a fast food restaurant for 250 rubles;
  • The average bill for dinner in a restaurant is 1000 rubles;
  • A cup of coffee costs 100 rubles.

Transport in Surgut

In Surgut you can get to your destination by bus or minibus. In 2022, travel on public transport in Surgut is 28 rubles.

The starting price for a taxi to get around the city will be 100 rubles.

Restaurants for business meetings in Surgut

A business trip to Surgut may be accompanied by a meeting with partners or colleagues from city branches. To discuss business issues, you should choose a cafe or restaurant for business meetings. Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere will make the meeting more comfortable and relaxed. 

List of restaurants with high ratings and positive reviews in Surgut:

Name Address Kitchen Average check
La Storia st. Entuziastov, 44 European, Mediterranean 1500 rub.
Cafe Seven st. Generala Ivanova, 1 (Shopping Center “Vershina”) Japanese, Russian 2000 rub.
Traveler’s Coffee pr. Lenina, 38 Italian, Russian 500 rub.
“Mao” st. Dekabristov, 9A Chinese 800 rub.
“At the Heights” st. Gagarina 12 European 1500 rub.

What to see in Surgut

Before leaving, it is better to decide in advance where to go in Surgut on a business trip. We offer our list of attractions and places that you will definitely enjoy visiting:

The monument to the founders of Surgut is located in the very heart of the city and is the main attraction of the city. The bronze structure was erected in 2002, its height is 15 m.

The Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord opened in 2003 on a picturesque piece of land next to the river. The main temple of Surgut amazes with its grandeur. For example, the cathedral’s bells are decorated with relief icons and Scriptures from the Bible.

Surgut Museum of Local Lore  is the very first museum of the city, which has long become one of its main symbols. Various exhibitions help preserve and popularize the historical and cultural heritage of the city.

Surgut Big Ben. For the English Big Ben you can go to Surgut – here is an approximate copy of it. In fact, this is the building of a foreign language school. The school itself opened in 1997, and received the building in 2004.

The attractions of Surgut do not end there. If you have some free time on your business trip, we recommend exploring other popular places in the city – museums, monuments, cathedrals, parks and much more.

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