Business trip to Moscow: how much does accommodation cost, how to choose a hotel and where to go

Business trip to Moscow: how much does accommodation cost, how to choose a hotel and where to go

The capital of Russia is considered a city of events, so employees not only think about what to take on a business trip to Moscow, but also plan a trip around the city. 

However, preparing for both a business trip and a mini-tour requires a lot of energy and time. To save your energy, we have prepared a guide in which we will tell you where to hold a business meeting, how much travel and food cost, what to see in the city and much more. Let’s get started!

Moscow time zone

To ensure that your trip to Moscow on a business trip goes without any incidents, take into account the time difference with all branches and partners of the company. The time zone used in Moscow is UTC+3.

How to get to the center of Moscow

If you are sent on a business trip to Moscow by plane, then you can get to the city center in one of the following ways:

From Sheremetyevo Airport

  • By taxi or car for 40-45 minutes;
  • By public transport (bus or minibus) for 55 -60 minutes.

From Domodedovo Airport

  • By taxi or car for 55-60 minutes;
  • By public transport (bus or minibus) for 1 hour 40-45 minutes.

From Vnukovo airport

  • By taxi or car for 40-45 minutes;
  • By public transport (minibus taxi) for 20-30 minutes to the metro station South-West.

If you managed to come to Moscow on a business trip by train, then getting to the center will be even faster: most of the capital’s stations are located in the city center, within walking distance from metro stations.

For example, from Kazansky, Leningradsky, Kursky railway stations you can get there

  • By taxi or car in 15-20 minutes; 
  • By public transport in 20-25 minutes.

Finally, you can get to Moscow by bus. This option is budget-friendly, but not always convenient. Moscow has bus connections with more than 250 cities, including St. Petersburg, Vladimir, Yaroslavl and other Russian cities.

The best hotels for a business trip in Moscow

We previously wrote about what you should pay attention to when choosing a hotel for a business trip. At a minimum, the hotel should be located close to the temporary place of work, and the room should include high-speed Internet. 

Based on your budget, work needs and personal preferences, you can choose the ideal option for yourself. Below we offer a list of business hotels that provide Wi-Fi, transfer, parking, conference room for business meetings, presentation equipment and more.

Name Address
Crowne Plaza Moscow Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, 12
Radisson Royal Kutuzovsky Prospekt 2/1 building 1 (at the intersection of Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Novy Arbat)
“Borodino” st. Rusakovskaya, house 13, building 5
“Serpukhovsky Dvor” 2nd Roshchinsky pr-d, 8, building 4,
Ararat Park Hyatt st. Neglinnaya, 4
Lotte Hotel Novinsky Boulevard, 8, building 2
“Rosso Riva” Sluice embankment, 6 building 2

Coworking spaces in Moscow

Coworking allows you to work in silence and communicate with colleagues in an open space, which is usually difficult to do in a hotel room. When choosing a coworking space on a business trip, you should consider the distance from the hotel, rating, price, interior and your own preferences. The coworking spaces presented below have everything you need for productive work:

Name Address Services
Work’n’Soda Prospekt Mira, 3, building 3, metro station Sukharevskaya (exit 3) Open space, offices, meeting rooms, event spaces, WnS Home
Workstation 6 locations in Moscow Open space, offices, meeting rooms
Workki 4 locations in Moscow Open space, offices, meeting rooms, event spaces
#tceh Myasnitskaya street, 13, building 18 Openspace, offices, meeting rooms
Key 11 locations in Moscow Open space, ready-made offices, turnkey offices, meeting rooms

Prices in Moscow

To determine the amount of daily allowance for a business trip to Moscow, you need to roughly understand what daily expenses await you:

  • The price of a business lunch is on average 450 rubles;
  • For lunch in an inexpensive cafe you will spend on average for one person 600-700 rubles;
  • At a fast food restaurant you can eat for an average of 300-400 rubles;
  • Average check for dinner in a restaurant – 2500 rubles and above;
  • A cup of coffee costs from 150 to 400 rubles.

Transport in Moscow

To solve work and personal matters, you will probably have to use public transport. From January 2, 2022, the cost for a single trip on the metro, bus, trolleybus and tram is 61 rubles. With the Troika transport card you can get there for 46 rubles.

Restaurants for business meetings in Moscow

A business trip to Moscow may be accompanied by a meeting with partners or colleagues from branches of the capital. To discuss business issues, you should choose a cafe or restaurant for business meetings. Delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere will make the meeting more comfortable and relaxed. 

List of restaurants with high ratings and positive reviews in Moscow:

Name Address Kitchen Average check
Semplice Trattoria 2 locations in Moscow European, Italian 1100 RUR
Osteria Mario 23 locations in Moscow European, Italian 2000 RUR
La Provincia Kaluzhskaya Square st., 1, building 2 Italian, Mediterranean 2500 rub.
Ceretto 5 locations in Moscow Italian, Japanese 2000 RUR
Palazzo Ducale Tverskoy Boulevard, building 3 Italian, Mediterranean 3500 rub.

What to see in the city

Before leaving, it is better to decide in advance where to go in Moscow on a business trip. We offer our list of attractions and places that you will definitely enjoy visiting:

  • Red Square. The main square of Moscow is located near the north-eastern walls of the Kremlin and is the most recognizable landmark of the country. 
  • Moscow City.&nbsp ;This is the business center of the capital, consisting of skyscrapers filled with business centers and residential apartments ranging in height from 27 to 96 floors.
  • Old Arbat. One of the most famous streets in the center of Moscow. Along the street there are ancient buildings, as well as restaurants and cafes. The country’s television and radio broadcasting tower is located near the Ostankino television center, on Academician Korolev Street. In terms of height, the main television tower of Russia is in 4th place among the world’s television towers. 
  • Bolshoi Theater. One of the largest opera and ballet theaters in Russia and one of the most significant in the world. The complex of theater buildings is located on Teatralnaya Square.
  • Gorky Park. The most visited park in Moscow, suitable for relaxation, walks, sports and outdoor games.
  • Moscow River. The river passes through the center of the capital and the Moscow region, and settlements have formed along its bed. You can take a river trip by boat or river bus.

Our small guide will help you correctly calculate your budget and enjoy the culture of the capital, so that after your business trip to Moscow you will have a pleasant impression.

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